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12 Love Songs To Make You Feel Warm & Fuzzy This Valentine's Day

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Ah Valentine's Day. The one day of the year for the gooey-eyed to rejoice in, the florists & chocolatiers to cash in on & the singletons (perhaps) to dread (or celebrate as Singles Awareness Day). Even though I belong to the last category, I don't dread February 14th when it rolls around. Instead, I celebrate it by doing things for the ones I love or myself. I also celebrate by playing my favourite love songs....which is where this list comes in handy! No matter what you happen to be doing this V Day, make sure it's filled with good vibes because nobody likes feeling down in the dumps.

So to kick things off, here's some tunes to get that lovin' feelin' regardless of whether you're coupled up or not:

Lior - This Old Love
God knows how many weddings this song has been played at as a first dance/general wedding song, but either way it's 3:07 of pure beauty. The amount of lovey-doveys feel I get from this song give me does the next song....
Split Enz - Message To My Girl
This Enz classic might sound a bit cheesy, but I adore the sentiment and the sense of realism in the lyrics. Neil Finn is a fucking genius IMO. Come to think of it, so is his older brother Tim.

Josh Pyke - Love Lies 
My favourite male singer crafts some beautiful songs and this IMO is one of his finest. Despite the title, lyrically this isn't entirely about love; but the chorus is and I adore the imagery in those particular lyrics.

Brooke Fraser - Without You
I'm choosing this over one of her other tunes (Arithmetic) for this post because (a) I love the honesty & self-awareness in the 2nd verse & (b) I want to give kudos to the director for depicting various types of love in the video (the bit with the lady & her prize-winning greyhounds at 2:22 ♥) Love doesn't just come in the romantic form you know!

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - Home
I know I mentioned this in my post about mood-boosting songs, but lyrically this is also totes appropes for February 14th too.
Opshop - One Day
Another love song with a sense of realism. If I recall correctly, the frontman wrote this song for his (at the time) fiancée...awwww! 

Bic Runga - When I See You Smile
No, not a cover of the Bad English song. This one is short, but oh so sweet in every single way.

Kimbra - Love In High Places
This isn't exactly your traditional sort of love song (I'd say this is more about a spiritual love), but I'm throwing it in this list anyway because it has the desired effect and the bass work is bloody good.

Paramore - The Only Exception
This song (lyrically) proves that even the cynics & hard-of-heart can find a love to believe in & trust.

Ladi6 - Like Water
A theme for all of you who feel like you and your love are unstoppable. Enjoy Ladi6's vocals on this track because they are on FIRE!

Groove Theory - Tell Me
Because this list needs a good 90's R&B lurve song!

Adele - Make You Feel My Love
Bob Dylan may have sung this first, but IMO Adele's version is better. Controversial probably, but THERE I said it. Again, beautiful sentiment & I'm sure most of us want to find a love like the one described in the lyrics. 

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What are your favourite love songs?

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