Monday, 11 April 2016

The Lust List

the lust list

Happy Monday folks! I hope you all had a good weekend.

For today's post, I thought it might be a bit of fun to let you in on what I'm currently coveting. I've got a mix of summer & winter stuff in this list as I have one eye on the months ahead + Sydney's behaving more like spring than autumn atm (seriously weather gods, when can I start wearing boots & knitwear??).

Here's what I'm dying to add to cart, from top left (and the reasons why I want these things):

ASOS Midi Prom Skirt in Chevron with Zip Detail
Don't know about you, but I like a good chevron stripe. Having this piece in my wardrobe would differentiate it from all the other stripes I own + I reckon it's quite striking + it could/would definitely be worn all year round, substituting with different/appropriate tops for the seasons. I know the photo doesn't show it, but the zip detail is at the back, not the front; so don't panic. This has since sold out in all but UK size 4.

OPI Soft Shades collection (shade featured: I Am What I Amethyst)
This collection isn't quite out yet in Australia (well, not in full anyway...I have seen the gift sets though), but already I have my eye on a couple of these, just judging by the swatches I've seen. The shade featured above + It's A Boy! (not to be confused with the non-exclamation marked bottle of the same name that OPI have put out in the past) & maybe the mint one (I think it's called It Cost Me A Mint, or something like that). We shall see. EDIT: Purchased I Am What I Amethyst + It's A Boy! whilst overseas. Check them out here.

Circa Home 1951 Créme Brulee candle
Help me people! I need another jar candle like a hole in the head, but that's not stopping me from wanting to buy this delicious-smelling baby. Maybe I'll grab it + the Mango & Papaya one I've been crushing on for so long....and a couple more Ecoya candles...

Forever New Elody peacoat in Navy 
Man Forever New make some nice clothes...and this is no exception. Obviously I like the shade (duh), but I like the back pleats as well. I do own a coat jacket/peacoat, but IMO it's not as nice as this.

Essie Bridal Collection 2016 (shade featured: Passport to Happiness)
Knowing how slack Essie's Australian office is, I doubt any of these will make its way to my shores sadly; but again, that hasn't stopped me lusting after a couple of bottles from this collection. That said, I haven't seen enough swatches yet to make up my mind, so this is only a potential purchase. EDIT: Saw these whilst in America late last year, neither liked them up close nor purchased them.

FRANKiE4 JENNi sneakers in Black
Now I'm definitely going to be purchasing these ASAP as I want to wear them whilst I'm overseas later this year. Having tried on the gold versions of this shoe, I can tell you that they're very comfortable & quite possibly one of the best pairs of shoes I've ever tried on. Whilst they do come with so called "custom fit" footbeds, they're wide enough for my wide feet even with a regular footbed. I'd love to get the tin gold pair of JENNi's as well, but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) practicality is overuling my desires here. EDIT 4/6/16: Have just purchased these, albeit in the black reptile version since the plain black had sold out in my size (10), although they're now back in stock.

Feather & Noise Sienna Skirt
This is in my list because I would like to get a black skirt & this not only is up my alley style wise, it's also affordable and it's a 3/4 length, which I think I could rock (even though I'm long-bodied & short-legged).

Bohemian Traders Striped Jumper in Navy & Cream
Lusting after this for no other reason than IT'S STRIPES!

Little Party Dress Andy Blue Stripe Maxi Dress
Maxi dresses are a favourite of mine and as evidenced above, I have a predilection for stripes. This too would come in handy for my overseas trip and would be worn during many summers to come. It'd also mean I could rest my tank/maxi skirt combos for a bit.

JETS Gather Side Bikini Bottom + 50's Twist Bikini Top in Skydiver
I've been coveting a JETS bikini for a while now & almost bought one 2 summers ago in a similar colour to Skydiver. Only problem was I could find the top, but not the bottoms from memory. Anyway, as soon as I clapped eyes on the twisted bandeau & pant version of this, it was instant love. I know, I know, how unsurprising given my love of blue everything right?

Side note: I had to re-format this post several times, thanks to Blogger not co-operating with me on font changes (and let's be honest, my perfectionist nature). Felt like opening up a swear jar & letting off a string of F-bombs, in all honesty.

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What are you currently lusting after?

Images from ASOS, Sparkle Canada, Circa Home, Feather & Noise, Forever New, Sleek Nail, FRANKiE4, Bohemian Traders, Little Party Dress + JETS


  1. Loving that chevron skirt hard, as well as the stripes because STRIPES obviously. A Creme Brulee candle sounds divine!

    1. You're a woman after my own heart Beth...and yes, that Creme Brulee candle is delicious & totally I-want-to-eat-it!


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