Monday, 4 July 2016

The Shopping Cart (May/June)

It's that time of the month not that one....the time of the month where I round up all my purchases for your voyeuristic pleasure & tell you about each of them. As always, any sales or links mentioned in this post are correct at the time of publishing. If by chance those links are broken or the sales are no longer happening by the time you read this post, then I can't nor won't be held responsible.

I know I didn't publish one of these posts in May but that's because I only bought 2 items, which is hardly worth posting about right? Instead, I'm rolling all my purchases from May & June into one hella long post, so grab a cuppa, settle in & watch me unfurl the goods:


the shopping cart

Ecoya Cherry Blossom & Tuberose candle
I know I mentioned this briefly in the first Lust List post and as you can see, I succumbed to my feeble desires & purchased it. Hey, I'm not going to knock back a 20% discount am I? Plus it's limited edition, hello??

Loréal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer Spray (see review)

Ecoya Guava & Lychee candle
Yes, another bloody candle, also limited edition from last summer. I swear it's the last one I'm buying for a while. NO MORE FUCKING JAR CANDLES SHELL!!!

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Pour Elle L. 12. 12 EDT in Sparkling 50mL
If you recall my original perfume collection + wishlist post (which has since been updated), you'd remember me saying how I wanted to pick up all 3 of the Eau de Lacoste Pour Elle fragrances and after holding out for a sale + a careful method of deduction (i.e. spraying all 3 either on my wrist or on a card, plus telling myself at the time that I could only buy 1), I decided to get the candy sweet, pink-hued Sparkling. I'm still after Natural in the green bottle, but I've realised Elegant isn't my cup of tea so that's scrapped from the wishlist.

Essie - Good To Go
Anyone who's ever read my blog knows I ♥ this, although it's not without its of those being it gets too thick to use by the time it gets close to the bottom. I'm determined that one day I'm going to proper finish a bottle & not have to chuck it out when it's oh so close to finished.

James Blake - The Colour In Anything
I was/am a big fan of this UK soundmaker's 2nd album Retrograde (aka my 2nd favourite album of 2013) so naturally I felt compelled to pick up his recent release, even though it was pretty much a blind buy for me. At 17 songs long, it is a somewhat tedious listen and tbh, if I were James I would've trimmed the fat (I skip songs 2-8 because they do nothing for me); but I do find his music has a meditative, if repetitive, quality to it.

Lariese Empyrean Australian native pink clay mask
Confession: Up until now, I haven't used a mask in close to 6 months. After reacting badly to Trilogy's Mineral Radiance Mask, I just haven't bothered with one at all. I've had/got my eye on several masks both of the DIY & pre-mixed/pre-made variety, but picked this one up to see what it's like & how well pink clay works with my sensitive skin. This mask is one you have to mix yourself, so it's not for you if you can't be bothered with all that jazz. Me personally, I don't mind doing it as I make different concoctions each time, using yoghurt and/or honey & raw cacao powder for fun.

The Cancer Council Sensitive Sunscreen x2
If you read the post I did about the 3 different sunscreens I was trialling, you'd remember me saying I thought this one was the best of a pretty ordinary bunch. I figured I'd stock up because outside of the online sphere, this stuff can be difficult to find + I need it for the trip. I think (or at least I'm hoping) 2 tubes will suffice for a 2 month trip.

the shopping cart

Typo Boston Travel Wallet in Reckless
A pre-trip purchase and one I needed. I had the same issue with this as the journal I'm about to mention below - saw one in kikki.k I liked, but wasn't going to pay what they wanted for it. Instead, I found this cheaper alternative in the same colour. Pretty sure this will hold everything I need it to hold for the trip, like documents, my passport & the like.

Typo Get Organised travel bag in Grey Clean & Green Dirty
Yet another pre-trip purchase, but I wanted something like this so I don't have to take a plastic bag with me to put my dirty clothes into. Plus I do love the bag that holds all the bags together because I likes me an occasional swear word.

Typo A4 Buffalo journal
I like to journal, especially when I'm on holidays. I've been looking for an appropriate travel diary for a little while now, but either haven't found one I really liked (all the ones I've seen have these different sections in it for writing down what adventures you had each day, which isn't my thing) or, in the case of a particular journal from kikki.k, they were expensive (I ain't gonna pay $50 for a journal, even if it's leather-bound). I stumbled across this normal diary in Typo 2 weekends ago & thought "that'll do" - besides, the world map on the cover is completely fitting for the occasion.

Colette Hayman Oval Shell ring
Like every other blogger out there, I'm currently in love with rose gold stuff and have been trying to find bits & pieces to add to my (costume) jewellery stash. Up until now I didn't have a rose gold ring, so when I spied this baby in Colette, it was love at first sight.

the shopping cart, beauty

Eco by Sonya Coconut Body Milk
I'm almost out of this stuff after filling up a travel bottle in preparation for the trip + I go through a bottle every 3 months anyway.

La Mav Rose Hydrating Mist
The shop where I got this + the exfoliant below had a deal on, so I decided to snap this up too (although they weren't going to give me the discount at first). I'm packing both of these products for the trip - luckily the rose mist is 100mL, so I can take it on board with me.

La Mav Jojoba Beads & Argan Oil Exfoliating Scrub
I was using this as my facial exfoliant prior to using Alpha-H's Gentle Daily Exfoliant (see review), but I've since realised how much I miss it and how much it actually exfoliates my skin, so I'm going back to it. I'll still use up the Alpha-H exfoliant though because I'd hate for it to go to waste.

Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara in Black
Even though my current Goddess Mascara is still alright to use, it is almost a year old & following the whole thou-shalt-not-use-a-mascara-beyond-3-to-6-months rule, I figured I ought to get another one before the trip.

Eye of Horus Brow Define in Dynasty (medium brown) 
I mentioned in my last empties post that I wanted to try this brow pencil and now I'm about to yay! I'll be interested to see how this stacks up against the cult Brow Wiz - if this is half as good as that is, then I'll be cheering because there's no way in hell I'm paying $38AUD for a Brow Wiz in Sephora when I can get this for close to half the price!



the shopping cart, fashion
Portmans Scoop Panel Stripe Top in Navy/White + Button Sleeve Top(s) in Dark Purple + Dazzling Blue (all XS) 
I haven't bought any winter tops for a couple of years, so when Portmans did a 3 for 2 deal on some of their tops recently, I pounced like a panther & got these 3. The button sleeve tops have an unfortunate habit of riding up, but I liked the colours + the button sleeve detail, so I figured they'd come in handy somewhere. I need not explain why I bought the first top because y'all know I ♥ stripes. 

Portmans Chambray Shirt (size 8)
I know I'm so 2000-and-late with the chambray shirt trend, but I only decided very recently that I wanted one and had been eyeing this off for a few weeks before purchasing. I was tossing up between this and one from Forever New, but the rose gold buttons & zips on this shirt completely won me over. This also came in a darker chambray, but with silver buttons & zips - I also tried that one on, but wasn't fussed on it.

Mavi Lola Classic Tank in Black (size XS)
Despite telling myself I wasn't going to buy a loose black top (yes, this is a top, not a tank!) to wear on my overseas trip, I ended up buying one. I'm a bit miffed though because several days after I bought it, it went on sale on Mavi's website for a better price than I bought it at. *cue boos* I did try these jeans on with it, but didn't buy them due to price. Eventually went back & tried them on again but ultimately decided I didn't like them enough. Still want another pair of Mavi's at some stage though.

FRANKiE 4 JENNi sneakers in Black Reptile (size 10) 
You might remember me mentioning in the aforementioned Lust List post that I was going to purchase these in plain Black, but unfortunately they'd sold out in my size once I got around to adding to cart, so I got these instead (they're now back in stock though). The process of breaking them in has been easier than I expected, although I am currently sporting a nasty blister on my right heel. Nothing that a blister patch won't fix! The fact that they come with a variety of extras like other footbeds (mine came with super cushioning footbeds which, lemme tell you, are heavenly on the feet) and under-heel cushions is wonderful. FRANKiE4 recommend using Collonil leather-protecting products on their shoes, so I also bought a can of the Classic Leather-Proof spray as well from Collonil's Aussie website (not pictured; but I highly recommend it, it's good stuff).

Side note: FRANKiE4's customer service is ace! I contacted them after I didn't receive a pair of half-footbeds in my order & although I found out that my shoes don't actually come with them, Courtney - the rep I spoke to - told me she was "more than happy" to send me a pair, yippee! I felt I need these particular footbeds because my feet have a tendency to swell, so I didn't want to get caught short.

the shopping cart, fashion
Portmans Sleeveless Biker Coat (size 10)
I originally wanted this one from Portmans, but unfortunately it'd sold out everywhere by the time I went to go & buy it; so when I spotted & tried on this alternative over the June long weekend, I figured I ought to have it since I'd been looking for a longline vest/sleeveless coat to wear with the hat I mentioned in April's Shopping Cart. I'm normally a size 8, but went up a size because it was tight around my bottom half when done up & I would've felt like a geisha (although I am planning on wearing this open more than closed). That said, it is a bit big around my shoulders; but oh well, can't have everything!

the shopping cart, fashion

KOOKAÏ Noodle Tanks in Black & New Vanilla (size 1)
I've resisted buying a black tank for a long time because I'd feared I wouldn't wear it; but with the trip coming up, I've realised I need some monochromatic staples to call upon and that's where these tanks come in. I've mentioned before that me + white = stains galore, so this porcelain/ivory tank is a good compromise. Hopefully it won't get as stained as my bright white KOOKAÏ tank...

St Frock Chasing Kate Vanessa Skirt in Polka Dot (size 10)
You know when you see something you like in a store & try it on, but you're not entirely convinced at the time; only to go back several days later, try it on again & then convince yourself to buy it? That's the case with this skirt, from Sydney boutique St Frock. I first heard of them through More Than Adored a while ago, but only thought of them again recently & ended up binge-browsing their site one day. Finding out that they have retail space in Sydney was ace! (Although they don't stock everything from the website at the boutique.) St Frock have some really nice stuff I must say - this skirt being one of them - and their staff at the boutique are some of the warmest & friendliest I've ever met. The skirt itself is lovely & floaty & of course, I ♥♥♥ the polka dot print. The only reason why I didn't snap it up in the first place was I felt it might've made my hips stand out, but I proved myself wrong once I got it home & tried it on again. Word of warning to anyone who's thinking about grabbing this for themselves: you may have to go up a size because whilst the waist band is elasticated, there's only so much stretch it has. I found out the hard way when I went to try on a size 8 & couldn't get it over my curvy thighs....

Just quietly: Am I the only one who sucks at struggles with clothing flat-lays? I should probably model stuff on myself, but I'm not game enough to do that just yet.

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Have you been as spendy as I have in the last 2 months?


  1. Lovely lot of purchases, particularly adoring that polkadot skirt!!

    1. Thanks Beth! The skirt is gorgeous & I've ordered 2 other items from their website since. They'll be in the next Shopping Cart post. ;o)

  2. I've only attempted a clothing flatlay once and I agree it's hard! And I only had 1 piece of clothing in it, the rest were accessories! Great buys!

    1. I don't know how people do it, honestly! No matter how many tips I read about clothing flatlays, it all goes out the window once I attempt it.

  3. The only time and place I normally attempt a clothing flatlay is when I go to sell our unwanted items on eBay - lol! My clothing flatlays never do justice to the actual items, I'm surprised anyone ever wants to buy them!

    1. I suppose not everyone is as aware of the flatlay as we bloggers are. ;o)

  4. Those typo bags look amazing, I'm going to get some for myself! Also swooning over that polkadot skirt.

    1. Definitely go & get yourself some! They come in different designs too.

  5. great buys!!! I recently got into thrifting and picked up some amazing pieces I don't think i'd be able to find in shops. I've been missing out all those years!

    Lily not Louise

    1. My Mum's into that, she got into a real habit years ago of buying stuff from op shops. It sure filled up her wardrobe quickly!

  6. Yeah well my splurges have been documented over the last few months - it's all been jewellery and lipsticks (well mainly jewellery). What a fabbo load of goodies you scored Shell! But where's the piccie of ring? LOVE the biker coat and the spotted skirt xxx

    1. The ring is in with some of my other stuff - if you look very closely, I've sat it on top of my travel diary. I might take a photo of it on my hand to show it off properly (why didn't I do that in the first place???). The biker coat is fast becoming a wardrobe fave of mine, have chucked it on over a top & jeans when the weather hasn't been too chilly. It's surprisingly warm.

    2. Kats, I've added a photo of the ring to the post. :o)


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