Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Annual Happy List: Reflecting On 2016

annual happy list

When I think about it, 2016 was fairly good to me & I can't really complain; I didn't have such a shitty year compared to others. I mean, sure, there was my skin cancer surgery & the subsequent aftermath to deal with + all the other horrible, awful stuff that went on in this crazy world of ours like too many iconic musicians & other celebs dying (especially in the last week), terrorism & political upheaval; but overall, I really see no reason to look at this year in a negative light....hence why this post is called The Annual Happy List!

So in the spirit of positivity & this post's title, here's all the things that made me personally happy this year:

Getting my first Liebster Award in March, from the lovely Felicia
Totally unexpected, but appreciated nonetheless. It's always nice to feel recognised.

Making it to my 1 year blogiversary 
Big time achievement for me. I'm sure there's plenty of people who start blogging, but soon give up for whatever reason. Despite numerous stress attacks, feelings of unworthiness & comparison + all the work that goes into publishing posts, I'm still here!

Having not 1, but 2 holidays this year (one of those being a trip of a lifetime)
How many people get to say that they've been overseas twice in one year? Ok, maybe businessmen & the rich & famous; but still, for us plebs it's not a common occurence. The cruise holiday I took back in April/May was just the thing I needed at a time where I felt kinda burnt out from blogging & in need of a refresh. The other holiday, of course, was the epic 2 month round-the-world trip that I had no idea I was going to be undertaking at the beginning of the year (thanks for the surprise, parents!)....and one that I've been blogging about here.

Mystery Island, Vanuatu, travel, paradise
Mystery Island, Vanuatu - 1st trip

Trabant, cars, Berlin, travel
An infamous Trabant car I saw at the East Side Gallery, Berlin - 2nd trip

Meeting up with a whole bunch of my friends overseas...
...including my mate Shane, who I'd never met but have known for 14 years. We met on my birthday up in Leeds (where he lives) & we had a great day, shooting the breeze, eating morning tea (and making him laugh when I mentioned that our brownie was #dryasarock), having a late lunch & nearly getting killed whilst crossing the road several times because we were too busy talking. The only bad part about the day was having to leave!
Only having to be cut open once for the aforementioned skin cancer surgery...and healing well from said surgery
It's been almost a year since I had the surgery & even now I still marvel at how good my scar looks & how un-noticeable it is in general. I'm kind of thinking about doing a post about it & everything else that went on in that time...what do you think?

Daring to change my hair colour, albeit ever so slightly
As you might've seen in Wednesday's post & as mentioned in yesterday's post, not only have I changed hairdressers this year, but just recently I've switched up my 'do a bit & delved into the world of balayage. I felt like a change & that change had been a'comin' for a while as I began to grow bored with my dark chocolate mane. I'm still not sure if I'll stick with balayage or go back to having an all-over colour, but I admit it's been fun flirting with the lighter side. 

Learning more about myself
I'm going to expand on this in a future post; but let's just say that travel is a great educator, not only in terms of seeing the world & expanding your horizons, but learning about yourself & what you're capable of.

I finally stopped hating on my legs....and conquered my fear of activewear in the process
Sometime towards the end of this year & whilst on my trip of a lifetime, I had a bit of an epiphany in a change room (of all places) & decided that actually, my legs weren't too shabby thanks very much & that yes, I don't look too bad in activewear. Again, this is something I'll expand upon in a future post, but it was a big wake-up call for me after a long time spent self-loathing & self-judging. It's also made me more determined to spread a message of body confidence to every woman out there, no matter what her size, shape or age. That's something I'm hoping to talk more about on the blog in 2017 because, well, it's bloody important.

This is my last post for 2016! I'm going to take a little break for now & will be back around mid-late January. I'll still be popping in here in between to comment etc, so I won't be abandoning ship entirely! I haven't set a date for my return, but stay tuned regardless. 

To all my readers, I'd just like to wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2017 be kind & wonderful to you! 

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What made you happy this year (or last year, if you're reading this in 2017)?


  1. I love these, especially the idea of self love (i.e. legs haha) it's such a good idea. Happy New Year lovely xx

    Laura ||

    1. I know self-love might make you sound like a wanker, but given how many of us hate on our bodies for whatever reason, I do think it's a good idea to turn that around. Happy New Year to you too Laura!

  2. Happy New Year Shell! Hmm 2016 was actually pretty good to me.. in terms of health and relationships.. can't complain much.

    1. Happy New Year to you too Kerri! Glad to hear 2016 was good to you too, especially given the state of the world.

  3. Wow two overseas trips in one year, how lucky are you! I'm so glad you no longer hate on your legs, that's a wonderful breakthrough. I had a swimsuit moment about a year ago where I started not caring what anyone thinks, it's so freeing! Happy New Year! x

    1. I know, I'm incredibly lucky. :o)

      Yep, it's SO freeing once you stop caring what anybody thinks (or your inner voice for that matter)! I'm so glad I had that moment & all the others I've had along the way - I just hope & wish that every other woman can have those moments too.


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