Friday, 24 June 2016

10 Things I Love and Hate About Winter


I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of winter. Even though it doesn't snow in Sydney & the lowest temperature we get down to during the daytime could be anywhere between, say, 12-19°C, I still don't like it. As for those people who say they love winter...seriously *smh* right now.

Despite this (and in the interest of balance), today's post will feature the stuff I love about winter, along with the stuff I hate about this season. Surprisingly, coming up with the loves part of this post turned out to be pretty easy!


Winter coats
I love a good coat & I particularly love the 2 coats I own - a cobalt blue coat + a red Forever New coat that I bought years ago. I tend to wear the blue one more often though (I know, how surprising; but my red one is a touch too big - I tend to go up 1-2 sizes when it comes to coats). I would like to expand my coat collection a little & find a new black one and/or get a jewel-toned coloured coat too. I know Marcs did some awesome coloured coats years back, but sadly I couldn't afford one back then.

Whilst I've been a fan of mid-calf boots for years, I've been on a mission since mid last year to find some more ankle boots to inject into my shoe-drobe. I've got one pair already which I don't wear because they're too tight for me (they weren't at first), but I would especially like a black pair with a nice stacked heel + a flat black pair thanks.

Scarves & gloves
Shhhh, let's keep this section to ourselves or my Mum might see this post & want to add more scarves to her sizeable stash lol. I shouldn't talk though - my scarf collection is fairly sizeable at 8 and counting. Gloves, as far as I'm concerned, are an absolute necessity for me as I have crap circulation & people get frostbite just from touching my hands....

Regular readers will have seen me mention before that I enjoy baking & winter is the one time of year where I indulge in this little hobby of mine. Granted, I am no masterchef, nor can I call myself Katherine Sabbath; but I do enjoy getting into the kitchen & baking a batch of homemade banana bread, or (my Dad's favourites) a chocolate cake and/or brownies. Or double choc-chunk cookies. Mmmmmm....

Comfort food
There's a reason why we're all fatter by the time spring rolls around (mmmm...spring rolls.....) & I put the blame squarely on all the roasts, casseroles & other warming foods we eat during this 3 month stretch of the year. Not gonna lie, all that stuff is so good though!


The weather
I'm a warm weather lover at heart, so the idea of freezing my butt off just doesn't appeal to me. Besides, my ears are quite sensitive to chilly weather & get rather sore on crisp mornings/days. (They're also sensitive to cold swimming pools & saltwater, but we won't go there...)

The drab clothing
Sydney I'm afraid is getting more like (stereotypical) Melbourne - all everyone wears during winter is black, black & more black. Whilst I'm not averse to funereal colours (I have rocked an all black look on more than one occasion, even in winter), to me this is just a bit...I don't know...boring. Why make yourself look drab at the drabbiest time of year? Why not inject a bit of colour to brighten things up?

Not wanting to get out of bed of a morning
Who wants to get out of bed in the dark? Anybody?

The lack of sunshine (sometimes)
This doesn't necessarily apply to me since Sydney is pretty sunny all year round, even during winter; yet people can suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in Australia (although it is rare, apparently) and I'm not averse to feeling a little gloomy when it's overcast outside. 

My skin suffers
I definitely notice my skin feeling tighter & drier once the weather begins to cool down. I also notice my lips and hands getting drier *sigh*, plus my eczema condition can flare up a little once the weather begins to cool. My skin's dehydrated enough as is without the weather adding to it!

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What do you love and hate about winter?


  1. I love having the fire on (gas log but still firey), coats, scarves and boots and comfort food. Hate being wet, cold, having to get up in the dark, events being rained on, biting wind and lack of motivation!

    1. We haven't got a fire, but that does sound rather inviting. :o) My hates are much the same too.

  2. My loves and hates are much the same :)


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