Friday, 29 April 2016

The Monthly Happy List (April)

monthly happy list

Is it just me, or are the years just passing by faster and faster? I can't quite believe we're almost into May already! Somebody use the handbrake please!

This month's list doesn't include any personal happys because I haven't got a whole lot to report on there, aside from beginning to organise the other trip I'm going on later in the year. It feels exciting yet daunting, all at once.

Aside from that, let's see what else made me happy this month:


* It's been confirmed people: Melissa McCarthy (aka Sookie) is coming back for the Gilmore Girls reunion after all - hooray! I did find it weird at first that the guy who plays Jackson (aka Sookie's husband) was coming back, yet Melissa wasn't. Even if it's only a cameo role, I don't care, the show wouldn't be the same if she wasn't in it. Although I don't have Netflix, I'm still looking forward to hearing all about it, being the Gilmore Girls fan that I am. Still got to get the boxset & binge watch sometime. #lukeandlorelai4lyf
* 90's UK girl group All Saints are back, with their 4th album (and 2nd comeback attempt) Red Flag. Hearing about this made me happy because they were one of my fave acts back in the day. I've listened to a few of the songs (One Man Woman, This Is A War + One Strike) briefly and they're not bad, This Is A War especially. Certainly better than the stuff I heard from their previous album Studio 1.
* Gogglebox is back on air! (The Australian version that is.) I've missed the gang, especially Tom with his acerbic comments, Anastasia & Faye + the crazy dog ladies Angie & Yvie. I'm liking the new additions to the show, in particular the nan from the Silbury family. She's a hoot.
* Just last week, I caught a sneaky peek at Essie's summer collection over at one of my favourite beauty blogs and, um, you know the drill. The one that goes #instantlove #gottahaveit. (Seriously, how can one not love Viva Antigua! & Loot The Booty??? Just LOOK at all that flecky goodness! Hell, the rest of the collection isn't too bad either, even though a couple of the shades aren't my thing. I can see that flecky black one being a nice NYE shade though.)


* I mentioned Matt Corby's Sooth Lady Wine (see above) in last month's Happy List; but now that I own his debut album Telluric, my love for this tune has become a full-blown obsession. I can't stop playing it, I can't stop singing it to myself & I haven't grown tired of all the good feels it gives me whenever I listen to it....but as with all songs you love & play the shit out of at first, my brain started looping it & eventually I drove myself nuts, so had to stop playing it for a little bit. Still think it's the best song of the year so far though.
* Kiwi brother/sister duo Broods & their newie Free took its sweet time to grow on me, but once I saw the video a couple of weeks ago I began to realise what a good song it is. Love the feel of the chorus.
* I probably could've put this in last month's Happy List, but I've only just kinda got into The Temper Trap's new-ish tune Thick As Thieves. I'm liking the industrial atmospheric feel - at least that's how I describe it.
* Aaaaaaaaaand because I feel like throwing an old school tune into this list, hearing The Clash's classic Rock The Casbah on the radio last week got me shuffling my feet & bopping my head.

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What made you happy in April?

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  1. I love that Matt Corby album!!!! Great list xx

    1. Me too! Definitely my favourite album of the year so far. Still loving Sooth Lady Wine.


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