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My Favourite Eurovision Tunes of the Last 6 Years

Hi everyone I'm back from my holiday! I won't lie, reality bites right now (especially since I had an absolute blast whilst away); but as the old saying goes, "all good things must come to an end". Would also like to say sorry for the lack of a post 2 Fridays ago - I must've edited it when it was in schedule mode & forgot to hit the schedule button again. It's up on the blog now if you want to read it.

But enough about that, let's get into today's post...

It's that time of the year again where Europe (and increasingly, Australia) celebrates all things kitsch, weird & wonderful - the Eurovision Song Contest. With Sweden winning for the 2nd time in 4 years last year, we're all off to Stockholm in a couple of days time to witness the nutty spectacle, which will be co-hosted by the hostess with the mostest, Petra Mede (who hosted the 2013 contest in Malmö - I ♥ her) & last year's winner, Måns Zelmerlow. I'll be one of the nerds waking up at 5am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) this Wednesday, Friday & Sunday to watch both semi-finals and the final, purely so I don't have the result spoiled for me by our various media outlets....and also to cheer on our hope*, Dami Im, whose odds have apparently improved after blowing people away at her rehearsal. Hope the wind machine wasn't set to ultra-blast! *cue drinking games*

I've been watching this event every year since 2003 (with the exception of 2009, due to being overseas) & have always marvelled at the hilarity & zany antics of the contest & the contestants themselves. There's been waaaaay too many awful songs to mention, but this list does feature my favourites from 2010 onwards. I've only gone back that far because that's all I can remember! #gettingold

Lena - Satellite (Germany - 2010 - winner)

GUILTY PLEASURE ALERT! This song is cheese-tastic to the max, but it is also a perfect slice of shameless pop. I heard this whilst in Ikea last Friday & I won't lie, I did start singing & bopping along a bit. I can even forgive Lena's atrocious attempt at a British accent because this song is so fucking catchy. She did enter the following year, but IMO her 2nd entry is nowhere near as good as her first, nor are her other post-Eurovision releases.

Tom Dice - Me & My Guitar (Belgium - 2010)

2010 was the year I began to take Eurovision a bit more seriously...and so did it acts it seems. This + Satellite were my faves from that year, but I'd put Tom ahead of Lena if I'm honest. I loved this song from the very first time I heard it & I kinda dig the John Mayer-esque vibe he had going on back then. I know Tom's released other stuff since this song, but like Lena, IMO none of it is as good as this. It's such a pity that this placed just outside of the top 5 on the night because it deserved that placing more than some of the other songs that went top 5 that year *cough*Azerbaijan drip dropping*/cough*

Loreen - Euphoria (Sweden - 2012 - winner)

Ok, so this song is possibly one of the most overrated Eurovision winning songs in recent history (although I'd argue that that honour goes to the aforementioned Måns), but I still love it & don't care what anyone else says. Let's face it; this Moroccan-Swede had it in. the. bag. right from the moment she opened her mouth to sing in her that sideways crab dance across the stage... I much prefer the live final version that I've linked to above over the recorded version as I think her live vocals have more urgency in them.

Elina Born & Stig Råsta - Goodbye To Yesterday (Estonia - 2015)

"Why didn't you waaaake meeee uuuuuup?" was the question on everyone's lips during last year's contest. I like the boy/girl vocals, the slightly noir-ish feel of this song and whilst I'm not quite sure they nailed it on the night, they still did rather well from memory. I do recall they had 1 dodgy lyric in know, the one about lying naked on the bed, or something like that.

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Do you watch Eurovision every year?

*Yes yes, I realise Australia isn't part of Europe, but when you get invited back after landing in the top 5 last year, who's gonna say no? 

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