Friday, 22 January 2016

I wanna make you haaaaappyyyyyy....The Weekly Happy List #3

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This week's Weekly Happy List is a Fortnightly Happy List instead. I would've published this last Friday, but Mother Nature had other ideas. In case you cba clicking on the link, parts of Sydney (including my suburb & surrounding suburbs) got hit by a epic storm last Thursday & as a result, there was a fair bit of destruction & power was lost to tens of thousands of homes, including mine. Thankfully power has since been restored (although my main internet source hasn't...that's a whole other story #fuckyouoptus), but the clean-up is ongoing. There were a lot of trees & branches down around my neighbourhood, most of which had yet to be cleared at last sight. Luckily my house didn't sustain any damage, but others weren't so fortunate by the looks of things. Mother Nature is a cruel beast!

Another reason why I haven't been blogging much this past week is I'm recovering from the skin cancer/Mohs surgery that I had on Monday (as mentioned here). Hopefully now you'll understand why I've been absent and why I'm not gonna apologise for it.

So...what has made me happy this past 2 weeks you ask?

  • Getting through the aforementioned surgery like a trooper. My surgeon managed to remove my BCC on the first attempt, which was a relief since I'd been warned beforehand that it may take several attempts to be removed. I'm still numb in the upper middle part of my forehead (where I had the surgery), but I'm hoping to get some feeling back in it soon. If not, then this hit from 2015 might become my theme song...

  • Seeing the latest Star Wars movie last week. I wasn't planning on watching it at all (especially not on the big screen), but oh my lordy it was good! I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan out there and I'm certainly not a die-hard, but it was a very satisfying experience. I know a lot of people were very concerned to say the least when George Lucas signed things over to Disney, but for me I don't feel like the legacy has been tarnished at all. If anything, it has been enhanced - JJ Abrams did a great job.
  • Also went & saw Sisters with Tina Fey & Amy Poehler last week. I'm not a regular movie-goer by any means - tickets are expensive AF in Australia (I'm talking $20 or so every other day except Tuesday, aka Tightarse Tuesday as we Aussies call it) - but I really liked this one as well. It was crude, but my sense of humour isn't exactly highbrow.
  • Decluttering & moving some of my clothes + other belongings into my new look ok 3 months old wardrobe. I now have so much more storage space than I did with my previous wardrobe and I'm looking forward to the day that I finally move back into my bedroom (it needs a new window + a fresh coat of paint). I've been living without a wardrobe for over a year now & lemme tell you, it sucks big time. I don't know how people do it....or maybe I just hoard too much stuff...
  • Scoring a bargain on an Essie polish. (FYI, it was Garden Variety from the most recent spring collection.) Overseas readers might think that sounds strange, but like movie tickets Essie polish is expensive here too ($AUD16.95); so to score one for $AUD6.50 is a total bargain. I do own a teal already in Kester Black's Laguna, but I'm convinced that Garden Variety is lighter & therefore not a dupe.
Happy weekend everyone!

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    What made you happy this week or last week?

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