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The Trip Haul (Part 3): ALL THE POLISHES!! (And Other Nail Bits)

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Hey Dad, I think we're gonna need a bigger boat polish holder....


hauls, nail polish, china glaze, opi, orly

From left to right:

China Glaze - What I Like About Blue
I’m gonna make a massive call now & say that this blue turquoise with golden micro shimmer will be my polish of the upcoming summer. Although I’ve only used it once, I can’t help but utterly adore the colour, the shimmer & the fact that it dries fast. Sure, it was a bit thick when I got it (I have thinned it out since arriving home) & it dries matte (nothing that a glossy top coat won’t fix) & I almost left it on the shelf of a Walgreens in San Francisco (tut tut to myself for thinking I had enough blue/turquoise shimmer shades to begin with), but DAT MICRO SHIMMER THO...

notd, nail polish

notd, nail polish

Orly - Rage
I had a mini bottle of this back in the day, when I was just getting into polish & Orly were still in Australia *sniff sniff*. I adored this true rose golden hue (it’s not too rosy nor too coppery – just right, as Goldilocks would say), but I loathed the glitter shimmer formula. I’ve been trying to find something in the same hue but more along the lines of a chrome or straight shimmer ever since, but considering I haven’t found it yet, I've returned to this.

OPI - It's A Boy! 
OPI - I Am What I Amethyst

OPI - St Marks The Spot! + Venice The Party
These were limited edition from the Venice collection of autumn (fall) 2015 & weren’t actually sold in Australia, outside of beauty expos & the like. I did email OPI’s Aussie distributor enquiring about these at one stage & after weeks of waiting, got a vague response saying that whilst they had no idea whether they were being sold in salons, I could send them $20 each for the 2 polishes & they’d order them for me from the US. I was like “nuh uh honey”! Fast forward roughly a year & lo & behold, I found Venice The Party + Amore at the Grand Canal (next polish along in the photo) in a bargain bin of sorts at a Nordstrom Rack in New York. No joke, it felt like my polish dreams had come true…which they did when I found heaps of bottles of St Mark’s The Spot in just about every single Ricky’s NYC store I went to. I paid roughly $8-$10US for each bottle. Take that OPI’s Aussie distributor!

OPI - Amore at the Grand Canal

OPI - Kerry Blossom
Yet ANOTHER limited edition shade OPI won’t sell here, although you can get a mini of it in a pack, along with the other 2 LE shades from the Kerry Washington/Olivia Pope/Scandal-curated Washington DC autumn (fall) 2016 collection (neither of which I like). I’m after some more winter-y shades & this purple-y plum could be a winner for my Clear & Cool/Clear Winter skin. (If you have one of the Color Me books, like Color Me Beautiful, you’ll know what I mean by that.)


hauls, nail polish

From left to right:
Urban Jungle

Topless & Barefoot
A few pale ladies swear that this is a perfect nude for our skin tone, so naturally I'm keen to find out.

Peak Show
Guilty Pleasures

Brides No Grooms
I'd been looking for Knockout Pout & every time I did I kept picking this up (even though it's darker than Knockout Pout), so I took it as a sign that I needed to get it.

Secret Story
I've wanted this one for ages, but now I have it I’m disappointed with the watery formula, judging from the swatch I’ve done.

She's Pampered
Virgin Snow
Avenue Maintain
Strut Your Stuff*
Make Some Noise
First Timer
In The Cab-Ana*
Melody Maker
No Place Like Chrome*
Good As Gold*
Jazzy Jubilant
Summit of Style
Rock at the Top
Set in Stones

*denotes back-ups for bottles I already own

All of these below will be featured on the blog in the weeks & months to come as they are already released in Australia or are about to be (ooooooh sneak preview):

hauls, nail polish

From left to right:
Lounge Lover
Coconut Cove
Berried Treasures
Viva Antigua!
Loot The Booty
Tribal Text-Styles

hauls, nail polish

From left to right:
She's a silver-y linear holo from the latest fall/autumn collection (although the holo doesn't really show unless you hit a light source). I wanted Ash, Britta & Finley too, but unfortunately couldn’t find them anywhere.


I’ve heard this is a deadset dupe for OPI’s Lost My Bikini in Molokini, so if you’re looking for a shade like Serenity, that’s a good place to start.
One word: stunning. 

Almost didn’t buy this due to the potential dupe factor, but guilt got the better of me.

You can’t tell I was a big fan of Zoya's Paradise Sun & Island Fun summer 2015 collections can you?


Seriously cannot WAIT for the opportunity to wear this emerald green beauty on my digits! (Oh & in case you're wondering - no, she's not a dupe for Selene. Selene is more teal-green.)



hauls, nail care

10x swatch sticks on rings + 20x practise wheels
I needed both of these & whilst the rings weren’t all that cheap, they’ll serve me in the long run. I know I can buy this stuff off Born Pretty Store but I’ve had an issue trying to order through them before, hence why I went to my fave nail supply store in Brooklyn NYC to get this stuff…plus the majority of the Essie polishes…

Nail Tees Precision Beauty Tips 
For some weird reason we Aussies can’t get pointed cotton buds/tips here (unless someone wants to enlighten me?), so when I found these in a Harmon Face Values store on Staten Island, they were immediately added to basket. They’re not too shabby for cleaning up around your nails, provided you don’t apply too much pressure.

Zoya Mini Color Lock System 
Zoya polishes don’t tend to work with other brands of top & base coats – or at least they haven’t with my Essie top & base – so I want to see if using Zoya’s own brand will do the trick. This pack did come with a mini bottle of nail polish remover, but I ditched it in my brother’s bin as I was terrified of having it + all my new polishes confiscated at an airport. The lengths I'll go to to keep nail polish haha!

OPI Expert Touch Nail Polish Remover (15mL)
Now I know what you’re thinking: “Why did she ditch a perfectly good bottle of polish remover only to buy another one later?” Well, since I was taking a cruise all the way home to Sydney & there aren’t many restrictions on what you can take on board (well, not in terms of this stuff), plus I'd decided I might want to do my own nails during the 17 night trip home (see above photos of me sporting What I Like About Blue), I thought I’d buy this cute little bottle of my fave polish remover for only $3US. I almost re-purchased the Zoya one though.

Essie All-In-One base coat

2x nail art brushes
I needed another clean-up brush as mine had become rather frayed. I ended up getting these 2 for free. Score!

2x glass nail files
When I was last in New York 2 years ago, I stumbled across these glass (or are they crystal?) nail files whilst browsing in Ricky's NYC (which, for those of you who've never been there, it's basically a beauty supply franchise) & bought the same blue one featured in the photo above. I absolutely loved it and was a bit upset when it smashed into several pieces on the floor of my Berlin hotel room. Never fear though: when I went back to NYC on this recent trip, I bought 2 of these so I won’t have to go through the same “trauma” again.

2x Poshé fast-drying top coat
At long last I get the chance to try this! I’ve already used it once with the aforementioned China Glaze polish (see above photos) & it’s really good. It is a touch thick though, so I may have to thin it out. 

2x Orly Flash Dry Drops
As I just mentioned in a rather roundabout way earlier, Orly are no longer stocked in Australia and I’m close to running out of these drops, so naturally I don’t want to be without. These bottles should last me a while methinks. 

Boots 6-way buffer
Only bought this out of desperation after the Ricky's nail file saga. It’s ok, but not half as good as my Sally Hansen 4-way buffer…or that beloved aforementioned crystal/glass nail file for that matter.

100 cuticle sticks (not pictured) 

With all of these polishes + the ones I already own, my collection is now around the 115 mark…oops...I know at some stage I’ll end up culling my stash & giving the unwanted ones away, so I’m not too concerned about that number. Right now I need another polish holder as mine is full to capacity & there's polishes all over the place! (Santa, any chance you could put this under the tree this Christmas?)

I haven't swatched all of my new polishes yet, but if there is one (or more) you would like to see featured on the blog, let me know in the comments below & I'll do my best!

Missed the first 2 Trip Haul posts? Play catch-up here and here. Linking up yet again with the Monday Makeup Madness peeps.

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  1. This is an amazing haul! I absolutely love turquoise too, and will be wearing it come Summer myself. It's such a cheerful colour. I love your array of Zoya polishes too, they are such pretty shades!

    1. Thanks Di! Aquatic shades like turquoise make me happy for some reason. Might be because they best suit my skin tone. I was trying to think of a funky way to present my Zoyas & I'm pretty happy with how I shot that photo. :o)

  2. So many pretty shades. I love all hues of blue or green. Alicia is gorgeous. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Yay for another blue & green lover! Alicia is nice, but I prefer the holo to stand out a lot more tbh. I haven't worn it yet, so I can't pass full judgement.

  3. What a fantastic nail related haul!

    I can see why you love the turquoise micro shimmer nail polish! It's absolutely gorgeous!


    1. I know right? So glad I didn't resist buying it. Can't wait to rock it again this summer!

  4. Oh wow, this is crazy! But I'm in love with the ESSIE collection. Gosh, they make such an amazing colors. I would buy them all. :D

    Michelle Morchella

    1. What can I say, my polish collecting habits know no bounds sometimes hehe. Out of all the mainstream brands Essie is probably my favourite, due to all the colours. Such a shame that I can't get most of them in Australia though - we have a lot of pinks & reds & colours "normal" people wear, but we don't sell a lot of the gorgeous blues & greens that they have.

  5. Wow, what a haul! I just got a new Essie polish called Smokin' Hot. It was the only colour they had in stock at the store that wasn't like something I already own! lol. Smokin' Hot is a dark plummy, smokey shade. Great for fingers and toes. I just wonder about the shades that were out of stock!? :D

    1. Thanks Amy! I've never heard of that Essie shade before, might be an older one as I couldn't find it on their website. Might have to Google it to check it out!

  6. Well I'm in colour heaven babe! Absolutely blissing out over those Zoya blues - the hues you chose are all stunners. I see a lot of Essie shades on Pinterest and I'm forever saving them just so I can energeise my senses later on. Mind boggling haul Shell xxx

    1. I knew you would be Kats! Yep, all the Zoyas are pretty damn stunning & I'm so happy I've got my hands on them as they're hard to come by here. Essie's got a great colour range, so no wonder you've saved a whole heap of them!


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