Monday, 31 October 2016

The Trip Haul (Part 2): Skincare & Bodycare

Hola mi amigas & happy Halloween! It's time for the 2nd installment of "what Shell bought during her travels & lugged all the way home to Sydney". If you missed part 1 with all my new makeup, hair & fragrance goodies, you can reeeeeead all aboooout it here.

Let's get straight into it shall we?


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Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm
I had the Glow Mask on my beauty wishlist as a definite & this as a maybe, but in the end walked out with this instead due to the mask containing some sketchy ingredients. Turns out I made the right choice because I am utterly in LOVE with this balm! I was using this every day since I bought it (I had to whilst away as I was fast running out of cleanser in my travel bottle) & I think my skin enjoyed the extra nourishment it received; but now that I'm home I'm trying to conserve it since I've hit pan so to speak (I still have a lot of product left though). I’m wishing I’d bought 2 jars now because I'm not sure if it's sold anywhere in Australia...and even if it is, it'll be expensive. I know I can get it online though.

Caudalie Vinosource Get Quenched! pack
$39US for 2 full-ish size products + a handy toiletries bag to fit more shit goodies in = winner winner chicken dinner. This pack contains the Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet + the Grape Water, the latter of which was on my to-try list pre-trip.

Pacifica Travel Ready facial wipes
This 5 pack of assorted travel wipes cater for various skin needs, whether it be just simple makeup removal or (for example) for oilier skins, there's the Purify wipes. I've only tried the Essential Makeup Removal wipes with Jasmine & Coconut Water so far, but lemme just say that the jasmine scent is over-powering & they left my skin feeling a bit dry. Methinks I'll be using these mostly for wiping off makeup swatches.

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Floral Toner
Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Pearl Exfoliator

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist
This had been on the wishlist for aaaaages & I’m so happy now that I have a bottle in my stash. Although I can get it here in Australia (Green Organics FTW) it’s, of course, more expensive.

Caudalie Micellar Water (100mL size)
I’ve read numerous rave reviews for this micellar water, so I’m keen to see how it stacks up against my current beloved micellar water from Essano (which unfortunately is sold out online atm). I’m hoping this sucks because I’m really not keen on paying the $40something price tag Sephora Australia want for a full-size bottle!

Elemis Absolute Eye Serum
Got “conned” (ok, not really) into buying this after I had a facial + massage on-board the cruise I went on (more about that down the track). I was in need of a new eye serum/gel/cream anyway, so I thought “why not?”  Probably not worth the $67.50 price tag (why oh why are eye products so damn expensive??), but I will admit it’s been fairly hydrating on/around my eye area. Just wish it didn’t contain urea as the rest of the ingredients don’t sound bad.

Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder (travel size)

A whole bunch of sheet & single use masks from Karuna & Andalou Naturals
Erm, someone went a bit mask crazy much?! I blame this on multiple trips to both Sephora & Wholefoods. (Man I ♥♥♥ Whole Pay Check Wholefoods!)


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Pacifica Body Butters (Island Vanilla, Indian Coconut Nectar, Hawaiian Ruby Guava)

Alba Botanica Body in the Buff Firming Scrub (Espresso & Coffee Beans)
One of my beauty obsessions for 2016 has been coffee body scrubs. I can’t seem to get enough of them, despite not being a coffee drinker myself. This is quite a good little body scrub with a perfect consistency – kinda creamy like the Sukin ones I’ve used & reviewed, yet still gritty like the CLab & Co + SugarBaby scrubs I took away with me (more on those in the next empties post) – and it does leave my skin feeling soft. Whilst this does contain alcohol, it’s not one of the top 5 or 10 ingredients, which is great since my skin doesn’t tolerate it in high amounts.

Deep Steep Passionfruit & Guava Body Butter
Another discovery from my multiple trips to Whole Pay Check Wholefoods. This has an utterly gorgeous fruity tropical scent that could become addictive. I’m really wishing now that I’d bought the hand cream in the same scent as it was really moisturising….*wonders if she can get this stuff shipped to Australia*....*discovers that iHerb stock them*....*YAY*...

Burts Bees Coconut Foot Creme x2 + Peppermint Foot Lotion x2  
When 2 tubes of cream/lotion cost the same as 1 tube in your own country; naturally you have to stock up. ;o)

Deep Steep Passionfruit & Guava Sugar Scrub
Figured I’d buy the body scrub to match the body butter. It just made sense!

There were a couple of other bodycare items that I bought along the way, but I used them up whilst on my way home (you'll see them in the next empties post). There were also some items I really wanted to get, like my beloved LAVANILA body butters; but Sephora US for some reason doesn't stock them in-store anymore...yet ironically, our stores are now stocking them. That said, with all the skin & body care items I now own, I really don’t need them right now, nor do I need to participate in the next Priceline skincare sale!

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  1. Caudalie is my favourite "non-high-end" skincare brand! I especially love their micellar water; it's so gentle!

    1. That's good to know! I've just started using the Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet & so far I'm liking it. It's kinda rich, but not so rich that my skin can't tolerate it.

  2. I've been dying to try that Pixi Beauty Balm, it sounds so lovely!!!!

    1. It's absolutely divine & everyone should get their grubby little mitts on it!

  3. Passionfruit and guava sounds like a divine combination!


    1. It smells so tropical & fruity & delish. I can't wait to try it out & smell like a summer holiday hehe. :o)

  4. I think I need to try the Pixi nourishing cleansing balm. :)


  5. omg great haul! I have a few claudalie products and I adore them!

    1. I think Caudalie have got a fairly good reputation amongst us bloggers & although I've only really tried 1 of my Caudalie products so far, I'm quite liking it & I have a good feeling about the others. Just wish Sephora Aus didn't charge so much for their stuff!

  6. Nice haul! You got some great stuff. I'd love to try that Pixi cleansing balm.. Hope I can make it to the USA soon and get some goodies

    1. Thanks Amy! The Pixi cleansing balm is absolutely wonderful. I hope you can get to the US soon too!


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