Monday, 4 April 2016

The Shopping Cart (March)

The Shopping Cart

Hola mi amigas!

Initially I wasn't going to do a Shopping Cart post for this month since I hadn't bought much up until the Easter long weekend, but since the first post was so successful, I thought "what the heck, let's do it again".

Just like last month, I'll preface this by saying any sales or links mentioned in this post are correct at the time of publishing. If by chance those links are broken or the sales are no longer happening by the time you read this post, then I can't nor won't be held responsible.

So what did I purchase in March?


via Trilogy, John Lewis, Eco Tan & Essie

Trilogy Cream Cleanser (200mL)
Regular readers might recall me mentioning this as my cleanser of choice in at least 1 previous empties post & seeing that Myer had/has a 25% off deal on the brand (until April 17) + I'm running out (how on earth have I gone through it in almost 3 months?), I figured I ought to snap up a bottle. One thing I have noticed when I've double cleansed with this is how soft my skin feels after cleansing & moisturising.

Grown Alchemist Detox Serum Antioxidant+3
Please ignore the name in the link, Myer have got it wrong. Anyway, the aforementioned department store also had/has a 25% off deal on Grown Alchemist stuff (also until April 17) & I've had my eye on this for a couple of months now; so of course, one thing lead to another and I now have a bottle of this in my stash. This will be my first foray into serums & this looks to be pretty high in the good stuff (I see ingredients like Pro Vitamin B5 + niacinamide high on the list), so I'm hoping it'll be a good one for me. I won't start using it until my other skin cancer (the superficial one on my right cheek) disappears and even then I'll use it on alternate nights so my skin can get used to it.

Eco by Sonya Coconut Body Milk Nourishing Moisturiser
For those who aren't in the know, this is the body care offshoot of Aussie natural tanning company EcoTan. Aside from this lovely body moisturiser, there's a deodorant, a body scrub & a body wash. What you also need to know is that I've found a great body lotion that I don't go through so quickly (my current bottle's had roughly 3 months of use & it's 3/4 empty - hey, I have a lot of skin to cover, being tall & all!), leaves my skin feeling soft regardless of whether I've shaved my legs or exfoliated or not, doesn't contain any nasties (big tick!) & would be safe for the whole family to use as it doesn't contain any fragrances (as far as I can remember).

Essie - Pret-a-Surfer
Yes, I finally went & bought it after months of deliberation. Lucky I did as I'm not sure how many places still have it, considering it was limited edition. What tipped things over the line for me was a mix of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) + re-reading some great reviews for it. I've yet to swatch it, but let's just say I'm always happy to have another blue polish in my stash lol. :o)


 via Glasshouse Fragrances & JB HiFi
Glasshouse Fragrances - Rio de Janeiro candle (full size)
I haven't bought a Glasshouse candle in a while (largely due to the expense + a not-so-great bit of word of mouth re: their customer service), but this store not too far from where I live was closing down & had 20% off everything Glasshouse (and that NEVER happens), so naturally I took the opportunity to purchase the only Glasshouse candle left on my "to try" list. I utterly adore the fruity scent of this - according to Glasshouse, we have "passionfruit, lime, raspberry & orange" - and I'm hoping this has a great scent throw, otherwise I'll be disappointed. I've got other candles to get through first (including 2 other Glasshouses my Mum bought for me recently), so it'll be a while before I light this brightly-coloured baby up.

Triple J Hottest 100 Volumes 22 & 23
Just a quick summary of these compilations: Aussie national youth-oriented radio station Triple J do a countdown every Australia Day of the most popular 100 songs of the previous year, as chosen by their listeners + millions of votes (from a list, I might add) & from those 100 songs, a 2 disc compilation is born. For quite a number of years (from the 2004 edition to about 2011 I think - or from volumes 12 to 19), yours truly bought them but then stopped due a decline in tracklist quality....until now of course. I'd been thinking about getting the 2014 edition (i.e. volume 22) for a while & picked that up when I bought the current/23rd volume. I am a bit miffed that there's no Kendrick Lamar on this year's CD though (he came 2nd with King Kunta last year) and several of my other faves are missing too, but I guess you can't please everyone. That said, I am stoked my favourite song of 2015 is on there....seriously cannot wait for Meg Mac's debut album!

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What did you buy last month?

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  1. Great purchases Shell! I'm loving the Essie Pret-a-Surfer, looks so gorgeous and fresh. Also loving the Glasshouse candle. I'm a candle lover, it really does make such a huge difference to your mood!

    1. Sorry for not replying, I've only just seen your got caught in my spam filter. :o/

      Yay for another candle lover! I love how relaxed I feel when I've got mine burning. It's a dangerous addiction though. I've got that many jar candles waiting to be burnt & more I want to buy, it's not funny!

  2. Oh yum, what a delicious bunch of goodies Shell! I bought L'Oreal Revita Lift Laser X3 serum last month - it was on special, 2 for $50. It's lovely although I haven't seen much change in my skin. ADORE the Rio De Janeiro candle - it's my favourite of all their fragrances, must treat myself to a BIG one this month xxx

    1. Ah I do love a good special! Methinks Rio de Janeiro's my fave from all the Glasshouse candles too, although Chicago was my fave until they discontinued it grrrr.

  3. I love candles and your fruity scented Rio candle sounds divine!

    1. It is Ingrid, trust me! There'll be another fruity scented candle coming up in the next Shopping Cart post, so stay tuned.

  4. That candle. I need it. And the nail polish looks like an amazing colour Shell! You did well x

    1. Thanks Barbe! Yes, you DO need that candle haha. :o)


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