Monday, 5 December 2016

My Polish Picks For Summer

In case you missed it, summer has arrived in Australia & I for one am excited. Bring on the warm & sultry days, pretty dresses & of course, more opportunities to get my mani/pedi game on.

This week on TNL, I'm going with a summer theme of sorts to celebrate the current season & today I'm going to share with you all what I reckon are great polish shades for summer.

It wouldn't be a nail polish-related post if I didn't include these shades! Turquoise is supposedly on trend for summer 2016/17, although in my mind it's never been un-trendy. The same goes for blues & aquas too. As I've often stated, I feel like all of these shades work well regardless of undertones; it's just a case of picking something that you think will work & going for it. I am however going to sneak a green in here that doesn't quite fit into the aquatic category, but is nevertheless a poppin' shade for summer.

nail polish

My picks (left-right): Essie - In The Cab-Ana, piCture pOlish - Chillax (the aforementioned green - stunning!), China Glaze - What I Like About Blue (blue-turquoise - see my swatches here), Kester Black - Monarch + Terrarium

Coral/melon is always a hot colour for summer & is something that works well on everyone....provided you get your undertones right. Cool girls like moi need to go for a coral or melon with a fair whack of pink in it to counteract all the orange. Warm girls, you can rock the orange tones all you like. Neutrals, yet again, you have the best of both worlds.

nail polish

My picks (left-right): Zoya - Wendy, Butter London - Trout Pout, Kester Black - Coral (good for you warm/neutral gals as it appears more orange)

New Year's Eve wouldn't be New Year's Eve without a bit of something shiny right? Whether it be gold, silver, pewter, champagne, copper or rose gold, pick yo' fave & sashay forth with some bling on your digits. Just remember your undertones before you go & take your pick - cool-toned lasses like myself look best in either silver or pewter, you warm-toned ladies look great in gold, copper & (perhaps) champagne, whereas you lucky lucky ducks in the neutral spectrum can wear any of these. If you're stuck, then choose rose gold as I firmly believe it works well on everyone, regardless of undertones.

nail polish

My picks (left-right): Orly - Rage (rose gold), Essie - No Place Like Chrome (silver) + Good As Gold (the latter is an antique-ish gold, so it'll work well if you have a cooler skin tone), OPI - Worth A Pretty Penne (copper), Kester Black - Frizzy Logic (warmer antique gold)

Another predicted polish trend for summer, but in all honesty it's not as if reds are ever out of style are they? Take your pick between your standard red, a pinky red or an orange red - just remember your undertones as always.

nail polish

My picks (left-right): Zoya - Haley, Essie - Hiking Heels, OPI - Coca Cola Red, Kester Black - Rouge (not pictured)

Some images are my own, the rest are from Kester Black, Shop Naturally, Zoya, Butter London, Essie and Amazon

This post was updated 30/11/17.

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What do you think about my picks? What polish shades do you like to wear in summer? Do you have any recommendations?


  1. I love coral, has to be my favourite colour!

    1. Coral is a great colour I have to admit. I wish I could rock the brighter/more orange corals, but alas, my skin tone doesn't work with them.


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