Monday, 25 June 2018

Another Priceline Skincare Sale Haul

Hola mi amigas!

Today I'm going to share with you yet another Priceline skincare sale haul.

Haven't got a clue what Priceline is? Well, it's Australia's premier destination for all your "drugstore" + some medium to higher end makeup, haircare & skincare goods, amongst other things. It's a place that is much beloved amongst Aussie beauty lovers & whenever there's a good sale on, you better believe we stock up!

With that said, the timing of this sale caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting another Priceline 40% off skincare sale to be rolling around again so soon (especially since the last one was in mid February & I'm still using up things I purchased at that sale); but as soon as I found out about it, I knew I had to get in on the action before the sale finished last Thursday. Luckily for me, I'd been curating a wishlist since the previous sale, although I didn't purchase everything that was on that wishlist as I either didn't need it or I simply couldn't find it in any of the 5-6 stores I visited.

Here's what I hauled this time around:

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

David Jones Beauty Sampler Tote A/W 2018

Maybe this is me; but you know how you swear you're not going to buy something because you think it's too expensive for what it is, only to turn around & have a "fuck it, treat yo'self" moment?

Well, that's what happened here with this purchase.

Before I get into the contents of this bag, let me give you a bit of a back story on it. David Jones is one of Australia's main/biggest department stores. It's like our equivalent of Nordstrom, or possibly even Selfridges, let's put it that way. Once every 6 months, they put out 2 different beauty sampler tote bags filled with goodies from brands stocked in their store, including some of their own branded stuff. The bags used to be free with every beauty purchase (from memory), but in recent years they've begun charging anywhere between $19.95 up to $29.95 currently for each bag with every beauty purchase.

The Autumn/Winter 2018 edition of the bags come with a copy of David Jones' in-house magazine + at least 5-6 (possibly more) items that feature across both bags, but the remaining items vary. At its current price and given the quantity of merchandise in some of the previous bags (especially the Spring/Summer 2017-18 editions, which are still around in some DJ's stores), I do believe it is too expensive; however, I felt the quantity of this particular sampler tote was worth splashing the extra coin.

Friday, 8 June 2018

The Monthly Happy List (May)

For me, May was a little bit of a mixed bag. I started the month in another city & really wasn't looking forward to coming home. When I did come home, I realised (a) why I didn't want to come home (which I might expand upon in a post some day) but also (b) there are some benefits to coming home, like a comfy bed (seriously hotels, why do you make your beds so uncomfortable to sleep on?). I know that seems like a contradictory sentence, but that's the way I felt at the time & I think holidays always make me feel like that.

But enough about that, let's see what made me happy during the 5th month of the year:

Monday, 4 June 2018

Empties Time! (April/May)

After March's pretty epic effort, April & May were a bit slower on the empties front, probably due to being away on holidays. I found it a bit difficult to finish stuff up but nevertheless was determined to finish up some things that had either been bugging me for a while, or I just wasn't that fussed on & really wanted to finish.

Here's what I finished in April & May:

Friday, 1 June 2018

The Shopping Cart (April/May)

It's that time of the month not that one...the one where I round up all my purchases for your voyeuristic pleasure & tell you about each & every one of them.

As always, any sales or links mentioned in this post are correct at the time of publishing. If for any reason the sales are no longer happening or the links are broken by the time you read this post, then I can not & will not be held responsible.

I'm not including everything I bought in Melbourne in this post because I've talked about those purchases in 2 separate posts; so this Shopping Cart is full of the stuff I purchased outside of my trip.

Let's get into it: