Tuesday, 5 January 2016

These Are a Few of My Favourite....Songs of 2015

WARNING: This post contains a lot of videos & links. Back away now if your internet can't handle it.

For me, 2015 was a really average year music-wise. I feel like the gems are getting harder & harder to find & I'm really not into a lot of stuff that makes the charts any more because most of it is just....well...shit tbh. That said there are a couple of tunes in here that did make it big in Australia/the world this year, so don't panic dear reader & think that you won't find something you recognise.
So without further ado here are some of my favourite tunes of last year, with some honourable mentions at the end for you to also check out:

Meg Mac – Never Be

This is my absolute favourite song of the year and one I sang along to quite loudly at Meg's recent co-headlining gig with Jarryd James. I just love it when the beat gets stronger leading into each bridge – it makes me want to stomp my foot – and I reckon the chorus is a bit of an earworm, plus Meg’s soulful vocals are on point with this tune. I’ve lost count now of how many times I walked around singing or humming this tune to myself in 2015. Can’t say I’m a fan of the video clip though; but nevertheless I think this Aussie lass is destined for big things.

Julieta Venegas – Eres Para Mí

This song might be 10 years old this year, but I only discovered it mid last year thanks to someone I knew from a forum I used to belong to. I quickly fell in love with it and it has the honour of being my 2nd favourite song of 2015.

As mentioned in Monday's post, I ticked something off my bucket list last year by learning to speak (a bit of) Spanish and whilst I didn't continue with lessons, listening to this song makes me want to take it up again. For a song in a foreign language, it’s bloody catchy yet laidback at the same time. I’ve looked up the English translation of the lyrics & quite frankly it sounds/reads nowhere near as poetic in my native tongue as it does in Spanish; but for anyone who is curious, the title roughly translates to “You Are (Meant) For Me”.

I Know Leopard – Another Life 

I liked a previous single from this up & coming Aussie band, but this tune is something else. It’s lush, it’s relaxing, it’s got flourishes galore & being a lover of string sections, I of course adore the orchestral moment right at the end. This song just gives me chills & good vibes all around (despite the lyrical matter) & I quickly became obsessed with it after the first listen...so much so that I think this is my 3rd favourite song of 2015. If you want a song to kick back to, look no further.
Drake – Hotline Bling

AKA the song with a video that spawned a gazillion memes (even though his team didn’t upload it to Youtube at first) & mass Dad dancing. I think Drake gave everyone out there with 2 left feet hope that they too actually have some rhythm. I heard Hotline Bling several months before the clip came out, thought it was alright, then started hearing it again once it slowly became a hit & then for some reason it quickly grew on me. Genius use of a sample too.

Josh Pyke – There’s A Line 

Fun fact: I’ve met this Aussie singer-songwriter 3 times; such is my level of fandom. I swear I’m not stalking him though….all those 3 times happened with his first 2 albums & he’s now up to album #5, so there. :oP Anyway, this song’s full of JP goodness & gorgeousness, as always. The man rarely if ever puts a foot wrong, although I thought his previous album The Beginning and the End of Everything was a letdown in the scheme of his album output. Thankfully his latest one But For All These Shrinking Hearts is a return to form IMO and it has the honour of being my 2nd fave album of 2015. So glad I bought the deluxe edition because the first bonus track Sound of Us was instant love for me.

Jarryd James – Do You Remember + Regardless (feat Julia Stone)

Do You Remember was a real slow-burner for me and I’m not sure when it was that it really clicked with me, but it might’ve been those Western Sydney University ads that finally made me realise how damn good this song is. This should’ve won Song of the Year at last year's ARIA’s, but I won’t go there….at least he won Best Pop Release though. BTW the bass-like drum beat during the chorus sounds really awesome via any kind of stereo, especially a car stereo. I speak from experience.

As for Regardless, OMG THAT BASSLIIIIIINE!! Each & every time I listen to this song I just wanna get DOWN as soon as that kicks in. So good. Out of the 4 “singles” that have come from Jarryd’s excellent debut album (and my #1 album of 2015) Thirty-One, this is my favourite. It’s a bit sexy, sort of sordid in terms of lyrical matter (sounds like the perfect song description of an affair) & the addition of co-writer Julia Stone’s breathy vocals just completes what is an all-around good tune IMO.

Disclosure feat LION BABE - Hourglass

Can’t go past my favourite track from the Lawrence brothers’ 2nd album Caracal. I listened to this song waaaaaaaaay too much in the week leading up to the album release, got bored of it quickly, but now I’m back into it. I just want to crank this song up every time & dance my booty off like I’m in the club or something. Jillian Hervey (one half of LION BABE) be serving some cool sass on this slice of retro house, telling that guy checking her out to, well, come on over & get some before the night is over. Speaking of Jillian, I didn’t realise she was Vanessa Williams' daughter up until I read some comments under the video. Talent runs in that family….

Miami Horror feat Cleopold - Love Like Mine

Bloody hell this is so damn summer-y! So much so you're going to see this again in an upcoming music-related post...I digress. Anyway, this is a catchy slice of dance-pop which I loved from the first time I heard it. I'm not linking to the official video because it's shit and I was disappointed with it. Why ruin a great tune with a sub-standard video?

Childish Gambino - Sober + The Kite String Tangle feat Tiana Khasi - Stone Cold

Both of these songs actually came out around late 2014, but I got into them in early 2015 so that's why they're in this list. I'm gonna start first with the man otherwise known as Donald Glover and say that I can't express enough how much I fucking love this song from the breakdown onwards. It gives me life like you wouldn't believe. If you can put up with the song until that moment, then you'll be rewarded with some aural awesomeness.

Now for an Aussie act out of Brisbane. I actually discovered another one of his songs (Arcadia) around the same time as the song I mentioned above, but my love of Stone Cold has usurped that of Arcadia now. All you need to know is I dig the lyrics to this (basically about a break-up & regrets from both parties about the relationship), although it took me a while to figure them out + the video is 50 shades of weeeeeeird.

Honourable mentions:

The Fratellis - Me and the Devil (Scottish trio returning to form here. Loved their first album, lost interest in them after that.)
Goldfrapp - Simone (Another older song I discovered in 2015, haunting song that's perfect to listen to on a chilly day.)
RÜFÜS - You Were Right (Loved this Aussie dance outfit's first album, hoping their upcoming 2nd one will be a goodie too.)
Tkay Maidza - M.O.B. (The female Aussie rapper the world ought to be paying attention to. Can't understand a damn word in the verses, but I like her flow.)
What So Not feat George Maple - Gemini (Definition of slow burner in terms of the song itself & how long it took to grow on me. GM's breathy sultry vocals make this song.)
Broadway Sounds - Sing It Again (One word: fun! #randomcoloureddancingpeople #watermeloninyourtoaster)

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What were your favourite tunes of 2015?



  1. Wow, you have a huge music knowledge! I've heard of Josh Pyke and that's about it lol. :)

    1. Thanks! Music was/is my first love and my knowledge of it has been built up since childhood, so I guess it only stands to reason that I tell everyone that I'm like the music version of Wikipedia lol. I'm just happy someone else has heard of Josh Pyke! :oD

  2. most of the tunes on your list are new to me! I had a few songs from the fratellis on my ipod before. I went to The Flaming Lip's concert last night - although not quite 2015... but it's definitely stuck in my head, especially Yoshimi battes the pink robots



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