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Scrub-A-Dub-Dub With Sukin

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Updated 21/10/16
I know I've mentioned in the past that I make my own body scrub; but as my recent Priceline haul will attest, I stopped being frugal for a sec & bought a few pre-made scrubs to try out. Today I'm going to give my first impressions of the 2 Sukin body scrubs I purchased - the Renewing Body Scrub with Green Tea & Coconut, plus the Energising Body Scrub with Coffee & Coconut.

Never heard of Sukin before? They're an Australian natural skin & hair care company that have fast become a favourite amongst beauty lovers nationwide, as well as worldwide. (I think I may have seen a UK blogger raving about them recently, but don't quote me on that.) Their focus is on providing affordable & high quality skin & hair care without chemical nasties like sulphates, parabens or harsh detergents. In fact, the list of what they don't include in their products is almost a mile long! (Anyone who has ever bought one of their products would've noticed that list on their packaging.) They're also a cruelty-free company, which is another bonus.

I've tried a couple of Sukin products in the past (namely a shampoo and a facial mist), but can't say I was a fan of either. You know how you want to like certain brands but you just haven't gelled with them? That's me & Sukin. That said, when they released these body scrubs a few months back, I actually got excited about a body care product for the first time in a while & couldn't wait to try them out.

Now that I've given both of them a whirl at least once, here's my first impressions:

  • Both scrubs have a creamy consistency to them - almost like an exfoliating body wash. Despite containing oils, neither of them will leave your bathroom floor feeling slippery, which is a bonus.
  • Out of the 2, the Energising scrub with Coffee & Coconut is the grittiest, presumably due to the coffee grounds contained inside. The Renewing scrub to me just isn't as scrubby as I'd like. Whilst I can feel the walnut shells (aka the exfoliating agent) on my skin once I work it in, I feel that there isn't enough of them in the scrub, which is a bit disappointing. I have since stopped using the Renewing scrub & will be passing it on to someone else, for the reasons I stated a couple of sentences ago.
sukin, body scrubs, swatch
    Top L-R: Renewing Body Scrub with Green Tea & Jojoba, same scrub smoothed out 
    Bottom L-R: Energising Body Scrub with Coffee & Coconut, same scrub smoothed out 
    • Upon first use, both scrubs left my skin feeling soft shortly afterwards; but I did notice with both that my legs felt a bit itchy after a while. I especially noticed with the coffee scrub that my legs felt parched in the hours post-moisturising. Both scrubs have cetearyl alcohol as their 4th ingredient & although cetearyl alcohol is known as a "moisturising" alcohol (for some reason that sounds like an oxymoron to me), I can and have slightly reacted to it in the past and the present. I've never broken out in a rash from it, but I have felt irritation.
    • Both of these smell quite good - the scent in the Renewing scrub with Green Tea & Jojoba is refreshing & fairly subtle, whereas the Energising scrub hits you with a strong coffee scent. If you ever needed a pick-me-up in the morning, one sniff of this scrub should do the trick! Having said that, neither scent lingers on the skin once you wash off the scrub sadly.
    • I found with the Energising scrub that my skin did feel somewhat invigorated post-use. I'm not sure if it's because I left the scrub on my skin for a minute or so, but I do think this particular scrub lives up to its "energising" name.
    Based on first impressions, I don't think I'll re-purchase the Renewing Scrub once its finished, but I might consider re-purchasing the Energising Scrub. I guess time will tell whether or not any of these become a firm favourite of mine; but for now it's like these products & I are in the early stages of dating & we're trying to work out whether or not we're compatible. As mentioned above, I'm giving the Renewing Scrub away to someone else. I am however going to keep the Energising Scrub because I like it enough to continue using it.

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    Have you ever tried anything from Sukin before? What do you think of the brand? Would these tickle your fancy?

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    1. I'm so hit or miss with Sukin. I know there have been some products I've enjoyed, but the last facial cleanser I tried I really didn't like. These don't sound scrubby enough for me, I get annoyed with gentle scrubs! Haha.


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