Friday, 25 November 2016

Dear Santa...

wishlists's what I would (ideally) like to see under the tree* this Christmas:

Paco Rabanne - Olympea
I've got a funny feeling this wish will be fulfilled come December 25th as I've mentioned to my Mum that I want it & I know how sneaky she can be. I'm hoping she doesn't buy the 80mL because the small 30mL size would not only make me a happy chica, but it wouldn't totally break the bank either.

Aspect Try Me Kit
This Aussie dermatological skincare brand is expensive AF. This trial kit, thankfully, is pretty cheap. I figure it'd be a good way for me to try the Extreme B & C serums, both of which come with this pack & both types of vitamins I need to inject into my beauty diet now that I'm getting older and wrinklier/spotty. EDIT: I eventually bought this & fell in love with the B serum. The C serum & I had a rocky relationship sadly, but I'll keep it in mind if I feel like using a vitamin C serum ever again.

Forever New Becca frill maxi dress
I've tried this on. It's gorgeous. The vibrant blue colour is right up my alley & the length is perfect for my 179 1/2cm/roughly 5'11" frame. Me gusta!

Little Party Dress Andy Blue Stripe Maxi Dress
I mentioned this back in one of my Lust List posts & yep, I'm still lusting after it + whole bunch of LPD stuff.

An electric toothbrush
A boring/basic stocking filler for someone else = a practical, useful item for this Virgo. Given that I'm broke with expensive taste, naturally I have my eye on the Phillips Diamond Clean. Any colour will do, but I admit I am kinda partial to the Amethyst. EDIT: I now own an electric toothbrush, but it's not from Phillips.

A beauty box subscription perhaps?
Having read Beth's recent post about Peony Parcel, I'm thinking I want one now! I had been looking at Maslow & Co, but (a) they've jacked up their price since starting late last year & (b) the upcoming Global Beauty Box has caused a bit of controversy amongst beauty lovers as they've included a well-known non-cruelty free brand, which considering Maslow & Co are all about the natural/non-cruelty free get my drift.

All of these ZOEVA makeup brushes - in rose gold, where possible
To makeup (haha so puntastic) for not finding them whilst in Amsterdam & Berlin...

Some more FRANKiE4 shoes
I already own a pair of black reptile JENNi sneaks, but I'm lusting after the tin gold JENNi's, black reptile PENNi's  & gold (or pewter) MARGiE's. Again, any one of these will do. EDIT: I now own the tin gold JENNi's.

Speaking of shoes…
I’d like a nice pair of block strappy heels in a neutral shade. Got my eye on some blush Walnut peep-toe wedges. EDIT: Tried on the latter, the colour is wrong for my skin tone.

Breville Freeze & Mix ice-cream bowl
As I've mentioned several times before, I enjoy getting in the kitchen & creating new & tasty things to eat. I've yet to have a go at making my own ice-cream & it's on my culinary bucket list, so this addition to my already kick-arse Breville mixer would be perfect. (FYI, I have a cranberry Scraper Mixer Pro that I bought almost 4 years ago.)

Every single Kester Black polish released this year + Monarch & Sorbet from last year
Just because. EDIT: I now own Monarch, Sorbet & Terrarium. Barbie isn't suitable for my skin tone sadly.

*We usually get a fresh tree, but seeing as my folks & I will be away for Christmas, there'll be no tree for us again this year.

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What's on your Christmas wishlist this year? 


  1. Ooh I like your list a lot! I recently got my first Zoeva eye pencil and DIED, now I want the full set.

    1. Thanks! The Zoeva eye pencils do look rather nice I must admit.


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