Friday, 18 November 2016

Swatch & Review: Essie - Lounge Lover

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Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
No, it's a dupe-tastic nail polish!

Well, sort of.

Today I'm going to swatch & review Lounge Lover, a peachy pink from Essie's spring 2016 collection.

When I first saw this collection earlier in the year, I felt underwhelmed & un-impressed by the colour scheme. It all seemed a bit....muted for my liking. Where were the lighter, brighter shades? Essie IMO have had some decent spring collections in recent years; but this collection on a whole was disappointing for me. Somehow I ended up buying Lounge Lover (which is probably the only polish from the collection that would fit into the lighter & brighter category) whilst overseas, for reasons I can't quite remember at present. Maybe it was to test the dupe factor.

Either way, I'm regretting this purchase now because this polish was hard work. I think my bottle was heat-affected by the time I went to use it (blame it on hot air rising up to my bedroom - I've since moved my polishes elsewhere), but even so, it shouldn't have taken me 2 attempts to paint my nails before getting it right the 3rd time.

Note: I used Essie's All-in-One as a base + Good To Go top coat on all nails.

essie, nail polish, swatch
Indoors, near sunlight

essie, nail polish, swatch
Outdoors, direct sunlight

Despite using 3 fairly thick coats on all nails, my coats were kinda uneven, and to the naked eye you can see where I didn't apply enough polish on some nails. I blame that on the skinny brush that Essie US still insists on using in their bottles (seriously America, why don't you join your overseas cohorts & implement the wider paddle brush that the rest of us get in our bottles?). The polish did even out somewhat once I applied top coat (thankfully); but pre-top coat my nails looked like a brushstroke-y mess. Looking at them closely, you can see the brushstrokes through the top coat & that IMO is no bueno when it comes to polish. Maybe I should've used a lighter hand.

In terms of lasting power, Lounge Lover was pretty good; but I will point out that I don't re-apply top coat once I've done my nails, so your mileage might vary. By the 3rd day of wear (Monday), I only had minor chipping around the free edge, which I thought was great considering how thick my coats were. Even when I began picking at my nails the following day (I know, it's a terrible habit), my polish wasn't majorly peeling off, which was a good sign of how well this polish held up. I eventually took it off on Wednesday because I was bored of seeing it on my nails.

Now for the million dollar question...what is this a (sort of) dupe for? Butter London's Trout Pout, which if you've read this blog long enough, you'd recognise from last summer's Project Polish.

essie, nail polish

essie, nail polish

These shots are completely deceiving (these were shot in direct sunlight, although I did edit them slightly for light purposes), but in person there is a slight difference between the 2. As I mentioned above, Lounge Lover is peachy-pink & perhaps slightly soft in hue, whereas Trout Pout is more vibrant & more like a rockmelon (cantaloupe) pink.

My original idea was to paint my right hand with Trout Pout just to show you guys that it was a dupe, but when I went to do it I realised that there was enough of a difference to distinguish the 2 bottles from one another. Still, in my mind Lounge Lover is pretty close to Trout Pout & about 95-98% dupetastic.

Am I going to keep Lounge Lover, despite having a "no dupes" policy when it comes to my polish stash? I'm not entirely sure atm. I'd like to wear this again when the weather is a bit cooler & my bottle settles down, but there's a big part of me that wants to relegate this to the giveaway pile as it's not the best polish I've ever used in terms of application.

Aussies, this polish is available at Priceline, but not for much longer since it's limited edition. It's not available on their website, so you'll have to go in store.
For my friends across the ditch, I think you guys score your Essies at Farmers right?
For my northern hemisphere readers, try your local beauty supplier, or whereever Essie is stocked in your country. Your luck may vary as this came out last northern spring. 

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What do you think of this colour? Have you bought any Essie polishes from the spring 2016 collection? Do you keep duplicate products?


  1. Bummer about the application! No matter how good a colour is, if it doesn't go on nicely, it's no beuno!

    1. True true. If I use it again, it might just be for some nail art. I'll have to wait & see.

  2. aw no! I painted my nails today and and they all now have dents/finger prints... I find nail painting a difficult process overall though lol

    1. Do you use a fast drying top coat? I've found that way I don't get dents/fingerprints so much. I have learnt that if I smudge my nails during the process, wet a finger with saliva & lightly smooth it over the smudged nail. I know it sounds gross, but it works!

  3. Such a shame about the application issues you faced with this one! However I think you did a gorgeous job considering and it looks like a beautiful shade perfect for spring/summer :) x

    1. Thanks Marisa, I tried my best. It is a great shade for spring/summer & I'll definitely give it another go, despite my application issues. I think it's only fair I try again when the weather isn't so hot.


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