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The Shopping Cart (July)

It's that time of the month not that one....the time of the month where I round up all my purchases for your voyeuristic pleasure & tell you about each of them. As always, any sales or links mentioned in this post are correct at the time of publishing. If by chance those links are broken or sales are no longer happening by the time you read this post, then I can't nor won't be held responsible.

Whilst this Shopping Cart post is nowhere near as gigantic as the last one, it's still pretty substantial; so grab a cuppa & settle in.


the shopping cart

St Frock Badlands Skirt in Black (size 8) + Maxine Snow Leopard Top (also size 8)
Regular readers will recognise this company from the last Shopping Cart. When I saw they had an online coupon code for the Badlands skirt, I jumped at the chance to buy it + the Maxine top I'd been eyeing off. The only problem was the code had expired by the time I went to purchase it (boo). Not to be deterred, I bought both items anyway because I figured I'd still want them even at full price. This was the first time I have ever bought clothes online - I've shied away from it in the past due to fears of stuff not fitting & the hassle involved with returns - & I'm pleased to say whilst it wasn't a total disaster, (a) the colour of the top wasn't quite what I expected (dumbarse me went temporarily colourblind & didn't realise that it's more blue-based than off-white) and (b) I had to get the skirt altered at the waist as it was/is very generous and I prefer to wear my skirts high on my waist, rather than towards my belly button. Both the skirt (whose material reminds me of coated denim) and the Maxine top arrived rather crinkled from handling and have remained crinkled because I loathe ironing & don't own a garment steamer, so keep that in mind if you wish to purchase either item.

Kate Hill Melanie Crossbody Bag (Stone)
I don't know about you but I love me a handbag with lots of compartments, especially if it's on the small-medium side, like this bag. I also happen to adore Kate Hill handbags & really wish they had more than just 1 store in Sydney! (Thankfully Victoria Station stock them.) This is yet another pre-trip purchase as I wanted a neutral-coloured bag that I could sling across my body, but wasn't too big (like a tote) or too small like my 2 other crossbody bags (neither of which hold my travel document wallet). This was just the right size & will hold all my shiz both during and after the trip. As mentioned, it's currently on sale so hop to it if you like it!

Pierre Cardin Leather Trifold Ladies Wallet (Navy)
I bought this because I wanted to take a smaller wallet away with me (my normal one gets bulky at times), plus I wanted something with RFID protection. Got no idea what that's all about? Basically, it protects your credit/debit card details from being skimmed by readers, scammers & the like. I also couldn't pass up the price - $50 for a leather wallet is a steal IMO & if/when my normal wallet dies, I've got this as a back-up.


the shopping cart, beauty

Trilogy Cream Cleanser + Very Gentle Moisturiser
Skincare staples for me + I ran out of both & needed to stock up before the trip. Simples.

Moogoo Fresh Milk Cleansing Bars (Fresh Buttermilk) x3
Whenever I see these soaps cleansing bars from Australian company Moogoo in retail land, I tend to stock up because they're exxy and given that my Dad goes through a bar every 2 weeks, it's little wonder! They also happen to be far gentler on both our skins than your average soap. I've tried the other 2 variations from the soap range, but IMO neither of them are as good as the Buttermilk version. 1 or 2 of these will be going into my toiletries bag for the trip.


the shopping cart

Josh Pyke - Live with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra
I'm pretty sure I've said before that I'm a major fan of this Aussie singer-songwriter, but in case I haven't, now you know! I've seen him live more times than I care to mention, but this particular occasion (on a wet Wednesday night in April last year) was more than memorable because not only did I get to hear him live with none other than the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, I also got to see him perform live at Sydney Opera House's famed Concert Hall! How cool is that?

Anyway, the gig itself was utterly amazing, as was he; so when I found out that his 2-night stand at the Opera House was going to be released for the world to hear, I was stoked as it meant re-living that wonderful event over again....and boy, have I done so listening to this album. Listening to it for the first time had me running through various emotions - from smiling & waving my head ala Stevie Wonder, to closing my eyes & grinning like a Cheshire cat during The Lighthouse Song, to getting chills up & down my spine & even shedding a few tears at the beauty of it all (especially at the instrumental outro to Love Lies, one of my favourite songs of Josh's). After several listens I've even grown to enjoy a couple of his songs that I've never liked e.g. Parking Lots. The other one I'll be mentioning in the Monthly Happy List on Friday.

Crowded House - Woodface

Any Antipodean growing up in the 80's & 90's would know of Crowded House & their many classic songs, some of which (like Four Seasons In One Day & Fall At Your Feet) are on this album from 25 years ago. (Yikes!) I grew up listening to Woodface courtesy of my parents, so I suppose this purchase had a sense of nostalgia about it, aside from the fact that I'd been wanting to add it to my musical collection for a while. IMO, Woodface is arguably their best album and not just because Tim Finn (aka not Neil Finn aka the other songwriting genius from the Finn clan) joined the band briefly to deliver excellent harmonies; but simply because I like most of the songs on it, including album tracks like All I Ask & Italian Plastic, the latter of which was the late Paul Hester's songwriting contribution to the album.

the shopping cart
8 cup sifter + pie baking weights

As I've mentioned before, I ♥ baking & after my previous sifter epic failed on me, it was time to splash out a bit & buy a crank sifter from where else but Victoria's Basement, aka my fave kitchenware store in Sydney and not to be confused with that Victoria store with a secret. There's also a 5-cup version, but it looked tiny compared to this monster. I also picked up another set of baking weights because I run out of these every single time I make my chunky beef & mushroom pies & have to use rice instead to blind bake pastry.

TSA luggage lock, Europe adaptor + another luggage tag
Wanted another luggage lock for my carry-on since all my other ones aren't TSA approved, needed an adaptor for Europe & got the same luggage tag I have on my suitcase, albeit in a different colour.

the shopping cart

Samsung Galaxy S7 in Gold Platinum

Confession: Up until now, I haven't owned a smartphone. In fact, I'd been using a "dumb phone" (i.e. a phone from the pre-smartphone era) for just over 9 years. I had every intention of upgrading sooner but kept putting it off; so when I lost the charger to my ancient phone recently, I knew it was time to upgrade. Besides, with the trip coming up & all, I'll get the GST back at the airport. I originally wanted the silver version, but the JB Hi-Fi I went to didn't have it, although they had the silver in the S7 Edge which I definitely didn't want. (Is it just me or does anyone else think those phones are a total gimmick?) Truth be told, there isn't a whole lot of difference in the finish, so I'm happy with the gold. Also got a screen protector at the time of purchase & shaved about $70-$80 off the total price to boot, which I was stoked about. Finding a case I liked however proved a bit more tricky, but eventually I bought a gold one to match.

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What did you spend your pennies on last month? Anything exciting?


  1. Crowded House are one of those bands you don't really think about until you hear their Greatest Hits and think "damn, they have a lot of songs I like!" (my personal fave is "Better Be Home Soon"). Welcome to the S7 club (not to be confused with S Club 7), I have had mine a couple of months and love it deeply.

    1. I'm hoping I'll love my S7 too! Dammit, now I've got S Club 7 in my head haha!


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