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Super Duper Mega Empties Time! (August/September/October)

empty beauty products

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Hola mi amigas! Feels like it's been a hot minute since I did one of these posts....although I suppose it has been a while, since the last one was back in June/July!

This empties post is a little varied in terms of what products I've finished. Regulars will know that I tend to finish skincare quicker than other beauty products; but this time around I've managed to finish up a tiny amount of haircare & makeup items as well, so yay, go me! There's also a bunch of empties from my travels (because I wasn't going to stop photographing my beauty trash whilst away), so my photos will be varied in terms of backgrounds & lighting.

Here's what's done & dusted:


empty beauty products

Botani Olive Hand Cream
If you’re a regular around here, you’re probably sick of me harping on about how much I love this tube of wonder; but now that I’m down to my last tube (which I’m trying to conserve by not using it) & Priceline have stopped stocking it (they stock just about everything else from Botani though *sigh*), I need to find an alternative that works just as well as this does. I’m trialling a Lanolips hand cream atm, but you’ll have to wait until I’ve finished that to get my thoughts on it. Repurchase? As mentioned, I’m down to the last tube; after that, I’ll only buy it if I can find it on sale because at $25 per tube, it’s too expensive.

Ophelia Makeup Remover Rounds
Regular readers will recognise these from the last empties post I published (they're now called Lacura Makeup Remover Rounds, FYI - they're from Aldi). Love them, won't be without them now that I'm using micellar water. Repurchase? You bet!

Fudge Skyscraper Medium Hold Apple and Coconut Hairspray
I bought this small size for trial purposes & I really liked it! Although it's a medium hold, you can layer it to suit your hair's needs. It also brushes out well, isn't overly tacky & the apple & coconut scent is divine. It smells more coconut-ty than apple-y though. Repurchase? Definitely, but I have an older & much larger hairspray to finish first.

Bite Beauty Luminous Créme Lipstick (Rose)
Stop the presses people! I....have finally....panned a lipstick.

via Tenor
I won't talk too much about this since I've already mentioned it in a previous post (which will be updated ASAP), but what I will say is I wish Bite hadn't discontinued this shade because I loved it. Rose is/was a wonderful peachy-pink colour that I think suits/would've suited all skin tones - even the fairest of fair maidens like moi. I tried to extract every last skerrick out of the bullet, but towards the end it was starting to give me cold-sore like growths in the corners of my mouth &/or on my lips; so it was time to bin it. Repurchase? If I can find it, I might.

Lanolips 101 Ointment (original)
Another staple always seen in my empties posts. Can't live without it. Repurchase? Got 3 on the go as this post goes live...

MOR x Peter Alexander Collection Breakfast At Tiffany's Deluxe Soy Candle
This limited edition candle was out in Peter Alexander stores around last Christmas - that's how long I've had this candle for! I got this as a belated Christmas present from my Mum's bestie, who remembered that I'd dressed up as Holly Golightly (aka Audrey Hepburn) for a fancy dress party once & thought the candle would tickle my fancy. She was right - aside from the fact that I dig that movie & Audrey's style, the vanilla musk scent of this candle was gorgeous & perfect for burning during the colder months. I did have a slight qualm with it though - the black jar meant it was hard for me to tell just how much I had left to burn! Repurchase? If I could, then I'd consider buying it again. The jar looked quite classy & I liked the scent.

Healthy Essentials Probiotic 10 Dairy Free probiotic capsules
My probiotics of choice. It's a pity I have to travel right across town to get them, but I like them & I feel like they do me some good. Repurchase?Already have.

The Cancer Council SPF50+ Sensitive sunscreen
Current SPF of choice, can’t nor won’t be without it as I’m sure my dermatologist would kill me. Repurchase? Got 2 more tubes, won’t need it for a little while.

empty beauty products

CLab & Co Coffee Scrub with Coconut (travel size)
Very scrubby, very messy (I felt sorry for the poor soul scrubbing my hotel bathroom in Singapore!), but ultimately left my skin feeling really smooth & moisturised. The coffee scent is strong & lingers on your skin. Repurchase? I just might.

The Jojoba Company Antioxidant Hydrating Mist (sample)
I spotted this in my Mum’s bathroom cabinet pre-travels & decided I’d use it up as I knew she wouldn’t. Compared with the full-sized bottle I discarded in my last empties post, this one had a spray nozzle that worked properly & it didn’t smell quite as bad, to say the least. Repurchase? No, but if I received another sample I’d use it.

Karuna Hydrating+ Face Mask 
Yours truly popped her sheet mask cherry with this baby, which is infused with skin-loving ingredients like niacinamide (vitamin B3) & sodium hyaluronate (which is another word for hyaluronic acid methinks). Unlike some other sheet masks, this is serum-infused & incredibly wet…so wet that the girl in Mecca Maxima advised me not to tissue off any residue from my skin once I peeled the mask off & instead massage the leftover serum into my skin. My skin drank this up, although I did feel a very mild sense of irritation from it. Repurchase? You will have seen this in part 2 of my trip haul series. 


empty beauty products

Essano Gentle Facial Cleansing Micellar Water (100mL)
♥ this stuff, can’t see myself falling out of ♥ with it…unless my bottle of Caudalie’s micellar water trumps it. Repurchase? Bought the full size at the last Priceline skincare sale.

The Cancer Council SPF50+ Sensitive sunscreen (see August)

empty beauty products

Pacifica Coconut Shave Whip
I bought this whilst on one of my several trips to Wholefoods in the US & can’t say I was overly fussed on it. It had a tendency to clog my razor + I’m convinced the high alcohol content in it made the skin behind my left knee break out in a rash. I also found the consistency to be too thin to provide proper coverage of my legs whilst shaving – at times it felt like I was dry shaving tbh. Repurchase? Erm, that’s a firm no. Straight up conditioner works better than this stuff!

Botani Olive Hand Cream (see August)

Grown Alchemist Detox+3 Anti-oxidant Serum 
I feel ambivalent about this. When it worked, it did help somewhat with hydration levels in my skin. However, the packaging needs an overhaul IMO. Having a pump mechanism meant that I used waaaaay too much every day/night (it needs an eye dropper instead) & tbh I didn’t see any anti-aging effects, but methinks I need something with more oomph for that department. Repurchase? If Grown Alchemist changed the bottle from a pump to an eye dropper I’d consider it.


empty beauty products

Burts Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion
Wonderful for tired feet and one of those products that I won’t be without, along with the richer Coconut Foot Crème from the range. Repurchase? Already did x2.

Korres Body Milk (Water Lily)
Another trip discovery (John Lewis FTW) & something I really enjoyed using. It’s a great body moisturiser - neither too thick nor too thin - & the water lily scent is divine & not overpowering either. It’s made me realise I quite enjoy water lily-scented things! Repurchase? Mecca sells it & I'll definitely repurchase it, but not for now as I have other body moisturisers to get through first.

empty beauty products

Sensodyne True White toothpaste (Mint) x2
Interesting story: I had a tube of this confiscated by security at Changi Airport because it was over the 100g/mL limit. Guess who totally forgot about that? *facepalm* Luckily for me I had another one in my suitcase, but still….let that be a lesson to you all! I finished off 2 last month as I had a bit remaining in the tube I left at home + the one I used whilst away. Repurchase? Currently finishing off what I think is the last tube I have.

Manicare x We Are Handsome Pineapple Crush nail polish remover wipes
These wipes do come in handy at times (especially on holidays & you have a chipped nail or something); but now that I use OPI’s Expert Touch Remover, I won’t be relying on these so much. Repurchase? This particular scent has long since disappeared, although I am keen to check out the latest Manicare x We Are Handsome collab wipes, which come in “Ocean Breeze” & “Coconut & Lime”. I’ll probably pick up a pack of each to test first.

Avéne Spot Treatment Pen
Another semi-regular in my empties posts & my zit treatment of choice when my skin chucks a spaz. Repurchase? Currently going through the next one as this post goes live.

The Cancer Council SPF50+ Sensitive sunscreen (see August)

Trilogy Very Sensitive Moisturiser
Staple facial moisturiser for me & one I'll continue going back to. Repurchase? Yes, but not for now as I'm trialling the Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet I mentioned here

Ciaté – Party Shoes (un-finished)
Went to use this when I got home, only to discover it had completely thickened to the point of being unusable. I did try to thin it out, but it was no use. Party Shoes is the 2nd mini Ciaté polish to do this to me after Amazing Gracie; but I’m not totally bummed as I barely used it/didn’t really like it anyway. I’ll be interested to see if my last 2 Ciaté minis (Pepperminty & Knickerbocker Glory) do the same thing at some stage. Repurchase? Nononononononononononono.

Oral-B Satin Tape x2
Dental floss of choice. Not much else to say other than they were both nearly empty anyway. Repurchase? Just started a new one and there’s one in the bathroom cabinet waiting to be used.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask (original)
My HG product & one that lasts me at least 12 months before I have to repurchase, which I did whilst in the States. This is a product that I make sure to squeeze every last little bit out of before I bin it. Repurchase? Always & forever.

27 products over 3 months....I don't think that's too bad! (Although that's nothing compared to what Laura got through in 1 whole month!)

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How many products have you finished in the last 3 months?


  1. What a great collection of empties, your skin must be looking fabulous! I have been really loving the Essano Gentle Facial Cleansing Micellar Water at the moment and it will almost be an empty for me too :) x

    1. Thanks Marisa! My skin's not TOO bad these days, but it could always do with a boost here & there. Glad you like the Essano micellar water too!

  2. Welcome back to the link up :)

    I love MOR candles, they are always divinely scented! My Rose Noir MOR candle looks very similar!


    1. I've never really given much thought to MOR candles tbh - I guess I get caught up in Glasshouse, Circa Home & Ecoya instead. I might now that I've tried one.

  3. You used up a lipstick? I'm so, so impressed - I can never finish makeup. I hate the Grown Alchemist serum's packaging too. I decanted the lot into a spray bottle and sprayed it on my face instead.

    1. Ha, I rarely finish makeup too. I can finish up a mineral foundation, but even that takes me forever. Did spraying the serum onto your face work better? I wish I'd thought of something like that!

  4. I'm always wondering, how you guys can have so many empties in one month! It's totally impossible for me. :D
    Anyway, I walk around the Burts Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion for a long time, I think I need to try it now. :)

    1. There's no way I can finish that amount in one month, but I did all of it over 3 months, which is about right. I think my average is about 10 or 11 products per month. Do try the Burts Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion, it's good! The Coconut Foot Creme is even better if you have very dry feet. :o)


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