Friday, 4 December 2015

The Weekly Happy List #1

Hi everyone!

Today’s post is a little special & something that I would really like to feature on this blog every Friday, if I'm up for it.

This idea of mine comes from a defunct blog that I used to comment on and occasionally produced posts for. One of the regulars started this thing in the comments section called “things that made you happy this week” (or words to that effect) and every Friday all of us followers/commenters would do just that - post about all the things that made us happy that week. Sometimes our news was trivial, other times profound, other times exciting. It was, I suppose, a place where we could celebrate each other’s triumphs & provide words of encouragement and/or congratulations.
In a world that is unfortunately filled with too much doom & gloom these days, I have this very real desire to try & keep things as positive as possible for not only myself, but for others too….and so that’s what this weekly list will be about.

So to kick things off, I’m going to list everything that made me happy this week:

    • Starting this blog at long last. As I mentioned in the comments of my first post, I've been fermenting this idea for about 18 months now, so to finally be putting myself out there is both a relief and daunting all at once. Now the fun begins!
    • All the support, comments & encouragement I've received from fellow bloggers & other online peeps that I know. You're all spesh. 
    • Watching the pink frangipani tree in my backyard finally come into bloom. The flowers in the photo above are from that tree and gosh I love the smell of them - they're sort of marshmallow-y. I reckon the pink & white varieties smell different, don't you?
    • Doing the polish swap-over for my Project Polish. Soooooo happy to be using my summer colours now, I got bored far too quickly with my spring colours.
    • Getting my stitches out this before you go "WTF Shell?!", cool your jets. I had a biopsy performed on my forehead & right cheek last week to determine whether or not I have skin cancer (being pale as fuck & living in a country that has one of if not the highest skin cancer rate in the world, I need to keep an eye on things) and have had to keep those parts of my face protected for the entire week. I must say it has been a bit of a pain in the arse (the spot on my cheek is in an awkward place, diagonally between my nose and my top lip & right under my eye line, which made placing the protective dressing and the tape to hold it in place somewhat difficult); but then again, so's cancer. By the end of today, I'll be stoked not to have to rip tape off my face anymore and I'll have my results. I'll let the world know the outcome in either my next post, or next week's Happy List.
    As for the weekend I've got a gig to go to tonight (which I may end up reviewing on the blog next week), then I think I'll go out somewhere on Sunday. I need more of my (and my Mum's) face oil of choice + my probiotics of choice & being the bargain hunter that I am, I know where I can get both cheaply....even if it means travelling all the way over to the other side of Sydney to get them. I don't mind though, I quite enjoy exploring my own city.

    Happy weekend everyone!

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    What made you happy this week? What are your plans for the weekend?

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    1. How lovely, Shell. Brilliant idea and so worth while. Just love the frangipani flowers - I've tried a couple of times to grow them without success. Yes, the pink and white do smell different! What makes me happy? Being able to communicate with so many lovely young ones and being at an age where I say what I think when I think it, regardless of whether it is always appropriate. Oh and the gardenias in profusion on the plant outside my front door almost ready to open.
      With love,


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