Wednesday, 6 January 2016

These Are a Few of My Favourite....Purchases of 2015

Hi everyone!

Today's post is the last of my 2015 round-up, where you get to be nosy & find out what I purchased & liked over the last 12 months or so. Not all of it is beauty-related, but then again, TNL isn't a strictly beauty-related blog is it?

Anyway, enough rambling, let's get to the list:

All the tickets for the gigs I went to
I only attended 4 last year, but most of them were enjoyable (Megan Washington being the exception because I got gig sick - I would've enjoyed it more if it weren't for that). I managed to be front of stage as Brooke Fraser showcased songs from her most recent album + performed her older stuff in her newer style AND best of all, she announced that night that she was pregnant! (She gave birth to daughter Dylan in September.) Josh Pyke with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra was amaaaazing – hearing one of my favourite songs of his (Memories & Dust) with live timpani (one of the instruments in that song) was great & the rest of the concert was magical. I really hope that some sort of official recording gets released because I’d really like to relive that night at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. The recent Jarryd James/Meg Mac gig that I went to was also memorable due to the crowd sing-alongs & just the general good vibes. As I mentioned in my review, I haven’t been to a gig where the crowd was lively in a long time & it was great to see.

All the polishes! 
2015 saw my polish stash increase by about 50% (there's about 30 odd in the photo above) & whilst there were some disappointments, overall I'm happy with the colours I bought and was also happy to support some Australian brands whilst continuing to purchase from the bigger names like OPI & Essie. Whilst I haven’t opened most of these yet due to my continuing no-opening-newbies ban, I’m looking forward to doing so. Out of the ones I have opened, my favourites are Butter London's Airy Fairy (I can forgive BL for their shit formulas because this shade is totes amazeballs), Kit's Move Up + Dive In & Sea Siren's Jealousea (which I swatched the other night and OMG it's beautiful).

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown
Up until September last year, brow makeup wasn't something I had in my arsenal and it wasn't until I purchased & began using this baby that I realised what had been missing all along...half my brows lol. I love how simple this product is to use, although I will confess I watched a couple of Youtube tutorials first to make sure I was getting it right, since I'm a novice & all. ;o) I made sure I got colour matched in Sephora first since I was unsure of my shade (my hair colour is different to my brows, but not by a huge amount), but I'm happy to report that Medium Brown is a perfect match for me.

bhave rescue shampoo & conditioner + riot control oil
Thank you to every blogger & her dog out there + everyone who reviewed these at Beautyheaven because you ladies are all responsible for this new-ish love affair. Sure, this stuff is pricey, but it is salon quality & about a year to the day that I bought it I’m still making my way through these 300mL bottles and very slowly making my way through the hair oil/serum. I’ve since purchased a whole bunch of other stuff from this Aussie brand (namely the Magnify volumising shampoo, deep conditioning hair masque & leave in crème) & I’m looking forward to watching them continue to expand their range of hair styling goods. Again, it feels good to support a home-grown company.

I loves me a good hat & when I saw this at Sydney’s High Tea Party at the Hilton back in November, almost instantly I knew I had to have it. Whilst the high tea + the event overall was shit, I’m glad I bought this & I’ve worn it often since then. Unlike other hats, the weave on this is quite close, although there are a few gaps here & there….nothing major though. This has become my hat of choice over this coming summer & given everything that's happened recently, I need all the shade/sun protection I can get. I’m not sure what my size my hat is since it doesn’t actually have a size tag in it, but given that I have a large-ish head, mine’s either a Medium or a Large - maybe the latter since my hat doesn't sit too tightly on my head.

I blame Maria of So Nailicious fame for getting me onto this – she named this in her top 5 favourite top coats of 2015 & no wonder. It dries fast & still looks glossy even after the first day. As mentioned in my summer Project Polish post, this stuff has saved my polishing bacon & it’s a love affair that I doubt will die until I get my hands on a bottle of Poshé.

Kate Hill tote bag 
I'd had my eye on another Kate Hill bag in a different colour when I decided it was time to give my previous black handbag the heave ho for something new. This one didn't cost much more than my previous one, but it looks a lot classier & I can fit a lot more in it. I'm really particular about my handbags in that I must have one with lots of compartments for storing all my stuff both on the inside and the outside. As you can see from the above photo on the right, this bag fits the brief, plus I like the extra long handles. My only wish is that there were more Kate Hill stores in Sydney because I dig her/their handbags - there's only 1 stand alone store here sadly, although I can (and have/did) purchase KH stuff from Victoria Station as well.

O&M Know Knott Detangler (mini)
One of these days I might review this product on the blog, but for now I’d like to thank O&M for restoring my faith in leave-in conditioners/detangling products. My faith was ruined after a previous experience with a leave-in conditioner from another brand, but now I’m happy to have found something that actually works & doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry as a desert in the process, plus the smell of it is gorgeous.

Portmans trench coat 
My Mum bought this for me smack bang at the beginning of 2015 & it's become a well-worn piece since. It's a great lightweight trench that's perfect for transeasonal dressing & it's a nice pop of colour too. I've tended to wear it with a stripey top due to the accents on the sleeves & lapels (?), although I could also wear a neutral coloured top/tee or even go matchy matchy with a plain navy tee instead.

Will & Jess cake decoration storage units
I first noticed these little units in Aldi about mid-last year & I knew I had to have them, not just to store all my cake decorating & baking supplies (oh I haven't mentioned yet that I enjoy baking have I?), but to store all my nail art paraphenalia like brushes & dotting tools & all the other junk that comes with being a I bought one for each purpose. Maybe one of these days I'll show you what I store in them, but for now that will remain a secret. :oP My only gripe with these is the dividers are a bit cheap & nasty - I had a hard time getting them to click into place at first. Other than that, these units are great for anything small. I'm not sure if Aldi sell them any more, but if you need them & find them at your local Aldi somehow, then get one....or two.

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Did you purchase anything great in 2015? 


  1. I love brow wiz it's great. That Portmans trench is gorgeous!

  2. I love my Brow Wiz I know why it has cult status, it's so good!

  3. I love Meg Mac but I haven't seen her live.

    1. Go & see her when she's touring next, she's pretty damn good. :o)


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