Friday, 2 December 2016

Empties Time! (November)

empty beauty products

Another month down and time yet again to take out the beauty trash!

Compared with previous months, my tally for November wasn't too high; but there are some items in here that I'm soooooooooo glad I've finished as they were bugging me.

empty beauty products

bhave rescue intense repair shampoo
Both this + the other shampoo below were almost finished at the end of October, but I couldn't quite justify putting them in the previous empties post, so here they are now. I liked this shampoo, it did keep my hair in good nick, in conjunction with the matching conditioner & bhave's deep conditioning masque. My hairdresser has commented at least once on how soft my hair is/was & how my hair is/was in good condition. However, at times I felt that this didn't really clean my hair all that well + if I didn't wash it out properly, it left my scalp with flaky residue. This bottle took over 18 months to use up & tbh I'm over it & ready to try something new. Ah, the curse of beauty blogging! Repurchase? Yes, but maybe not for now. I am a bit torn about my decision though.

bhave rescue intense repair conditioner
As far as a conditioner goes, this was pretty good. It has quite a lot of slip & it left my hair feeling oh so soft. I did have to be careful to wash it all out though as it could make my ends look quite limp. Repurchase? Yes but like the rescue shampoo, I probably won't for now.

bhave magnify volumising shampoo
I'm so meh about this shampoo. It didn't give my roots the volume it needs/craves - that got sent to my mid-lengths & ends instead. I noticed when I was using this during my Battle of the Curling Wands series that my scalp was getting a bit drier than normal, therefore my oil production was going into overdrive. Also had the same itchy scalp problem with this as the shampoo above. Repurchase? No.

Sukin Energising Scrub with Coffee & Coconut (review)
I won't talk about this since I've already reviewed it, but all I'll say is that my feelings about this are more nay than yay. Repurchase? No.

empty beauty products

Burts Bees Coconut Foot Lotion
A semi-regular in my empties & something I won't live without. Repurchase? Already did x2.

The Jojoba Company 100% Jojoba Oil x2
Regulars will know I've been devoted to this facial oil for ages, but now I'm scrambling to use up all my bottles as I want to move on to a facial oil that will actually sink into my skin rather than sitting on top of it & making me look like a grease monkey, which this sadly does to me. I've been using it as a body oil & it works well. Repurchase? I've still got a small bottle to use up (still using it as a facial oil as there isn't much left), but after that I won't be repurchasing.

Lanolips Everyday Hand Cream (Rose)
I've been looking for an alternative to my beloved Botani hand cream & whilst this isn't the new HG for me, it's a good compromise. I do feel at times my hands soak this stuff up far too quickly, but it doesn't leave me with a wet feeling, nor does it leave my hands feeling overly dry. It'll do for now. Repurchase? Probably. 

Nivea Invisible for Black & White roll-on deodorant
Staple deodorant, not much to report on here except I hate it when I get near the bottom & there's a tiny bit left, but it's impossible to get it out. Repurchase? Got a full one + a half-finished one to get through first.
Karuna Anti-Oxidant+ Face Mask
Don't know what to think about this one. It felt the same as the Hydrating (sheet) Mask I binned in August, maybe slightly more comfortable. My skin yet again drank this up like it was thirs-tay. I noticed that my face felt hot after I removed it, but this tends to happen whenever I use a mask of any kind. Not sure why that happens. Note: If you get one of these masks, be prepared to use up the excess serum over several days/nights. Repurchase? Probably not as I didn't see any changes to my skin post-use.

Orly - Flash Dry Drops
This isn't entirely finished, but I can't seem to get the last little bit into my eye dropper so it's time I bin this. I've had this bottle for close to 3 years now & its served me well. Repurchase? Already have x2. Don't want to run out!

Essie - Good To Go (un-finished)
Yep, another half-empty bottle of my favourite top coat going to waste. I can't deal with it once it begins to thicken & get stringy (which is what's happened yet again here), which generally occurs about 4-5 months after opening sadly. All the thinner in the world can't seem to restore it to its former good to go (haha) glory. I'm hoping this won't happen with the 2 bottles of Poshé top coat I bought in America. Repurchase? Yes, but not for now since I have the Poshé top coats to get through.

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How did you do in the empties department last month? Can you recommend a good facial oil to me? (Please don't mention rosehip oil!) 


  1. I am so sad knowing that one day I will run out of my bhave products, I love them so much

    1. Luckily I've got a few products left (hair mask, the riot control oil + a bit of the leave-in creme I decanted into a travel bottle, the rest of it went to a better home). I'll be sad once I run out of the hair mask though, that stuff's great!

  2. a very impressive empties collection!!! im tryin really hard to finish some makeup, but skincare is always first in the bin!

    1. Thanks! I rarely finish makeup - about the only things that are anywhere near close to finishing for me in that department are some mineral foundation, a lipstick & this invisible lip liner I bought in the US. Skincare's always the first thing in the bin for me too!

  3. I love the bhave Rescue shampoo and conditioner! They are my holy grail of hair products! I wish mine would last for 18 months! Lol!


    1. Oh I know you do Ingrid! I'm umming & aahing about whether to stay with them or move on, especially since I now have balayage in my hair.

  4. i also love the burt bees foot cream ! really hydrating and awesome !

    1. I know right? It saves my feet every single time.

  5. Bet you feel heaps better after finishing off this lot Shell - my post should be up this week. I'm currently trialing the Jojoba Company Natural Pigmentation Oil - loving it so far, yet to see any improvement in my pigmentation but it's early days yet xxx

    1. I certainly do Kats! It's always a relief to finish stuff you've had in your beauty stash for ages. I've thought about trying the Pigmentation Oil, but given my issues with citrus, I thought it was wise to steer clear, despite having no reactions when I tested it.


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