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Review: O&M Know Knott Detangler (Mini)

Do you and your brush or comb go to war each time you put either of them through your hair?

Do you have hair that is prone to looking like a birds nest knots?

Do you like your hair products to not only smell great but work effectively?

If you answered yes to all or any of the above, then I'd like you to meet a hair product you should introduce into your arsenal:

O&M, hair

I purchased this cute mini-sized bottle of Aussie haircare brand O&M (OriginalMineral)'s Know Knott Detangler from Natural Supply Co right before my birthday last September (I know; this review's been a looooooong time coming!), amongst other things. Having had a bad experience with a previous leave-in conditioner/detangler I used from another Aussie haircare brand, I was reluctant to purchase a full size bottle of this; so I was quite pleased to discover that there was a smaller size for sale as well. The full size is about $31.85AUD for about 250mL of product, whereas the mini size is around $10.95AUD for 50mL. The mini is perfect for travel or for throwing in your beach bag as it won't take up too much space & isn't heavy either.

Before I get into the review, I'll just quickly mention my hair type. You see, I've got the type of hair mentioned above - the one that's prone to looking like a birds nest knots. I also happen to have a lot of hair - albeit of the fine and coloured variety - with oily roots & dry-ish ends. I like to call it confused (or combination) hair. I'm also no stranger to detangling sprays, having used them on & off throughout my life.

Let's get into it:

This detangler comes in a pastel-ish orange bottle, with a spray nozzle & clear protective cap. I've never had any problems with the nozzle clogging up with product, or the spray nozzle becoming stuck upon use; both of which are my pet hates when it comes to spray bottles.

Application's easy peasy - just spray onto knots from a distance (about 10cm I'd say) before combing or brushing through. I've found that I don't need to douse my hair in the stuff - 1-2 sprays on each side is all I need for my armpit length hair. If you've got thicker or longer hair, by all means spritz a bit more on, but I wouldn't go overboard.

Here's what it says on the back of the bottle:

Dread nothing. Get tangle free with this perfect blend of nourishing Australian natural ingredients. Cold-pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil combine to re-condition the hair leaving it glossy and knot-free.
TBH I see nothing on my bottle that backs up the certification regarding the argan oil, other than an asterisk next to "certified organic" at the end of the ingredients list. I'm not going to get my knickers in a twist over it because I've got far more important things to talk about, like how good this stuff is for detangling hair! No joke, this is seriously good. Not only does it detangle any knots I have really well (I only have to run my comb through them once or twice before they begin to unravel), it also keeps my hair well-conditioned in the process & doesn't make it dry at all. In fact, I'd argue it makes my hair feel as soft as it did after conditioning it in the shower.

It might seem unusual to talk about the smell of hair products but in this instance, it's worth talking about because the scent of this detangler is utterly gorgeous! It smells fruity, but less sweet & more of a bitter/sour smell. By no means does it smell off at all, it just smells...exotic. I can't quite discern what it is, but all I know is that the ingredients list contains parfum (fragrance) and "Syzygium Leuhmanii (Lillypily) Extract", so I guess the scent is coming from either of those 2. Lil(l)ypily is an Australian native tree & shrub, so no wonder it smells more exotic than your average scent. Either way I love it and think that whatever the scent is, it'd make for a nice EDP (eau de parfum).

Overall this has been one of the best beauty discoveries I've made in the last year & I wouldn't hesitate to re-purchase this, although I doubt I'd purchase the full size considering this mini has lasted me about a year. If you happen to go through detangling prods like Liz Taylor went through husbands, then I'd recommend the larger size; but for occasional use (or if you want to try before you commit to a larger size), then the mini is just fine. I've got my eye on a couple of O&M's other styling products like the Atonic thickening spritz & (maybe) the Surf Bomb texture spray, both of which I might try next.

Aussies, you can find O&M products at selected salons or online at Adore Beauty, Natural Supply Co, RY & Alive Skin & Hair (full size products only).
For my overseas beauties, SpaceNK, Net-A-Porter (full size products only) + Look Fantastic sell O&M if you're peachy keen.

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