Monday, 30 May 2016

Project Polish Autumn 2016 Edition - The End.

You can catch up on all things Project Polish via the Project Polish tag - or, if you like, catch up on the autumn edition here and here.

Here we go, here we go, here we gooooooo....

I'm not gonna muck around this time, let's just get straight into it & see what I didn't use/has had negligible use since the update:

project polish, nail polish
Yeah I'm slack, but I don't care.

I did use OPI...Eurso Euro + Do You Have This Color In Stock-Holm? once, but it's difficult to tell whether any progress has been made on these bottles. Still, I've realised that both of these shades look great against my skin - definitely adding them to the polish recommendations post I'm continuing to work on. It's going to take a while though, so don't hold your breath!

I did use Can't Find My Czechbook for this mani, but unfortunately my bottle isn't showing any progress. I've decided I'm going to retire this one for now and not roll it over to the next update because it doesn't fit in with the colour palette I've chosen for that edition. That said, I'm proud to have made a decent dent in this bottle & I'm hoping I'll finish it up over the Aussie spring & summer.

Now for the stuff I have used since the update:

project polish, nail polish

Blowing Raspberries chipped on me within 24 hours of painting. That's what I get for dunking my nails in water too much...either that or I get to sigh over the crappy formula again. I only used it once, so there's only a faint decrease in the bottle.

I used Move Up once or twice. It's definitely more champagne/pewter on my nails than rose gold, but who knows, maybe it looks different on other skin tones. The rosy tint in the bottle is deceiving.

Unlike Can't Find My Czechbook, I do see a slight decrease in my bottle of Party Shoes. I can't wait to see what this will look like over white or black - I'm hoping it'll look as good as it does over aqua blue. I won't get to find that out until after I wrap up the Project entirely though.

Onwards & upwards to the final installment of Project Polish!

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  1. Wow, doing a Project Polish must be so hard! I have never attempted one, but nice work. Also, nice progress on Party Shoes. I'm a bit of a polish junkie and have close to 100 bottles, so perhaps this is something I should try!

    1. Unless you're REALLY committed & you're not a serial procrastinator like me, then yes, it is hard! That said, I want to see it through to the end, so I'm not giving up on it.


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