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My Favourite Fashion Finds of 2016

2016 fashion favourites

Hola mi amigas!

Today I'm sharing with you my favourite fashion finds of 2016. Clothes, accessories, shoes - you name it, it's in this list. You're going to see a bit of a duochromatic theme here - for someone who loves colour so damn much, I'm surprised that all of my fashion faves for the year are either black or some kind of blue!

Some of these items you will have seen flatlayed/collaged in my Shopping Cart posts (which will be back next year, don't worry) & others you will have seen in other posts throughout 2016, but today....*inhale*....I'm actually going to be modelling these items for you! *exhale* Yep, that's right, you're finally going to see what I look like for realsies. Be gentle with me! I'm really fucking nervous (not to mention terrified!) about exposing myself, but I figure it's about time it happened.

*takes deep breath* Here goes nothing...

maxi dress, sandals, Decjuba, Faded Glory

Decjuba mosaic print maxi dress + Faded Glory sandals (both old)
This maxi dress is not only one of my favourite items purchased this year, but one of my favourite dresses period, despite being poorly made (either I or one of my folks has had to re-stitch the bust several times). I love the fact that I can either wear it loose or (my preferred way of wearing it) tie the waist ties to give me definition and I also love how comfortable it is to wear - floaty even. It's also a perfect length for my height and I adore the busy print (it hides stains well lol). I've worn this dress to every single gathering I've been to over Christmas (which wasn't many), including Christmas Day at my aunt's place & not once has it let me down. I've found that a wedge doesn't really work with this dress, so I tend to pair it with sandals, whether they be these terribly comfy (not to mention cheap) babies that I purchased from a Walmart in Hawaii, or a T-bar sandal.

sandals, Faded Glory
Faded Glory sandals

jewellery, rose gold, cuffs
Rose gold cuff (left)
I've jumped on the rose gold everything bandwagon for reals this year & whilst I'm probably 2000-and-late in adopting the trend, I really couldn't give 2 hoots. This cuff (which, if you recall my April Shopping Cart post, was purchased down in Bowral) is just gorgeous & I love wearing it. It was also affordable for costume jewellery too.

fashion, blouses, shorts

shoes, wedges, sandals
Hush Puppies Xola Wedge

Tokito City sleeveless blouse + Saba stripe shorts + Hush Puppies Xola Wedge (all old)
2016 was the year I finally conquered my fear & loathing of shorts. I've had this rather horrid relationship with my legs in the past & I wasn't (and, to some extent, am still not entirely) comfortable with exposing them above my knees. I think that's partly because I have a lipoma on my right knee (it's not a tumour folks) & also partly because I've hated my muscular thighs. However, 3 things managed to turn all of that around: this post by Sonia Styling, my Mum convincing me that I didn't look bad in these shorts & I ought to have them + my own realisation that actually, my legs are pretty friggin' good, just quietly. I won't waffle on much further, other than to say that I love the loose leg fit of these shorts & the sleeveless blouse from Tokito City + a wedge heel complement them perfectly. Although I've tied the blouse at my waist for this photo, I generally wear it half-tucked into my shorts.

St Frock, skirts, midi skirts

St Frock Chasing Kate Vanessa Polka dot skirt (old)
This skirt from Sydney boutique St Frock has scored me a lot of compliments ever since I purchased it. It's incredibly comfortable to wear & oh-so-floaty....a bit too floaty if you ask me, seeing as I've had many a Marilyn Monroe ala Some Like It Hot moment whilst wearing it. For some reason whenever I wear this there's a strong breeze around & I unintentionally flash my underwear to entire cities lol. Whilst this print has since sold out, there are other versions of Vanessa available on the website. I've featured it here with a KOOKAÏ black tank, but you could also wear a cami or an off-the-shoulder top in a different colour.

jeans, shirts, bag
Yours truly @ Cardiff Bay, August 2016.
Rockin' the double denim in my Portmans chambray shirt + Mavi Nicole skinny jeans + Kate Hill bag (all old)
AKA one of my new favourite outfit combinations to wear & one I've worn a lot since I got the Mavi jeans in Berlin. It's just so easy for me & everyone knows (or should know) that a light chambray shirt + either a white or a light to medium blue jean = winning in the fashion stakes. I have worn the chambray shirt with black jeans too, but there's something about this double denim combo that I just adore and I love the rose gold detailing & buttons. I usually roll up the cuffs on the jeans as they're a bit long, but with sneakers they're a good length. I've also worn the crap out of this bag since I purchased it pre-trip.

Mavi, t-shirts, ponte pants, sneakers, Sussan, FRANKiE4

Mavi, t-shirts, Sussan, ponte pants

FRANKiE4, black sneakers
Mavi Classic Tank (black) + Sussan ponte leggings (both old) + FRANKiE4 JENNi Black Reptile sneakers (left)
This was my flight outfit of choice whilst I was away, although I'd occasionally swap the Mavi shirt for a Just Jeans loose tee that I'd also brought with me. The ponte leggings were a major find & I can't thank Styling You enough for the suggestion as I would've been stumped as to what to wear on my bottom half, nor would I have been game enough to wear leggings in the first place. The only extras I wore whilst flying were either a lightweight trench coat or my leather jacket + a scarf of some sort. Stylish, comfortable & cosy - everything you ought to be when travelling!

Morgan & Taylor, fedoras, hats
Morgan & Taylor Kasmo Felt Fedora (old)
As far as I'm concerned, I cannot own enough hats & most of you will know why. I've already raved enough about the Carolina Panama Sombrero hat I wear in summer (I'm going to need a replacement soon as mine is falling to pieces in the crown + it's dirty) & this is its winter cousin of sorts. I loves me a wider-brimmed hat & I'm lucky that they suit me & my tall frame.

Portmans, coats

Portmans sleeveless coat (old)
Sleeveless coats/vests/gilets were a big thing last winter & yours truly wanted in on that trend oh so badly. Although this coat wasn't quite what I wanted (Portmans had one with a belt, but it'd sold out by the time I went to purchase it), I'm still glad that I invested in this because it quickly became a favourite item to wear on those days where it wasn't quite so cold. The gold zipper adds a touch of luxe to the garment & the coat genuinely keeps me warm, regardless of whether I zip it up or leave it open, as shown here. I usually wear it with a long-sleeved tee, jeans & either a pair of boots or my FRANKiE4 sneakers (see above) for an extra casj option; but here I've featured it with the tee + leggings from above because it's summer here & I didn't feel like sweating it out.

Sunglasses worn throughout are either from Boots in Cardiff, or Longs Drugs in Hawaii.

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What were your favourite fashion finds of 2016?


  1. Aloha Gorgeous Seashells (shells). Absoloutely beautiful and your smile radiates right back at us through the page.

    1. Mahalo Mandy! :o) I took way too many non-smiling photos at first that I figured I ought to mix it up.

  2. You look amazing in all those outfits! The polka dot skirt is my favourite 💙

    1. Thanks Su! The polka dot skirt is definitely a firm favourite of mine & something I really enjoy wearing. Wore it today actually.

  3. I love the Lookbook you created! And you're gorgeous! Nothing to be terrified about. Though I know what you mean, putting yourself out there can be so scary! Great post!!
    P.s. Don't judge me (I first thought your watermark was a tattoo. "my initial thought was wow! That's commitment!") Haha.

    1. Thanks Lubz! Yep, putting myself out there is something that absolutely scares the shit out of me, but sometimes you just have to put your big girl boots on & do it!

      LOLZ, no, I definitely would NOT get my blog name tattooed ANYWHERE on me! That said, I'd be a great walking advertisement if I did haha...but no, still wouldn't do it.

  4. I was making a note of what pieces I wanted to comment on as I was reading, soon realised it was all of them...I loveeee all of these so much!!

    Laura || xx

    1. Awwwwwwwwww thanks Laura! I'm glad you like them all - naturally I do too haha.


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