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10 Items That Ought To Be In Your Wardrobe


When it comes to fashion, we have our trends & the pieces that never go out of style. Today's post is all about the latter - the versatile staples we ought to purchase as they will serve us time & time again.

I'm well aware that not all of these items will suit everyone, so feel free to take this post with a grain of salt. You and only you know what's best for your lifestyle, body shape & tastes. Ed's note: I've since removed the luxe to less section as the links have expired.

Let's see what made my list:

1. A leather jacket
If you're looking for an investment piece, then a leather jacket is absolutely perfect. You can wear it casually (and classically) with a pair of jeans & a tee, or you can spice up a date night outfit by rocking it with a nice dress & heels. I absolutely adore my black leather biker jacket that I bought in Canada 18 months ago & have justified its expense by wearing it a lot. Of course, if you still want that leather look but don't have the cash (or you're vegan), then a faux leather jacket could be a worthy compromise.

2. Figure-flattering jeans
Flared, bootcut, straight, skinny, super skinny, distressed, ripped, black, dark indigo, name it, denim's pretty much got something to suit everyone. I know women out there find shopping for jeans rather difficult, but all I'll say is try on several different styles because you'll never know what will suit you. Me personally, despite years of believing I would never look good in a pair of skinny/super-skinny jeans due to my pear shape, once I tried on my first (and sadly, now departed) pair of Mavi Alexa's (she's the skinny/super-skinny), I never looked back & now I only sport skinny jeans. On the contrary, I've tried on many a boyfriend jean & have come to the conclusion that they only work on supermodels/those who are more in proportion than I am....either that or I'm going to have to go up a size to get that slightly baggy-legged look. Regardless, I think you should own at least 1 (if not more) pair of figure-flattering jeans in your wardrobe. I'm personally digging the Frame jeans featured in the above collage, but the price tag is/was off-putting.

3. A trench coat
There's something about a trench coat that's just timeless & classic. It's yet another piece that works well with everything, although I realise that the more petite amongst us might have a hard time rocking it. That said, a heel or a heeled boot might be the way to go if you still want to rock a trench coat, despite being height-challenged.

4. A striped tee
I'm going to make a declaration right now: stripes are here to stay. Whether you have a major love for this classic print or not, there's no escaping it regardless of the season. As my Blogger profile states, I've rarely met a striped item that I don't like, so I think you know which category I'm in. 😉

5. A pair of ballet flats
I don't know about you, but when it comes to footwear, flat shoes are generally what I stick to, mostly because the genetic gods have blessed me with height (FYI, I'm almost 5'11"/179 1/2cm). As much as I like a 2-3 inch heel for a bit of a boost, I feel more at ease in a nice (but cute) pair of ballet flats (even though I don't own many pairs - the curse of having larger and wider than average feet). In the image above I chose leopard print as a fun way of expressing your personality through footwear, although you might want to save the crazy metallics/prints for the weekend if you work in the corporate world.

6. Some sexy (but classy) lingerie
Let's face it, we all need some kit that's just that bit more special than the everyday right? Heck, you could wear those pieces every day if you wish - who says we have to reserve it for, ahem, "special occasions"? In the image above, I included a Stella McCartney bra that I thought looked rather luxe, but there are plenty of other luxurious bits of kit out there that won't have you living off 2 minute noodles for the next month.

7. A midi skirt
The midi skirt has really come into fashion in the last couple of years & IMO we're better for it. Unless you have the legs of Taylor Swift, a mini won't suit you & the more petite amongst us might not feel comfortable rocking a maxi skirt, so the midi is a great compromise. I personally am a massive fan of A-line/fit & flare midis as they're much more flattering for my pear-shaped self and I think they're pretty much suitable for most shapes & sizes; but again, think about what suits you best & go for it.

8. A LBD (Little Black Dress)
Confession: I actually don't own a LBD of any kind, probably because I veer towards injecting colour into my wardobe instead of hunting for neutrals. I should rectify that shouldn't I? We all know how versatile the LBD is - from work, to play, to just about everywhere - so I don't really need to explain why this has made my list. It's a no-brainer.

9. A blazer
When a leather jacket is too badass for your liking & a trench is too overwhelming for your frame, the blazer comes into play. Obviously blazers are perfect for the office, but they're also great for a casual or even a formal setting. I wore an ivory blazer with a light aqua dress to a wedding at the end of last year & it worked absolutely fine. If you're suss on the blazer, Julia from The Sunday Mode wrote a post recently about why you ought to have a blazer in your wardrobe.

10. Something that makes you feel fabulous
I've left this item open to your own imagination/personality/colour preferences/wardrobe etc. Personally, I tend to equate fab with sparkly, metallic, bejewelled things and that's reflected in the Olga Berg bag I chose for the collage above.

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What do you think of my picks? Is there something I've missed? What do you think should be in everyone's wardrobe?

Images from KOOKAÏ, The Iconic, David Lawrence, ASOS, Myer, Kmart, Net-A-PorterTarget and Olga Berg


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