Friday, 25 December 2015

My Christmas (Self-)Gifts

Editor's note: These photos were shot over several different days in different locations, so forgive me for any inconsistencies.

In lieu of presents under the tree, my parents give me money to spend on myself for Christmas every year. Sometimes I miss the thrill of seeing presents under the tree, but since I haven't had a Christmas tree for a while (we buy a fresh one if we're home for Christmas, which we haven't been for a couple of years) and I have fairly particular tastes, it's probably for the best that I just get the dough & buy what I want to buy. wanna see my Christmas loot?

Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex & Gentle Daily Exfoliant
I bought these from Alive Skin & Hair back in November when they had an extra 10% off Alpha-H products. I've been itching to get my hands on the former for several years now + I haven't used an eye-related product in years & have now started aging in that area, so I figured now was a good time to pick both of them up. I've used the Absolute Eye Complex several times & it's not bad. This product is more like an eye gel/serum than an eye cream, which I don't mind and I haven't had a reaction to the peptides in it, which is a bonus (although it did sting a little around my lower lash line when I first used it). I am hoping it'll do something for my eye area, which is beginning to show signs of aging + I have dark under-eye shadows as well. As for the facial exfoliant, it is very gentle - probably too gentle for my liking, having come from using manual exfoliants. I'm sensing that I'm going to end up disappointed with it, but time will tell if I'm right. Might review both of them on the blog once I've used them more.

The wand + all its extras.
Dear Santa, I want her hair for Christmas.
K thanks, from Shell.
BaByliss Pro Siren 34mm curling wand
This was an unintended purchase. I walked into SA Hair & Beauty Supplies in the Dymocks building in Sydney back in late October to check things out (I hadn't been there for a while), noticed they had a 20% sale on BaByliss curling wands, thought "hey, aren't you after one of those non-clamp larger curling wands?" and after a lot of thought & a 2nd visit on the same day, ended up purchasing this baby for almost half of what it costs in places like Hairhouse Warehouse. Score! I've used it twice so far & tbh I'm still getting the hang of it. I need a lot of practise - a. lot. Still, I like the fact that it came with a protective glove, a detangling comb that looks a bit like the famous Tangle Teezer + 2 sectioning clips. All of those extras ended up selling this wand to me.

Billabong Surfside bustier bikini top in Maldives + Lowrider bikini pant in Maldives  (exact match)
Aside from shoe shopping, swimwear shopping is something else I loathe doing. Trying to find something that's going to flatter my tall, pear-shaped body can be quite the equation at times, especially when I want to flatter the upper half of my body yet disguise the parts of my lower body that I don't like (my hips & upper thighs). I'm all about that bass, no treble. I've learnt over time that separates work well for me in the swimsuit department especially since I can be different sizes on top and bottom; although with some brands I'm the same size all over. I really like the ruching across the top + the halter straps make me look & feel va-va-voom, despite not being gifted in the boobie department (small C cup here) and whilst the pant has a bit of ruching on the front, I feel it doesn't pull too much focus to that area of my body + I like the fact that it has medium coverage for my butt. I'm not up for flashing my (pretty good, if I do say so myself) arse on the beach or at the pool thank yup. Oh in case you're wondering about sizing with these separates, I'm a size 8 top, size 10 bottom.

Ecoya Madison Sweet Fruits & Champagne candle (full size)
O.M.G. This candle smells sooooooooooooo frickin' good! It really does smell like fruity champagne...and I don't even drink the stuff. This was love at first sniff for me and I'm so happy I got this limited edition candle. It's practically sold out everywhere else & I had to travel across to the other side of Sydney to get it; but I don't care, it's so good! I also love the luxe looking box & the rose gold/copper candle lid too, so classy. Despite being a big candle lover I've never tried an Ecoya candle before, so I'll be interested to see how this burns & whether it has a good scent throw.  

Look Ma, it fits!
Elite watch
Another thing I wasn't intending on purchasing until my Mum & I walked past Prouds one day with a trolley full of shopping & Mum piped up about me wanting a silver watch (which was true, I was after one at the time) it was 40% off at the time and God knows I love a bargain. I like the crystals around the face of the watch #suchfancy + it's adjustable. I have small wrists & find it hard to get bracelets, watches & the like to fit my wrist without them riding up my arm or dangling, so the fact that the shop assistant could adjust it for me before purchase was excellent.

Essie stuff (All-In-One, Good To Go + Saltwater Happy)
I also wasn't intending on buying any of this until after Christmas, but I had a base coat fail with Orly's Bonder (it noticeably stained my nails post-polish removal, despite wearing white polish) and being the nail polish snob that I am + fearing that Bonder was going to continue staining my nails, decided I'd go back to using All-In-One. I needed another bottle of Good to Go because one of my bottles is nearly finished & I like this stuff (despite what I said earlier) & Saltwater Happy is about the only polish from Essie's summer collection that has consistently good reviews from what I've I love blue polish, what can I say? Bonus in all of this: I got $10 off in Priceline for this purchase. Score!

Prouds silver snake chain
Yep, another unintended purchase; but again, I was in need of it for the starfish pendant featured above, whose chain I'd broken (and was very happy to break because the chain was waaaaay too short for me & it gave me the shits whenever I wore it). I'm still not entirely sure the style of chain suits the pendant, but I figure I could buy another one at some stage if I'm unhappy.

Prouds dark blue & white cubic zirconia ring
Bought this with the chain because Prouds had a buy 1 get 1 free on silver jewellery & because I was getting the watch at the same time (deals galore!), I killed several birds with the 1 stone. Although these are obviously not sapphires (my birthstone), I love blue case you haven't noticed already ;o). I'm sporting it on my middle finger in the photo above because it fits a bit better on that finger, but I can wear it on my ring finger if my fingers are swollen.

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Have you given yourself any Christmas presents?


  1. Some great gifts there!
    The watch is so pretty!

    1. I know, she's a beauty! So glad I bought it in the end.


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