Friday, 1 April 2016

The Monthly Happy List (March)

Another month ends, another Happy List post up on the blog.

Let's get into it:


*Figuring out how to use the page break in Blogger's post editor. I apologise to my readers for not realising this sooner & having to deal with a very long front page. I'm a bit derp when it comes to technology, but I'm getting there.

*Discovering Pic Monkey. I'd been racking my brain trying to figure out how people make collages outside of (I suppose) Photoshop & given that I'm not skilled in the art of editing photos (beyond cropping, red eye removal and a bit of brightness/contrast work), I thought it'd be too much hard work. So glad I've found something that's easy for this numpty to use!

*Being nominated for a Liebster Award - thanks once again Felicia! (Don't have a clue about the Liebster Award? Read all about it here.)


via, Move Nourish Believe & Taste

*Richie from the 1st season of Aussie Bachelorette (see left photo) becoming the next Bachelor YASSSSSSSSSSSSS! I loved him on the show last year (that growing old date *sigh*), so I'm glad it's him & not Michael as Bachie. #coolbananas #don'tjudgemeforwatching

*Seeing a curvier model (aka Bree Warren - see above) in March's Lorna Jane magazine. I know this shouldn't be a big deal (and really, I don't class her as plus size - she's more like normal to me; but of course, the fashion industry is fickle like that), but for me it is/was a big deal because Bree appears to have a similar body shape to my own. It makes me feel more comfortable and confident about rocking the activewear, if and when I choose to buy some.

*The latest edition of Taste magazine & all the chocolate recipes (hello, self-saucing chocolate brownie pudding!) made me want to get into the kitchen & start baking again stat. It's one of the few things I enjoy about the cooler months.

*On the blogging tip, Hayley from London Beauty Queen's post Trust Me: I'm A Beauty Blogger was incredibly on point. Although I've stated in my own disclosure policy that I don't do PR or the like (I would like to change that, but I've thrown it in the all-too-hard basket for now), I have seen people crack the shits whenever a blogger does a sponsored post, despite the blogger having a clearly worded disclosure/disclaimer policy on their blog regarding such matters. I'm going to take the opportunity now to remind everyone reading this blog that not all bloggers are the same and not all of us are in it for the wrong reasons. Don't keep reading those blogs if you distrust the person behind it and certainly don't let one rotten egg spoil it for everyone else.

*Rebecca from From Roses post Things To Bear In Mind When It Comes To Your Blog was quite valuable, especially for those of us starting out in the blogging biz.

*Still on blogging, BlogsVlogs Etc's interview with Shae from Diary of a Beauty Padawan was a good'un and Shae's points regarding aspiring bloggers were so full of truth it ain't funny. All 3 of the things she spoke about in that question (not being intimidated by other bloggers & what they're doing, proof-reading your posts before publishing + not worrying about the numbers) are things I've tried to keep in mind throughout my own blogging journey so far. Still working on the intimidation part though....

*Aussie 5-free nail polish brand Kester Black have launched a new 4-piece collection for autumn/winter with a new water permeable base and, erm, yours truly wants them all, even though I'll be buying a tonne of polish when I'm overseas later this year...

*Staying on nail polish....16 Hilarious Struggles Every Nail Polish Obsessed Person Can Relate To gave me a good chuckle. Can toooootally relate to #1, #8 & #14. Actually, who am I kidding, I can relate to (pretty much) all the points!

*One of my favourite musicians KT Tunstall is bringing out a new excited! I loved her previous album Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon, even though it was more downbeat lyrically.

*Paces feat Jess Kent's slice of Caribbean dancehall 1993 (No Chill) (above) was my big new musical love for March. A rather sunny track to farewell (or welcome) summer to.

*My other top tunes for March: Matt Corby's Sooth Lady Wine (this tune has sealed the deal, I'm gonna have to buy Telluric now) & Sarah Blasko's I Wanna Be Your Man (might have to get Eternal Return too, I like this + I'd Be Lost). I ♥ my country's music. :o)

*On the re-discovery tip, I heard Incubus' Drive on the radio earlier in the month & had totally forgotten how much I ♥ that song...and that I once had a crush on their frontman Brandon Boyd haha. It's got lyrics that have resonated with me in the past & listening to it again reminded me that those lyrics are still all too personal to me even today. After I heard it, I had to dig out my copy of Make Yourself & listen to a couple of their other tunes (namely Stellar & Pardon Me), as well as listening to "the lounge" version of A Certain Shade of Green.

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What made you happy in March?

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