Thursday, 7 January 2016

TNL's 2016 Beauty & Blogging Intentions

(Shoutout to Amy for inspiring this post.)

When it comes to setting my aims for the New Year, I don't believe in using the words "resolutions" or "goals". IMO, resolutions get broken all too easily + the word "goals" freaks me out & reminds me of all those goal-mapping thingymabobs out there that I loathe & end up throwing into the all-too-hard basket. Too much pressure! Instead, I use the word "intentions" and have found ever since I started using that word to map out my personal New Year aims, I've achieved a lot more than I would have if I'd used those other "dirty" words.

I won't talk about my own personal New Year Intentions here on TNL because I'd prefer to keep that sort of thing private, but I will share some separate intentions that I have for 2016 that are both beauty & blog-related:


  • Pan at least 1 lipstick. Whilst I don't own too many lipsticks (I've got about 5 of them + 2 lip tints), I am so close to panning one of them and I'd really like to do it by mid-year.
  • Go & do a short make-up course. I really want to get better at applying make-up. Whilst I can apply (mineral) foundation, brow stuff & lipstick well enough, I still suck at applying eyeshadow & eyeliner, I'm still a bit afraid of blush & I have NFI how to use bronzers & highlighters & (probably) a whole host of other make-up products. I do realise I could look at a 1001 Youtube tutorials for this sort of thing, but I think I'd end up confusing myself and I'd prefer to take a class/some classes instead.
  • Do more with my hair. Most times I just stick it in a ponytail or a top knot & I'm done. I would like to get my curling irons out more often & play with them/learn how to use them properly, especially my non-clamp iron (as mentioned here). I'm also considering going & doing a hair-related short course as well, but we'll see about that.
  • Paint my nails at least once a fortnight, if not more. I had this down as a 2015 intention & didn't really achieve it. Now that I've committed myself to doing a Project Polish series, I need to procrastinate less & paint more. Speaking of which...
  • Continue with Project Polish until September. By then I will have been doing it for a year and I figure it'll be a good time to re-assess the whole thing.
  • Continue with my no-opening-new-polishes-until-oldies-are-finished ban. This one mini intention of mine for 2015 was successful, so I figure if I'm on a good thing stick to it.



  • Get TNL on social media. I have this stupid and probably irrational fear of social media. Whilst I'm quite happy reading other people's social media pages, when it comes to starting one of my own, I turn into a big ol' scare-dy cat. I'd say this has a lot to do with my nature, but I'm well aware that in order to get the blog out there/network with other bloggers/attend blogging events, I'm going to have to drag myself kicking & screaming onto Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/whatever. It'll be out of my comfort zone, but sometimes discomfort is necessary in order to grow right?
  • Stick to a regular schedule. I've been aiming to post 2-3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday &/or Friday) & so far so good. I want to keep that up.
  • Improve my photography skills & create better photos. I'd like to get a new camera some time this year because I've had my current one since forever & whilst it's alright, I'd like something more...professional I guess. I also want to improve my photo editing skills, which are pretty non-existent aside from a few basics.
  • Continue writing about what I want to write about. This is the most important point for me. If I'm really honest, all this talk about finding your niche gives me the willies big time. I feel as though it's telling me to stick to a single area of interest and that just won't do I'm afraid. I'm personally happy to stick to 3 or 4 main topics of interest (with a sprinkle of other content as well) and that's what I intend to do not only in 2016 but beyond.

Do you have any New Year intentions in general?


    1. I've always wanted to do a make-up course, I can't foresee it happening this year, maybe next year otherwise I'll be feeling to old to do it!
      Good luck with your intentions, I find putting them out there does help you achieve them.

      1. Thanks! I don't think you're ever too old to learn, nor are you too old to take courses. Any doubts are all in your own head. :o)

    2. I don't really believe in the whole 'you have to find your niche' thing, though maybe that's because I couldn't stick to writing about a single topic even if I tried! My mind goes in a million different directions and my blog is basically an extension of that, which I'm perfectly fine with. Social Media still sort of baffles me as well, I signed up for Twitter a while ago but honestly I'm still trying to get the hang of it...

      1. I think you & I are kindred spirits in that respect i.e. not being able to stick to a single topic. I think it's important for everyone to do their own thing regardless of what others say, otherwise we'd be carbon copies of each other. Good to know that you find social media baffling too - I can get my head around hashtags, but I'm too verbose to do 140 characters lol!


    Feel free to comment, but all I ask is that you don't spam, troll, abuse others, ask for a follow-for-follow or post nonsense. Let's play nicely. :o)