Friday, 6 May 2016

The Shopping Cart (April)

It's that time of the month not that one....the time of the month where I round up all my purchases for your voyeuristic pleasure & tell you about each of them. I'm not grouping my purchases into categories this month because I simply can't be bothered and in the end, I had to photograph the majority of my purchases myself. Cue 10000 shots I wasn't happy with & 2 that were ok enough to be seen.

As always, any sales or links mentioned in this post are correct at the time of publishing. If by chance those links are broken or the sales are no longer happening by the time you read this post, then I can't nor won't be held responsible.

Let's see what made its way into my world in April:

Sussan Ponte Seamed Legging in Black (size S)
I never rock leggings outside of my house (maybe because of the whole "thou shalt not wear leggings as pants" rule?), but I might be prepared to now that I have these sturdy fitting babies. I bought them as I wanted a comfy pair of bottoms to wear on all the flights I'm undertaking for the overseas trip I haven't stopped banging on about and didn't want to wear a pair of tracky daks (that's sweatpants to non-Antipodeans), plus I felt that jeans would be too uncomfortable. These, on the other hand, are so comfortable I might go back & purchase the non-seamed version that Nikki featured here, which I was originally after but somehow missed when I went to Sussan. All I need now is a tunic for winter + a long, relaxed tee for the trip & I'm set!

Inika Mineral Powder Foundation in Grace (very fair/porcelain skin)
I was initially looking to switch my mineral powder foundation from Inika to Vani-T because I felt like a change (and because several bloggers I know - not naming names - have been talking about that brand recently); but unfortunately the lightest shade that Vani-T have in the mineral powder is too dark for my skin, so I've stuck with the only foundation I've used for the past 4 years. To be fair, this is a perfect match for me and God knows how hard it is for true pale girls like myself to find a foundation match, so I suppose if it ain't broke don't fix it right?

candles, The Shopping Cart

South Coast Dreaming pure soy candle in Lemon & Raspberry Sugar
They haven't got an official website, just Facebook & Instagram (you'll find them under @southcoastdreaming). What you need to know about this brand: the lady behind the company makes beautiful smelling candles, which are all purely soy-based & contain natural oils as apparently she has issues with/is allergic to additives (or so I was told when I bought this down in Bowral one weekend). I haven't burnt it yet as I have a backlog of other container candles to get through first, but it does smell fruitylicious. Note: her Amalfi Coast candle smells exactly like the Glasshouse one of the same name & her Coconut & Lime one smells exactly like this Space Candle I've burnt before; so if that's any indication, then they're well worth checking out if you're either in Bowral or elsewhere in the southern highlands/south coast of NSW.

A bunch of votive candles
As my bio mentions, I am obsessed with candles & I like trying different brands, as long as they have some great scents to boot. I can't remember the brand name of these votives, but they do smell nice and of course, I had to buy 2 of each. I can't remember all the scents tbh, but the plummy purple coloured ones smell like passionfruit.

Morgan & Taylor Kasmo Felt Fedora in Black (similar style)
I can't find a link for this, but I'm kinda convinced the "similar style" link is the same hat & my tag name was incorrect. I also don't have a photo of this hat because (a) hats are fucking hard to photograph on their own (I tried, I failed, my camera is shithouse, blah blah blah) & (b) I wasn't happy with the shots of myself wearing it. Maybe one day I'll show you what it looks like on my noggin, but for now you can see it poking through the top left hand corner of the photo below. Anyway, this was another Bowral purchase & one I instantly snapped up after trying it on. At risk of sounding arrogant, hats really suit me & as I've often mentioned on the blog, after all the skin cancer stuff I need as much protection as I can get & I can see myself rocking this a lot over autumn/winter, once Sydney's weather decides to play ball.

The Shopping Cart

Just Jeans Scoop Neck Tee in White Navy & Navy White Spot (size XS)
My wardrobe was/is in need of some more tees, so I bought these in a buy-one-get-50%-off-the-2nd deal & ended up paying $10 less for the 2...yay! I likes a bargain. I would've bought more, but they are a tad big (depending on the brand, I tend to wear a XXS/size 6 top) and the others I tried on just didn't sit right on me at the time. However, I did go & buy 2 more tees around the end of April, after this photo was taken.

Kish Jewellery rose gold cuff
I'd been after a rose gold cuff for a while to go with the silver & gold ones I own, so on the same weekend I was in Bowral I picked this up from the same place I bought the candle mentioned above. Haven't got anything else to say other than I like it & I want to continue building my rose gold (costume) jewellery collection.

kikki.K Words To Inspire book
When I purchased this I was having a poo week in terms of my mood & this book was a perfect little pick-me-up purchase that didn't break the bank. I'm all for a good inspirational quote and I used one of the quotes from it for April's Happy List post, so if you buy it & think "I've seen this before", you know why. Side note: I get it people. I get why people love going to kikki.k for their stationery. Although I only purchased one thing there, I could've walked out with so much more. They do some seriously cute stuff!

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What's your perfect pick-me-up purchase?

Images from me (!), Sussan + Let's Be Natural


  1. Ooh that candle sounds awesome, sounds like you got a great haul from Bowral! Also love a good pair of ponte leggings - srsly, if they are thick enough, they are practically pants!!

    1. Thanks Beth! My Mum & I did have a great day down there. I can't wait to burn that candle, but I've got too many to get through first. The leggings are thankfully quite thick & high-waisted, can't recommend them enough.

  2. Love this list!! The Inika sounds really lovely! xx

    1. Thanks Laura! That particular shade of Inika foundation is perfect for us too-pale girls. :o)


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