Monday, 20 June 2016

Battle of the Curling Wands: The Wrap Up

curling wands, hair

Missed the entire series? Here's Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Good morning folks! How was your weekend? Mine was spent mostly indoors trying to keep dry as Sydney copped another east coast low again. Thankfully it was nowhere near as bad as the one we had 2 weeks ago...phew!

As promised on Friday, I'm dedicating a separate post to wrapping up my Battle of the Curling Wands series as I felt it deserved that, rather than being shoved into the end of a rather long 3rd & final installment.

Let's see all 3 looks side by side, to refresh your memories:

curling wands, hair
L-R: Jilbère de Paris look, BaByliss Pro Siren look, GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong look

Now for the pros & cons of each before I decide which wand is a winner...if there is a winner at all...

Jilbère de Paris (Part 1)

Pros: Adjustable temperature; price wise this wand is affordable and I know I can get a nice curl from it. Out of the 3 looks, the one I created with this wand is my favourite because it actually looks bouncy & curly.
Cons: I didn't like the way my hair felt afterwards, nor did I like how it felt throughout the process. Whilst this wand is affordable, you can tell it is a cheap (and potentially nasty) wand just by the aforementioned "scraping plates" sound. I also didn't appreciate not knowing when the right temperature had been reached/when it was ready for use + felt that the protective barrel I used to cover the wand in between use was also on the cheap-looking side.

BaByliss Pro Siren (Part 2)

Pros: Like the Jilbère de Paris wand, this also has adjustable temperature. It also let me know when it had reached the right temperature + it actually comes with a proper heat protecting device (albeit a glove but still, I appreciate it). Also affordable if you get it on sale/at a beauty trade store like I did, although at full price it's still $60-$100AUD cheaper than GHD. Felt smoother on my hair than the Jilbère de Paris wand.
Cons: Can be a bit tricky to use if you're un-coordinated, or don't have much experience with curling wands in general. As mentioned, you could get the same look or better by tying your hair into braids. Instant money saver!

GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong (Part 3) 

Pros: Like my BaByliss Pro Siren, this too lets me know when the correct temperature has been reached, but in more ways than one. Heats up very fast + the barrel feels very smooth to use. As mentioned, you can tell it's a quality product.
Cons: The lack of adjustable temperature could hurt people with highly damaged hair, or those with even finer hair than mine. Also don't like the fact that my wand didn't come with a heat protecting device like a mat, which I feel should be standard across the board. GHD, don't make us buy it separately or in a set! (Although when you think about it, the sets are $230 on their website; but if you buy the wand & mat separately, it works out to be $220, according to the website. Hmmmmm....)

So which wand wins? Tbh I feel inclined to not award a winner because each have their pros & cons; but if I have to, then it's a toss-up between BaByliss Pro & GHD, with BaByliss Pro perhaps nabbing a slight edge over GHD on account of the heat protecting glove + the adjustable temperature mechanism. I'll happily use both wands again, even though there's a tiny difference in size between the 2 (GHD being 32mm, BaByliss Pro being 34mm). As for the Jilbère de Paris wand, despite creating a great look with it, I've mentioned previously that it'll probably sit around gathering dust and I think that's the way it'll stay, unless I use extra heat protecting product first.

Overall this series has been kinda fun! Now that I know that curling my hair isn't an entirely time-draining exercise, I hope I'll get my tools out more often. I also hope you've enjoyed reading all the posts & have taken something from them!

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Has this series inspired you to buy a curling tong, or use the one/s you own more often?


  1. Yes, it has inspired me! I totally feel like pulling my wand out of the cupboard and going curl-crazy now. Thanks for the great series!

    1. No probs Di, glad I inspired you. :o)

  2. Nice wrap Shell! This is one of the things I love about blogging - what you discover is always of benefit to someone else, and I thank you for this series. Some of my gal pals are looking to invest in a wand, and I'm sending them straight here ♥♥♥

    1. Oh wow, thanks Kats! I'd be honoured if that happened. :oD

  3. This has been an interesting series to follow!

  4. Love your comparisons. Your review has been helpful to us all. Babyliss is my all time fave. I have the 25mm, 32mm and 38mm :P

    1. Thanks Preciousia! Funny you should mention the 38mm, I almost bought that instead of the 34mm.

  5. 38mm is just to create shapes . Not curls. Like Cameron Diaz short hair(saw her using 38mm) in an Ashton Kucher movie.

    Was a hair cutler nut in my previous life. I had hot rollers but gave them away.


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