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The Monthly Happy List (June)

monthly happy list

Happy post-Hump Month people! I can't say I've ever heard June being referred to as "hump month" before (thanks Ebay Australia and your hilarious Barry White-esque ad!), but when you think about it, June is the middle of the year and therefore should be known as "hump month", just like we refer to Wednesday as "hump day" right? Or is this just an Australian thing? Do tell.

Anyway, let's get into the list & see what I liked last month:



*Being more organised with the blog. I've managed to get posts completed & scheduled at least 1-3 weeks in advance, which is something I haven't been able to do since starting TNL because for one reason or another, life & my procrastination habit have got in the way. The fact that I've been able to keep up this past month is nothing short of awesome & I'd like to publicly pat myself on the back for it because I feel it's important to acknowledge the good moments. I'm really hoping to keep this up going forward; but with my trip coming up in August & the knowledge that I'll be away for a while with that, I know I can't speak too soon.


*Although I found this through Like Neon Love, the Buzzfeed article 19 Times Aussie Slang Confused The Hell Out Of Everyone On Tumblr cracked me up. Every Aussie will read that article & knowingly nod their heads, the rest of the world will be wondering what kind of alien nation we are.....and that's just how we like it, since fucking with tourists/foreigners is a favourite national past-time!
*I instantly fell in love with the Cookie Monster iPhone ad. For some reason Cookie Monster greatly amuses me and methinks he is my favourite Sesame Street character.
*One of my favourite TV shows Offspring is back baby yassssssssssssssssss! Even though opinion's been divided in the past on whether Season 5 should've been game over altogether for the show, I still felt like there was a bit more in it and it just goes to show you how powerful fans (and networks) can be. So looking forward to Season 6/the first episode of the new series (which will have aired by the time this post goes live) & finding out (a) what the "family secret" is and (b) whether Nina & Leo are still together!
*I went & saw Me Before You with my Mum a couple of weeks back and all I'll say is it hit me right in the feels. I haven't read the book, but was warned it would be a weepie & I think the tears I shed during the movie proved that correct. Just a warning for anyone contemplating seeing it: you will need to pack the tissues! (Side note: I now have a bit of a girl crush on Emelia Clarke! Even though I don't watch Game of Thrones, I knew who she was beforehand & she's gorgeous. Oh & Sam Clafin's not bad on the eyes either...)



*June was a mega month of new song discoveries for me, so it's been hard to figure out what video/song I ought to feature first. I could've gone with one of my favourite musicians in the entire friggin' world (KT Tunstall) & her new song Evil Eye, but I've only listened to it twice & as much as I think it's catchy, it hasn't sunk in yet. So I'm going with Adele's newie because that has sunk in & IMO it's her best song in a while. I instantly liked this from the moment I first heard it.
*June saw me digging 2 Rihanna collaborations - the first with Calvin Harris & This Is What You Came For (such an earworm), the 2nd with Drake & Too Good. I really wanted to link the latter, but I'm not because (a) it doesn't have a proper video for it yet and (b) trying to sift through all the fake videos on Youtube is time-consuming & frustrating. Please tell me I'm not the only one who really hates those people who post such vids in order to get views!
*I mentioned James Blake's new album in a future Shopping Cart post & although I'm sure I heard this ages ago, it's only now that I've really got into the first track/first release from the album Radio Silence. Probably the best song on the entire 17 track album, just quietly.
*On the homefront, I've been liking REMI & Sampa The Great's collab For Good (the vibe of it is making me long for summer *sigh*) + Kiwi guy Thomston & Aussie lass Wafia's collab Window Seat (if you like sensual electronica, get your head around this track...the feel in the chorus is soooooo good!).
*Aaaaand because I just have to include a retro track in these soundtrack lists of mine, I'm throwing back to the 90's & a song that for some reason (the Running Man challenge??) has only just gained traction now - Ghost Town DJs' My Boo, which, if you're a Ciara fan, you'd know it was sampled in her tune Body Party. Even though the chorus drove me nuts by looping in my brain all month, I'm feeling like it's 1996 all over again and I know for sure I would've dug this if I'd heard it back in the day. Not sure if I did hear it back in the day (I thought this was a new song at first and the whole 90's trend had made its way into music *insert red face*), but nevertheless, I still dig it for all the nostalgia it brings. 

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What made you happy during "hump month"?

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