Friday, 3 June 2016

The Monthly Happy List (May)

So the 5th month of the year has come & gone & yet again, I'm wondering where the hell this year is going. At least now Sydney's weather is beginning to behave like late autumn/early winter. Last Saturday we reached a top of 15°C, which for Sydney is definitely winter-y. The sudden cold snap was a bit of a shock I admit!

 Anyway, let's see what made me happy during Mayo:


*Although I didn't want to return from it, my cruise holiday at the end of April/early May was just what the doctor ordered. I'd been feeling a bit stressed with blogging & feeling as though things weren't flowing as they normally should; so having a self-imposed digital detox & getting away from it all was absolutely wonderful for me. I highly recommend doing this every once in a while - I know it's hard to do, especially in today's world; but trust me, it's good for your mind, soul & spirit.
*I've finally figured out how to do a watermark + an overlay for my photos. It had been bugging me for a while as to how bloggers got text into their pictures and now I know! As my blog motto states, I'm still trying to figure it out, so bear with me while I muck around with colours and (possibly) fonts. I am a novice after all (and a perfectionist, but we won't discuss that!).
*Booking the last few things for my other trip in a few months. I feel relieved now that that's out of the way - the excitement of going away is beginning to take over from feeling daunted, but I will admit there's still a bit of nervous tension there.
*EDIT: Forgot to mention that I had another skin cancer check-up at my dermatologist last week & thankfully there's no new cancers on my skin hoorah! If you're new to TNL and are thinking "whaaaaaaa??!!" right now, then get up to speed with my story here.
*I've mentioned on here before that I enjoy baking & May provided opportunities to get back into it. Aside from making these double choc-chunk cookies (seriously delish), I decided I'd bake something I hadn't baked before, but was dying to try - these Ultimate Marble Cupcakes courtesy of Sally's Baking Addiction. I'll admit my piping skills need a bit of practise, but I reckon these look good don't you?

cupcakes, monthly happy list


*Essie are bringing out a new nail polish line called Gel Couture which, funnily enough, isn't an actual gel polish line, it just mimics the lasting effects of gel apparently. Having seen the swatches over at one of my fave blogs, I can tell you that there's some stellar shades (totally in ♥ with Dress Call) and more than a few dupes for the regular line too. The release of this range is slated for June 14th & from what I've heard, it'll be an international release too, so fingers crossed that Aussie Essie lovers (yours truly included) can get their mitts on them in Priceline! If anything, the twisty bottles & brush handles are noice, different, (and would be an) unuuuuuuusual addition to your polish stash. Certainly distinctive!
*Zoya's new Seashells & Sunsets summer 2016 collections did get me excited....for about a minute. I feel like I've seen these shades before - especially Dory & Dixie. Not even the lure of one coat creams - that claim has been debunked by Emily from Casual Contrast in her review of these collections - nor the chance to try out some textured Pixie Dusts (which I don't like anyway) is enough for me to say "ima part with my pennies". That said, I do give Zoya props for showing us what each polish will look like on each skin tone i.e. fair/light, medium & dark - it's a great idea IMO. I wonder how long it'll take for other polish companies to get on board?
*MasterChef Australia is back baby! I missed the first week due to being away, so it did take me a week or 2 to get up to speed; but so far I'm liking Matt + Karmen after that awesome dessert she made for Nigella Lawson. Literally wanted to jump through the TV & om nom the shit out of that.
*EUROVISION! I discussed it here, but let's just say the very early wake-up calls (i.e. up at 4:50am in time for the 5am live broadcasts) were worth it. I did it last year when Guy Sebastian entered and it didn't kill me, so why not do it again? Anyway, a massive well done to Dami Im on coming were the true winner in my eyes. I say that without a hint of bias, nor am I a "sore loser" - I simply didn't like the winning entry from Ukraine, sorry!


*This month has been (almost) all about Eurovision, with the aforementioned Dami getting into my head a lot. I've grown to like Sound of Silence; but if I'm honest, her vocals are better on the live versions than on the recorded version. The whole song just sounds more powerful live.
*Still on the Eurovision tip, I keep getting the Bulgarian entry from Poli Genova stuck into my head. Clearly it was a favourite amongst Aussies, coming 2nd in our televote behind one of my other favourites, Belgium's grown-up Annie look-alike Laura Tesoro and her Uptown Funk-meets-Sax number What's The Pressure.
*Aside from that yearly song contest, I've been digging a couple of Aussie up & comers - Wafia's Heartburn & DMAs' In This Moment. I discovered the former back in March, but it's taken me until now to really get into it. As for the latter, if you miss the golden days of Britpop, then this particular tune is for you.
*Do you ever keep hearing a song whilst you're out & about/on the radio, but don't have Shazam & therefore don't know who the fuck sings it or what the name of the song is? I've been hearing DNCE's Cake By The Ocean on & off since last September & it's taken me until now to figure it out. It's a bloody catchy little earworm that one. That said, what exactly is "cake by the ocean" anyway? Is it literal or metaphorical?
*Aaaaand because no post of mine would be complete without a song throwback, I heard 5,6,7,8 from 90's UK boy/girl group Steps (remember them?) on the aforementioned cruise for the first time in forever. Talk about a blast from my adolescence! Does anybody still remember the dance?? I didn't, until some people started doing it on the d-floor and it aaaall came flooding well as the awful memory of being beaten by my high school bully in a dance-off to this song, judged by our mutual friends....bitches....

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What made you happy during May?

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