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The Lust List #2

the lust list #2

Hi everyone!

It's time for another edition of The Lust List, where I gather together a whole stack of items I'm currently itching to add to cart. The first post seemed pretty popular & I enjoyed putting it together, so it was a no brainer to do another one!

Let's see what I've been lusting after recently:

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Ella+Mila polishes
It wouldn't be a Lust Lust if I didn't mention nail polish - let's face it, it's my beauty weakness and like Pokemon, I feel a desire to catch 'em all (within reason) - and this US brand of 5-free, vegan polishes caught my eye whilst browsing What's Up Nails one day. Unfortunately that site won't ship polishes outside of the US, but Ella+Mila do have their own website & it appears they do ship to Australia, yippee! I love the elephant logo on their bottles & whilst the shades aren't too spectacular (Ocean Air from the Samba collection looks like a dupe for Essie's Strut Your Stuff, which I own and ♥), there's still a number of them that I know I'd wear & that I don't already have in my stash, like Blindfold Me, Mila's Fave, Date Night & Melonade. Also helps that the hand model appears to have fair skin like I do, so I've got an idea of what shades might look good on my talons. FYI, the name of the brand comes from the twin daughters of one of the founders of the brand - cute!

Witchery Mini Foil Star Knit in Light Grey Marle
I like both versions of this knit (the other being "Linen" with rose gold foiled stars); but if I get down to brass tacks, then hand on heart I'd choose the light grey marle with silver stars. I just know I'd wear it more often.

Sukin Renewing Green Tea & Jojoba Scrub + Energising Coffee & Coconut Scrub (latter pictured)
I'm not normally tempted by body scrubs since I make my own (see related post), but when I spied these babies on the shelf of a Soul Pattinson chemist a little while ago, I became intrigued & thought "gotta have them". They're on my wishlist for Priceline's next 40% off skincare sale - I'm already cultivating a post about it & will publish it once the event nears later this month (fingers crossed), so stay tuned.  Here's my review!

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy (not pictured) + the other 2 versions (Noir & limited edition Rose - both pictured)
For some reason I've recently fallen in love with the Viva La Juicy fragrance range from Juicy Couture. I spritzed some of the limited edition Rose version onto a card just before my holiday in April/May & I was really impressed with its staying power + the scent is gorgeous IMO. Having carded the other 2 from the range since, I think I now want them all! If you love your sweet scents (and I know you do Kats!), then you'll love these. I know some people say that these scents are more for tweens & teens buying their first ever fragrance, but I really couldn't give a shit. If I like it, I like it!

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Supersoft by Diana Ferrari Petulla Knee High Boot (Black) + Knight Chelsea Ankle Boot (Black, possibly Stone too)
I originally had a couple of pairs of Hush Puppies boots on this list but when I went to try them on, I either couldn't find my size or they felt slightly too big (I'm generally a size 10-11, but felt I could've gone down to a 9 1/2). Anyway, I went to Diana Ferrari for a squiz, tried on the Petulla boots & they're quite nice, although I'd argue that on taller girls (like me) these are more like a high calf boot. I didn't buy them at the time because I wanted to have a think about it. I'd spied the Knight boots online, but was concerned about the pointy-ish toe as I've nearly tripped in pointy-toed shoes several times....thankfully these are more like an almond toe. I tried them on too, but the 10 1/2's are too big for me. Both black boots are on sale, but on different websites. The Supersoft range is perfect if you are a C fit/wider than average in feet - I should know, I have 2 pairs of Supersoft boots from last winter!
A light wash denim jacket (not pictured)
Preferably with no torn bits in it. Me no gusta the distressed denim look, soz. I'd like one to wear with summer dresses or a top & skirt, just for when it's a bit chilly. I have my eye on the Boston Blue denim jacket from Little Party Dress, but I think I'll end up buying one overseas instead. EDIT 23/3/17: I finally bought one! You can see it the February/March 2017 edition of The Shopping Cart.

KB Shimmer polishes (not pictured)
I've seen this brand featured on a couple of overseas nail blogs I follow, but haven't been overly fussed on their polishes until now. Unfortunately for me their main website won't ship outside of the US, but luckily there are a couple of international sites like Harlow & Co + Live Love Polish who will do so if I want them down the track. I've fallen in love with several shades from KB Shimmer's Summer 2016 collection, namely Don't Play Koi, Along For The Tide, One Night Sand (rose gold lovers, jump on this!) and Suit The Breeze.

A pair of Mavi Alexa skinny jeans (either the Gold Reform range or Overnight Stretch - neither pictured)
Once upon a time (several years ago) I was dead against the idea of wearing skinny jeans. I thought my sizeable hips & thighs were going to get in the way & I'd look fat in them. I'd thought skinnys were just for the "twig bitches" - you know, the ones without some level of curves like moi - but I was proven wrong when I tried on & then bought my one & only pair of gold reform Alexas from Turkish denim brand Mavi. The Alexa pair I had were soft to the touch and fairly comfortable to wear too (although they had a habit of digging into my hips at times). I absolutely wore them to death! I do think that denim is worth investing in, especially if you wear it often and these are probably within the mid-range in terms of price, although for some they could be out of their price bracket. I've tried on a few of these recently in various different washes, but have yet to find a pair I either truly want (in the case of the Gold Reform) or in my size (in the case of the Overnight Stretch - size 28/10 was a bit too easy to get into).

A black bomber jacket (not pictured)
I almost bought a navy bomber jacket whilst overseas 2 years ago, but decided against it. Now that bombers are back in fashion, I'm lusting after them again. I'm choosing black because (a) practicality & (b) practicality; but if I saw a navy one, I wouldn't hesitate though. I was digging the Varsity Bomber from Bardot until I saw the word "Lucky" embroidered across the back....and that turned me right off. Why ruin a perfectly good jacket with wording?

Images from Fragrantica, Chemist Warehouse, Keep, Witchery, Diana Ferrari & FSW Shoes

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What are you dying to add-to-cart right now?


  1. Urgh why do clothes have to be ruined with wording or unnecessary letters / numbers??? Also, I am curved AF and I'll never wear anything but skinny jeans ahahaha.

    1. I'm beginning to think I should just stick to skinnys, but I would like to see myself in a pair of flares just for fun. I'd need to wear some wedges with them though.

  2. I can't get over the elephant logo on the polish. How cute is that! I love how they labelled the brand too what a great homage :)

  3. Replies
    1. I know! Have to admit the cuteness of it all is one factor in why I'm lusting after them.


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