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The Shopping Cart (February)

the shopping cart

Hola mi amigas!

Today I'm starting a new series called The Shopping Cart, which I won't promise to keep up with but you might see these posts crop up from time to time on TNL. In these posts I'll round up all of my purchases for the month & present them to you for your voyeuristic pleasure.

I'll preface this by saying that I'm not a shopaholic. I class myself as a bargain hunter with a tendency to mull over some (not all) purchases until I'm driven insane; but that said I will happily drop the $ if (a) I know I'm going to use it and use it often, (b) I really need it, (c) I know the cost-per-wear ratio will be high/high enough or (d) I'm being enabled by someone or something....and even then I will have had a good think about it.

Please also note that if any of the items featured in these posts have sold out by the time you get around to reading it, then I can't nor won't be held responsible.

So what did I buy last month?


the shopping cart, fashion

Forever New Charlotte Soft Prom Dress in Porcelain (size 8, top left)
Disclaimer: white and white-based clothes are not my jam. I have this innate ability to acquire yellow stains on all my white clothes after the first couple of wears and after the last white item I bought (a basic white tank from Kookai) quickly gained yellow streaks that no amount of Napisan nor sun bleaching would remove, I decided to avoid white like the plague. I did, however, make an exception for this dress, but only out of necessity. I'm going away on a cruise next month & needed something for the white themed night (holla P&O!), so that's where this dress comes in. Technically this dress isn't white, but it's close enough and after searching the shops 10000000 times to find something I liked/liked enough, I was DONE. (Yeah I know I could've shopped online, but I prefer to clothes shop in person.) This dress is probably a tad short for my liking, but I do like the high neck & the fit & flare design.

Saba Keeley Stripe Short (size 8, top right)
Another disclaimer: I never wear shorts...or at least I haven't for several years. I hadn't been able to find a pair that I was remotely comfortable in, nor a pair that didn't show off all the bits of me I prefer to hide (namely my shapely hips & upper thighs).....until now. I'll add that it wasn't me who picked these out - my Mum talked me into buying them whilst we were at Birkenhead Point outlets recently - and to my surprise they're quite flattering on me, not to mention oh so comfy. The relaxed fit is great for my troublesome upper thighs & the higher waistline works really well too (granted, I consider my waist to be my best bodily feature). The only problem? I wasn't sure what style of top I ought to wear with them. I would've bought the one that's featured on the model, but it's ridiculously priced IMO. Who the hell pays $129 for a top? Thankfully I sorted out my mini fashion crisis with the next item...

Tokito City Sleeveless Spot Shirt in Navy (size 6, bottom left) 
I hadn't shopped in the Miss Shop section of Myer in aaaages, but took a punt on this sleeveless shirt whilst browsing there one day & (again) surprisingly, not only did I love it instantly, but this top works really well with my Saba shorts! I'm not someone who clashes prints on the reg (who am I kidding, I've never done it!), but I remembered Sonia from Sonia Styling's tip from this post about wearing dots & stripes together & figured it'd work....and if it didn't, then I knew it'd go well with other things in my wardrobe and at $40 it wasn't too much of a strain on my wallet. I love the loose-ish fit of this shirt, which is great for tucking into shorts, pants or skirts (or not, if you don't wanna) and whilst it is buttoned all the way up on the model, you don't have to wear it that way. I won't be.

Hush Puppies Xola wedges in White Weave (size 10, bottom right)
I'd been lusting after these for a while; but since this was the first time I was going to buy anything Hush Puppies, I didn't feel like forking out twice as much money online for 2 pairs of shoes that may or may not fit (I'm an Australian women's size 10-11, sometimes in between). Luckily for me, during that aforementioned visit to Birkenhead Point one of the shoe shops had both a 10 & 11 and I fit rather nicely into the former. I also got them rather cheaply - much cheaper than the link states - but I won't tell you how much I saved just in case you feel like crying. I will however mention that they're rather comfortable, are a good heel height (+ the platform is stable) & will go with just about anything you own. #soversatile


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Barry M Aquarium Nail Paint in Pacific (left)
When I heard that Big W were going to start stocking Barry M products late last year, I got a wee bit excited as I'd been lusting after this shade for some time. Unfortunately for me, I was left disappointed when I first checked out the range & discovered that Pacific wasn't being stocked. Cue sad face....which turned into a happy face when I finally found this blue-turquoise duochrome at another Big W on the other side of Sydney. Big W seem to have expanded their range of Barry M products recently - when I went to this particular store I saw more & more Nail Paints & maybe some more make-up as well - but that might not be the case with your local, so Aussies if you want it you may need to do some hunting around. EDIT: I've since put this polish in my giveaway pile as it looks hideous against my skin/on my nails. Such a shame.

OPI Hello Kitty Collection polishes - Spoken From The Heart + My Pal Joey (middle & right)
I'd had my eye on these 2 since the collection came out & with David Jones offering up their bi-annual beauty tote bags, I bit the bullet & bought these (and the tote bag, which I haven't featured) before the HK collection disappears altogether. I've seen bloggers describe Spoken From The Heart as anything from a raspberry creme to coral to pinky-red coral; but either way it's a shade I like & despite having quite a number of pinks, I couldn't resist this one...nor could I resist My Pal Joey. Come on, it's blue for crying out loud! BLUE! And it's a blue hue that I didn't have in my stash either, so purchase = fully justified. I was considering getting Small + Cute = ♥ as well, but I've read too many iffy reviews about it.

I also bought a couple of random items last month, like another tube of Burts Bees' Peppermint Foot Lotion (sooo good on tired feet), a crinkle cutter knife (blame Jamie Oliver for that one) & a cherry pitter (because pitting cherries for a fruit salad is teeeeeedious I tell you!), but they're not featured.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post....and a YAY to me finally figuring out how to do a collage. Thanks Pic Monkey!

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What did you buy in February? Anything interesting?


  1. I LOVE this! I'm a bit of a shop-a-holic but also a major bargain hunter like you! Good thing we don't live close, as I'm sure we could enable each other way beyond our budgets! I hope you keep these posts up. I should do it as well, it would at least let me see if I'm buying too much! hehe

    1. Thanks! It's probably a good thing we don't live close...I enable myself enough haha! I'll try & keep the posts up, but I can't make any guarantees. All depends on what I buy per month really.

  2. I hear you on the white! I've got a couple of white tops this season and am just waiting for the inevitable.

    I also need to get back to the Myer Miss Shop. Since it moved out of the ground floor in the Adelaide city store, it isn't really on my radar anymore which is a shame because it has nice stuff.

    1. Yay, now I don't feel so alone in avoiding white! Miss Shop does have some nice stuff...pretty affordable too.


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