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My Perfume Collection & Wishlist (Update)


Those of you who have been with me since the start might recall I did a post back in about February featuring all the perfumes I own, plus all the ones I wanted. It was one of my most popular posts & one I really enjoyed putting together. Since then my stash has grown & my wishlist has changed, so I figured why not put that post into draft & give it an overhaul, with new photos & the like (although some of the wording will remain the same).

Like I said the first time around, I don't wear perfume as often as I should. Mostly because I forget to apply the stuff before heading out, but I'm also aware that people are allergic and/or sensitive to it, so I guess that's partly why I don't wear it that much. Nevertheless, I do enjoy collecting perfume and I can't resist going past the fragrance sections of Myer or David Jones without browsing & having a sniff of something a bit special. I reckon a spritz of perfume rounds things off rather nicely.

Here's what I own + descriptions of each scent:



Lacoste - Eau de Lacoste L.12.12. Pour Elle Sparkling
From Fragrantica: Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Sparkling is a cute, cheerful and playful fragrance with a "French signature". The heart of the composition contains a French macaroon accord along with cotton candy and lily of the valley. Fruity notes of mandarin, red apple and blackberry open the composition together with some spices. Sophisticated notes of patchouli, vetiver, cashmere and musk complete the base.
You might remember seeing this on my perfume wishlist last time & well, wish fufilled! Compared with Natural (which I also own - see below), this is more sugary-sweet, longer lasting & truly lives up to its Sparkling name. You definitely get the macaroon hit straight up before it settles down into a fruity-sweet-spicyish combination. If you're not a huge fan of sweet scents due to their cloying nature, then this might be a good alternative for you. I personally don't feel that this is overwhelmingly sweet, but everyone's tastes & noses are different.

Calvin Klein - Downtown
From Fragrantica: The composition opens in a foamy and dashy way, with notes of Italian lemon, bergamot, Tunisian neroli, green pear and aquatic plum. The heart incorporates gentle gardenia petals combined with pink pepper and violet leaves on a base of cedar from Texas, incense, vetiver and velvety musk.
When I was getting back into perfume about 3-4 years ago, this was the perfume that helped kick off my new collection and to this day I still like it. Granted, it gets overshadowed by all the other perfumes I own; but there's something about it that I gravitate towards. Maybe it's the strong peppery & musky notes (which I'm not normally a fan of), mixed in with the floral (I can't detect much else from it, aside from something a bit sweet perhaps). Maybe because this lasts a really long time on me. I have worn this during spring & summer & it's worked ok; but given the pepper & musk, I now feel it might be better suited to autumn/winter.

Vera Wang - Hippie Princess
From Fragrantica: The composition begins with a mixture of red mango, apple blossom and white freesia. Lotus, jasmine and apricot nectar form the heart of the perfume, laid on the base of blonde woods, vanilla and pink musk.
This post-birthday 2015 purchase was love at first sniff. I don't tend to buy EDT's due to their lack of wear time (although this one lasts roughly 4 hours, which is about right), but there was something about this that nagged me like a kid nags their Mum for lollies/toys/whatever & for some reason I just had to have it. The heart-shaped bottle design & crown top are cute + the aqua & pink colour scheme is right up my alley. I can't detect musk in it, all I smell is sweet fruit with vanilla & maybe a hint of woods. Also don't think there's anything hippie about it either - if it were then I think you would truly detect the woods & musk!

DKNY - Be Delicious
From Fragrantica: The top features green notes, violet leaf, apple, grapefruit and magnolia. The heart brings tuberose, lily of the valley, rose and violet, while the base – sandalwood, amber and musk.
Another perfect spring-summer daytime fragrance! So fresh, so clean (clean). I really don't detect the base notes at all - for me it's all about dem top notes. For such a fresh fruity scent this lasts a surprisingly long time on me, which might have something to do with the base notes after all. I'm not fussed on any of the other Be Delicious incarnations; this original is where it's at as far as I'm concerned.

Calvin Klein - Forbidden Euphoria
From Fragrantica: The top notes will tempt us with iced raspberry, tangerine juices and delicate peach blossom of fruity flowery essences. The heart reveals amazing floral aromas of Tiger orchids, pink peony and jasmine flowers, while the base beats to the cadence of sensual musk, cashmere wood and patchouli.
I'm not a fan of the original Euphoria, but this + a couple of others in the Euphoria range are up my alley. I bought this duty-free onboard a cruise a couple of years ago & I'm kinda wishing I didn't buy such a large bottle as I doubt I'll ever get through it. It's a scent I don't tend to reach for, but I know I should. I guess I'm just not sure which time of year I should wear this in - is a spring/summer scent, or more autumn/winter? I'm confused.

Calvin Klein - Eternity Aqua for Women
From Fragrantica:  It opens with an explosive mix of Pink Lady apple, cucumber, apricot and white peony. Modern bouquet of white flowers is at the heart of the perfume, including jasmine, tiare, gardenia and magnolia. Sensual sun-drenched woods, cedar and transparent musk are located in the base.
First of all, can we just take a second to admire the blue ombré liquid in the bottle?


I don't love it because of the bottle's effect (although that helps!), I love it because it's completely fresh & aquatic and absolutely screams "summer". The only downside? It can wear off quickly, but then again so can other fragrances. Tbh I don't care because I LOVE IT! It's my go-to summer fragrance & one I'll definitely re-purchase once I get through all 100mL of it. It isn't sold in our department stores anymore, although Priceline still has it thankfully.

Lacoste - Eau de Lacoste L.12.12. Pour Elle Natural
From Fragrantica: Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural is a fragrance that is mood-lifting, authentic and warm. Its fruity start of pineapple, raspberry leaf and mandarin leads to the heart of woody, powdery orris root along with jasmine and rose. A warm coconut note is combined with sandalwood and amber.
You might recall seeing this on my wishlist last time or you might've seen this in the first Trip Haul post I published recently. Compared to Sparkling (see above) this has a tropical hint to it but still smells quite sweet, albeit in a warm kind of way. Unfortunately this doesn't last all that long on me - maybe I'll have to apply Vaseline before I wear it next time.


rollerball perfumes

Chloé - Chloé Eau de Parfum
From Mecca: Fresh, green airy notes subtly grow richer and more sensual revealing the velvety interior of the rose. The base notes of warm amber, honey and elegant cedarwood create a smooth and comforting finish.
Oh Chloé how I ♥ thee! You're feminine, elegant & oh-so-versatile. I feel comfortable wearing you during the day as I do at night. You're possibly the only rollerball that I own that would be re-purchased once finished, except next time I'm buying a bottle!

Versace - Bright Crystal Absolu
From Fragrantica: notes with a blend of yuzu, pomegranate and accords of ice, refreshing the heart of raspberry, lotus, peony and magnolia. The base incorporates Acajou wood, amber and musk.
If you read the original post, you might remember that I'd been lusting after this for aaaaaaaages & was so happy to get my hands on a rollerball whilst in the States recently. Whilst I adore this fruity zingy sweet scent, it isn't long-lasting in rollerball form (in fact I could barely detect it when I first went to roll it on my skin) & I feel like I have to constantly re-apply. I know it lasts longer from the bottle, so I may end up getting a full-size at some stage. I'll also note that the last time I went to apply this, it smelt very strongly of alcohol.

Fresh - Sugar Lychee
From Fragrantica:  It refreshes with sparkling notes of citruses and fruits, and warms with its base of amber and tonka bean. The opening bursts with notes of grapefruit, lemon and lime blossom, followed by the heart litchi, mango, freesia, and lotus and tonka bean, sandalwood and amber base.
You know you're onto a fragrance winner when (a) you buy another rollerball overseas because you're scared of running out & (b) your own mother loves this scent & happily accepts the half-used rollerball that you took away with you! It's really fresh and tart on the nose and in a way it reminds me of lemons in season - yet again, another great spring-summer scent. Now I wish Fresh would hurry up & come to Australia so my fellow Aussie beauties can sniff this for themselves!

Fresh - Brown Sugar
From Fragrantica: Top notes are lemon, tangerine and red berries; middle notes are sugar, magnolia, honeysuckle and peach; base notes are caramel, amber and cypress.
IMO this + Sugar Lychee are the best 2 from Fresh - everything else I've smelt from them is either meh or yuck. Brown Sugar is sweeter - probably due to the caramel base notes - compared with Sugar Lychee, which, as mentioned, is more tart. As I mentioned last time, this reminds me of something that was growing in my paternal grandfather's backyard when I was growing up - maybe it was magnolia, maybe it was honeysuckle. Either way, I'm transported to that north coast backyard whenever I sniff it.

mini perfumes

Jo Malone - Peony & Blush Suede
From Fragrantica: Top note is red apple; middle notes are peony, jasmine, carnation and rose; base note is suede.
Gotta be honest here, this scent is disappointing. It smells quite powdery on me initially - more like the middle notes -  & also smells like something a grandmother would wear. Once it dries down it gets better (although I still can't detect the suede base at all), but I've found that longevity-wise it's not that great. I'll continue using it because (a) it was a pre-birthday gift to self & (b) I paid £48 for it and don't want to waste it, but I concede it's not a favourite. Haven't been this disappointed by a fragrance since Marc Jacobs' Honey!

Jo Malone - Nectarine & Honey Blossom
From Fragrantica: Top notes are green notes, black currant and petitgrain; middle notes are nectarine and black locust; base notes are vetiver, peach and plum.
Now this is more my thing! As you may have noticed, I'm a sucker for a nice fruity scent & this isn't too bad. I don't really detect much sweetness from it - more fruity with a small hint of woods. I can detect the nectarine in it, but it's undercut by the black currant top note which I think prevents the fragrance from being too overpowering. This too doesn't last all that long on me, but at least I like it more than Peony & Blush Suede. For the price that they are (even for the 30mL size), I don't think Jo Malone scents are worth it.

YSL - Black Opium
From Fragrantica: Notes of coffee, present in large quantities, dominate the scent. Additional accords are pink pepper, orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, patchouli and cedar.
3 words to sum up this fragrance: seductive, alluring & sexy. I remember the first time I wore this I felt cheeky & more flirtatious than I normally would be. There's something about this scent that gives me an extra shot of confidence - maybe it's the overall warmth of it.

Elizabeth & James - Nirvana White
From Fragrantica:  Nirvana White is a musky - floral fragrance composed of peony, lily of the valley and musk, signed by Honorine Blanc.
I tested this several times before I finally bought it & for me, this could end up rivalling Chloé as a go-to fragrance for all occasions. It's feminine, but not overly feminine. It also feels kinda timeless in a way. No wonder so many beauty bloggers & beauty lovers have gravitated towards it! I'm not a fan of the Black version; for me this is where it's at.

Out of all the scents I own, these would be my top 5, in no particular order*:

  1. Chloé - Chloé Eau de Parfum (definite winner, she's a versatile all-rounder, perfect for any occasion)
  2. Calvin Klein - Eternity Aqua for Women
  3. Fresh - Sugar Lychee
  4. Calvin Klein - Downtown
  5. DKNY - Be Delicious
Now let's see what's on my perfume....


wishlists, perfume

Paco Rabanne - Olympea 
I'm not entirely sure why, but I've fallen HARD for this salty-sweet concoction & I'm still kicking myself for not buying an 80mL size duty-free when I had the chance. I initially discovered it through a scratch-n-sniff card, along with the 2 Invictus scents for men + Olympea Aqua. (Dudes, if you want to win me over, spritz some Invictus Aqua on you & I'll be putty in your hands.) Whilst I initially liked Olympea Aqua, over time I've found myself gravitating more towards the original Olympea. I've tested it several times on my skin to make sure I like it & every time I think "yep, still gotta have it". A perfect scent for summer & a perfect scent for a beach holiday IMO.

Salvatore Ferragamo - Signorina 
For some reason I still have to have this, even though I haven't sniffed/tested it for a while.

Juicy Couture - Viva la Juicy (original), Viva la Juicy Noir & Viva la Juicy Rose 
I know Juicy Couture fragrances in general appeal more to those in their teens & early 20's, but even this early 30-something digs these! I've tested all 3 & was initially in love with Rose, but I think that's now shifted to Noir (which is heaving with berries) & the original Viva la Juicy. I still like Rose though. I know they're selling rollerball gift packs in Myer atm, but they only come with Noir + the original + (I think) I Am Juicy Couture, which I'm not a fan of. I'd buy that pack if I could substitute IAJC for Viva la Juicy Rose as I highly doubt I would use any of these 3 in a full-size.

Calvin Klein - Endless Euphoria + Eternity Now + (possibly) Deep Euphoria 
The first 2 have been on & off my perfume wishlist for some time & I still can't quite make up my mind about either, but they'll remain on my list until I come to a firm decision. As you can (probably) tell from my stash, I'm a bit of a CK fragrance fan & I think they make some decent scents. The new Deep Euphoria intrigues me for some reason, but I'm going to have to test it a few more times before I decide whether or not it goes on the wishlist.

Viktor & Rolf - Bon Bon 
Although YSL's Black Opium & this are similar in note profile, Bon Bon is more sugary sweet due to the caramel notes. Just like the 2 CK perfumes mentioned above, this too has been on & off the wishlist since I first sniffed it. Unlike those 2, I believe I still want it.

Judging by the list above + the fragrances I own, I guess you could say I'm definitely a fan of your sweet, fruity, fresh & aquatic scents, but will deviate towards light florals, musk, woods & gourmand as well. I know that makes me sound like I love everything, but in truth I am quite picky about what I like & descriptions can & do lie. (Case in point: Kate Spade's Live Colorfully, which was previously on the wishlist. Thought it'd smell great, turned out to be absolutely foul & was immediately struck off said list.)

*This top 5 is current, but could be subject to change further down the track.

Collage images from Fragrantica, Juicy Couture, Macys, Chemist Warehouse and Myer

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What are your favourite fragrances? Do you have any on your wish list? Do you own any of these scents?


  1. Great post Shell!! Love all your perfume collections. Now you've got me intrigued on the Fresh Sugar Lychee perfume. It's a shame they don't have it in Australia... and they should have more of these Roller ball perfumes coz it's great to carry around everywhere!

    Ina x Chictales

    1. Thanks Ina! Hope you're able to find the Fresh Sugar Lychee perfume somehow. There is some website out there that sells Fresh stuff in Australia, but sadly they don't sell the perfumes....and everything's expensive.

  2. I have DKNY's green apple fragrance and it's so fruity and fruit, I love it! I have Armani's acqua di gioia on my list, it's been on there for a few years now but I take forever to finish perfumes

    Lily @ Lily not Louise

    1. I take forever to finish perfumes too!

  3. I agree rollerballs are fantastic. So convenient to pop in the handbag for fragrance refreshes during the day and a great way to trial a new fragrance without committing to buying a full sized bottle. Chloe is one of my favourites too!

    1. Totally agree. Forgot to mention in my post just how handy they are for touch-ups - I'm often wishing that I could decant some of my full-sized bottles into something like a Travalo for convenience. One day I'll get my hands on one...and yaaaaaaay for another Chloe lover!

  4. Totally agree on rollerball availability! I need to update my perfume collection as I'm running low and some I've had for years and they're starting to turn a bit. Love the sound of the fresh citrusy scents.

    1. I can't understand why our department stores don't offer rollerballs outside of gift sets - if they can do it in America, why can't they do it here?

  5. I love fresh, fruity (especially citrus) scents and anything too floral gives me a headache unfortunately. Great reviews!

    1. Thanks Di! I'm not overly fussed on anything too floral either - it has to be mixed with something else.

  6. Oh my gosh I have way too many fragrances to even count. I'm a bit of a hoarder haha. I really love anything Marc Jacobs or Vera Wang as I find their fragrances timeless and stunning. xx

    Jasmine //

    1. I have to admit I'm not overly fussed on Marc Jacobs stuff and the other Vera Wang perfumes I've smelt aren't up my alley (except for Hippie Princess of course!). I know a lot of other people do though.

  7. Can see some of my faves there Shell - DKNY Be Delicious is right up there with the Versace Bright Crystal Absolu. So glad you posted this - love reading what other gals like in fragrances, and it gives me ideas for what to try next. I'm lusting after Narciso Rodriguez but it's uber expensive - boo! Thanks for the shout out too hon! xxx

    1. No problems Kat, glad to have helped out. :o) I've smelt one of the Narciso Rodriguez ones (not sure which one from memory) & didn't like it sadly. Boo to uber expensive things!

  8. Sugar Lychee sounds like such a gorgeous smell! I love the whole DKNY apple scents as they're all so refreshing and easy for every day wear :)

    1. Sugar Lychee is nice - such a shame we can't get it in Australia (or so it seems from the quick bit of research I did). I think a lot of people would be into them.

  9. Sugar Lychee sounds lovely! My ultimate fave is Chloe x

    1. Chloe is a definite fave of a lot of people methinks!

  10. I loved this peek into your collection! I adore Jo Malone's Nectarine & Honey Blossom - well, I love pretty much all of Jo's perfumes. You can't go wrong with Jo Malone.

    1. Thanks! Now that I own a couple of her scents, I sort of feel like Jo Malone may be a bit overrated (or maybe I'm still getting over the disappointment of Peony & Blush Suede!) but I reckon everyone should own at least 1 of her perfumes just to see for themselves.

  11. I like fresh, fruity, zingy smells as well - especially the original Be Delicious. My sister bought it duty free on our way over to England and wore it the whole time so every time I smell it now, it makes me think of London!

    1. It's amazing how scents can take you back to places & times gone by. Tommy Girl will forever remind me of my teenage years as it was the first bottle of proper perfume I ever got as a gift.

  12. What a great perfume collection! I still want to try Jo Malone even though they are pricey, and the Nectarine and Honey Blossom one sounds like my cup of tea :)

    1. Thanks Di! Yep, won't disagree with you on how pricey they are; but if you feel like a splurge because it's your birthday or another special occasion, then go for it!

  13. I love perfumes! I don't feel fully addressed without a perfume on!


    1. I forget to spritz it on most of the time, but I will admit if I get dressed up I don't feel right if I haven't sprayed perfume on me.

  14. Wow you have so many! I'm lucky to have two going at a time! I would like a couple of roll on ones for my hand bag though.

    Nice choices lovely XX

    Sammy |

    1. I figure perfume is a bit like clothes, got to have something for every occasion! Roll-on's are the best - so handy for travel & to pop in your handbag every day. Such a shame they aren't so available here (well, outside of Sephora).

  15. Love perfume posts - thanks doll! I have quite a few that I need to cull (post soon) but I see some of my favourites in your list - DKNY Be Delicious and Versace Bright Crystal Absolu, and it's high time I sampled the Euphoria variants ♥♥♥

    1. Perhaps once the oldies are culled, then try all the Euphoria variants. As I mentioned, I'm not a huge fan of the original, but everyone's tastes are different.


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