Monday, 19 June 2017

12 Beauty Struggles Pale Girls Can Relate To

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As a lifelong, card-carrying member of the Pale Girls Club, I've had my fair share of beauty struggles (pardon the pun). It would seem that most beauty brands & their distributors believe that all women must fit within the light to medium spectrum, when in actual fact us ladies are anywhere from Snow White to Princess Tiana & beyond, each of us with different undertones to the next woman. (Don't get me started on that!) Navigating these waters can be precarious I tell you!

Friday, 16 June 2017

4 Stupid Assumptions People Have Made of Me

WARNING: Prepare for rantage.

Several months back, whilst browsing one of my favourite beauty sites, I stumbled across an article titled 9 Things Girls With Big Feet Can Relate To and of course, I had to read it since I can toooootally relate. In it, the author Sam (my shoe size twin, give or take) recounts all the stupid things people have said to her about her size 10 Australian feet (a couple of which I've had as well) and it got me thinking about what other stupid assumptions people have made of me in both the past and the present:

Friday, 9 June 2017

NOTD: Neve

Hola mi amigas!

I initially wasn't going to publish a post today. I've been sick again this week with the 'lurgy (a cold) & between a runny, stuffy nose & my physical energy levels taking another nose-dive, I just didn't feel up to the task of posting until sometime earlier today. Thankfully my nose has stopped running now & my energy levels are close to normal again; so *touch wood* I'm starting to feel better. I'll also mention quickly that as Monday is a public holiday in Sydney, there won't be a post as usual, so you'll have to stay tuned later next week for anything new. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, the reason why I decided to a post after all is I've got another lil' NOTD for you & I'm itching to show it off.

Zoya - Neve, outdoors, direct sunlight
Outdoors, direct sunlight

Monday, 5 June 2017

The Monthly Happy List (May)

monthly happy list

Hola mi amigas!

Yet another month has flown by & it's now time for me & the rest of my southern hemisphere beauties to bunker down for the winter. (Except there won't be that much bunkering down since it doesn't get to absolutely freezing in most parts of Australia...except maybe Tasmania or somewhere like that.) For me, this is a time to re-charge the batteries (somewhat) & after the fairly busy month I've just had, I think re-charging is in top order! It's also a time to indulge in my love of cooking & baking, but that's another subject for another time.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Empties Time! (May)

May empties

Hola mi amigas!

Another month has passed & yet again it's time for me to take out the beauty trash. There's 3 products in here that I finished at the end of April, but I've rolled them over into this edition of Empties Time(!) because I cba photographing & adding them to that aforementioned empties post. My empties box is quite heavy due to these candles & I'd rather empty it now than roll it over into this month & do a bi-monthly post.