Monday, 8 August 2016

The Monthly Happy List (July)

monthly happy list

Now that we've ticked over into August, it's time to give you guys an insight into what has happened in my world in the last month, what I've enjoyed & what I've been listening to. If you've missed any previous Monthly Happy Lists of mine, then check them out here. I would've had this post up earlier if it weren't for all the Priceline sale madness, but better late than never though right?



*Finishing the last step of my forehead skin cancer treatment. To say that I'm relieved to have it over & done with is an understatement! Although I looked hideous by the end, at least this treatment will hopefully prevent any potential skin cancers from forming down the track...well, that and continuous use of SPF....
*Speaking of my forehead, the last of the scar tissue from my surgery in January has disappeared. Yay to no longer feeling like I've had Botox!
*Getting my new phone, which I mentioned in the last Shopping Cart. I haven't been able to play with it yet as I'm in the process of switching phone companies, so I'm waiting until that's done before I turn it on & enter the smartphone world.
*Also getting travel insurance for the trip. It was the last major thing I had to do pre-trip & it'd been bugging me, so I'm glad that's out of the way now. Counting down the days till I go as we speak!


*This Rendezview article regarding greyhound adoption had me saying "aaaaamen". As a former owner of an ex-racing greyhound whose trainer responsibly put him up for adoption (my dog has sadly since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge), I couldn't agree more about these beautiful animals making for great pets and I will happily continue educating all & sundry about them. With my state government recently banning greyhound racing after both an inquiry + a TV story exposed animal cruelty and supposed mass euthanasia of what were otherwise healthy dogs, I think now is the time for everyone to be schooled in just how wonderful these dogs are. Trust me, once you own one, you won't go back!
*This BuzzFeed post featuring dingo pups made my day when I saw it. So CUTE! (Here's a video if you want more cuteness.)
*Michelle Obama. Carpool Karaoke. Need I say more? 
*The Sunday Chapter's post "The Fear of Putting Yourself Out There" is one that strongly resonated with me as I'm having the same/similar issues with this blog. Do I shed this self-protective skin I'm in so you can see what I really look like? Do I open up & give you more of an insight into my life & my world? Should I get more personal on the blog, or keep things as they are? It's not as if I haven't done any of these things before across various parts of the interweb; but for some reason, when it comes to blogging I feel a sense of unease about getting personal (ok, aside from maybe this post) & it feels like I'm holding wait, I know I'm holding back, yet I can't seem to break on through to the other side, to quote The Doors. That said, I would like to include some more personal posts and in fact have a couple in mind for down the track, but I'm struggling to write them. If anyone's got some tips about this sort of thing let me know, or just let me know if you want to see all of this stuff on TNL because right now I have no fucking idea how to proceed in that department.


*Compared with June, July was very quiet for new music. In fact, I didn't have anything down on my list by the time we reached the 15th; so my pick for this month's favourite tune is actually an older song by Josh Pyke, who you may have seen me mention in the last Shopping Cart post. I mentioned in that post that I had become a fan of 2 songs of his that I've never liked - one being Parking Lots, the other being Bug Eyed Beauty from his 4th album The Beginning and the End of Everything, which I've linked to above. I've always thought this song was completely boring, but this version (performed live with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra) sounds lush, cinematic & utterly gorgeous. There's a bit towards the end of it that either chokes or almost chokes me up every single time I listen to it. Despite its placing in the tracklist, Josh actually opened his orchestral shows with this song...or at least he did at the gig I went to.
*The only new song I got into in July was from an Aussie band called The Belligerents & their indie-rock tune Before, I Am.
*Because no list of mine would be complete without something retro, July's pick goes to Crowded House & their classic Weather With You. For some reason I was really into this song during July - woke up one morning with it in my head & almost couldn't get it out of my head all month. This happens to be the only song I know where I can sing both harmony and melody with ease.

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What were your happy moments from July?


  1. Michelle Obama rapping to Get Your Freak On gives me LIFE.

    1. I know right? I admit that's what sucked me in to watching the entire video.


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