Monday, 30 January 2017

The Shopping Cart (Post-Xmas/January)

The Shopping Cart

One of my most popular series - The Shopping Cart - is back for another year! It's been a hot minute since the last one, but between the trip & conserving my pennies get the drill.

In case you're new to this blog, The Shopping Cart is where I round up all my purchases for your voyeuristic pleasure & tell you about each of them. As always, any sales or links mentioned in this post are correct at the time of publishing. If by chance those links are broken or sales are no longer happening by the time you read this post, then I can't nor won't be held responsible.

Let's see what I spent my Christmas dosh on:


I put in an order with Alive Skin & Hair early in the New Year & the next 4 items below are what I bought:

bhave, Inika, beauty, hauls

bhave Rescue Pack (sold out)
I know I've mentioned that I wanted to move on & try other haircare brands, but having had a break from bhave, I'm now running back to it like a lover begging for forgiveness because I've realised the Rescue shampoo & conditioner are just too good to ever stray from! Besides, this pack gives me the chance to try the Super Nova Elixir Spray, which I've been keen as mustard to check out. Plus it came with this cute gold metallic clutch bag (see below) that I'm sure I'll use for something. I almost didn't want to break open the packaging as it was all nicely contained!

bhave, GWP, bag

bhave Deep Conditioning Masque
I began to run out of this in the lead-up to Xmas & given that my current tube has expired, it was a good time to pick up a fresh tube. The contents of the old tube are still working though (getting through it slowly but surely), but it appears my new one doesn't have such a date on it. Maybe bhave decided to do away with the expiry date??

INIKA Organic Loose Mineral Foundation in Grace (porcelain skin)
I'm pretty close to finishing my current pot of this so I thought now would be a good chance to stock up, especially since Alive Skin & Hair now stock INIKA. I normally buy mine from Myer in Pitt St Mall, but I can't always rely on them to have my shade...especially since that shade is outside of the light-medium spectrum.

Aspect Try Me Kit
You might remember me mentioning this in a previous post - whilst I didn't get it on December 25th, I'm considering it a belated Xmas prezzie to moi. I'm excited to try the Extreme B & C serums; the cleanser & moisturiser in this kit is just an added bonus. I've yet to test these out on my skin (although I think I might be in for a reaction with at least 1, if not all of these products, if the ingredients list is anything to go by), but I'm kinda hoping I'll hate the serums because they're exxy AF! Edit: đź’™ the B serum, the C serum unfortunately made my face flush so I've stopped using it. The cleanser + moisturiser all contain high amounts of ingredients that I know I'll react to as well, so I won't be using them & have wasted my money....still, it was worth it to try the B serum I guess!

I also received samples of Skinstitut's L Lactic Cleanser (which I won't be using as it contains a high amount of a sulphate) + a cleansing body gel from ASAP (which I will use at some stage).

Now for some other stuff...

nail polish remover wipes

Manicare x We Are Handsome nail polish remover wipes in Coconut & Lime + Ocean Breeze (limited edition)
I know I said I wasn't going to be buying any more nail polish remover wipes, but considering how much I hoarded loved the last Manicare x WAH bunch of wipes, plus Priceline had a Pink Dot sale on this brand brainer, I had to have them. Sadly, these ones smell nowhere near as good as the Pineapple Crush & Melon Sorbet wipes from the previous collaboration. The Coconut & Lime wipes smell exactly like Manicare's standard coconut remover wipes (I can't detect any lime from it) + the Ocean Breeze wipes smell like Toilet Duck know, the things you put in your loo to stop the toilet from smelling "fragrant" when you flush. I'll still use them, but they won't be re-purchased, let's put it that way...

Not pictured here, but also purchased was some more sunscreen (my usual Cancer Council Sensitive sunscreen + the new Sensitive Invisible one from Ego SunSense that fellow beauty lovers have been talking about), OPI's Expert Touch Nail Polish Remover (the purple one - I'm running out) and another can of Caudalie's Grape Water because (a) my small can has run out & (b) it's not as expensive here as I thought it was.


French Connection, Carolina, dress, hat

French Connection, dress, Carolina, hat

French Connection Stayton Tencel Shirt Dress (size 10) - I went up a size for a relaxed fit in the arm & hips/upper thighs - dress is lightweight in feel & out of my comfort zone in terms of hem length - frontal split concerns me, keep thinking I'm gonna flash someone lol) // Carolina Panama Sombrero Hat (I believe this is a Medium - all it says is 5 underneath - you finally get to see it after I've banged on so much about it! - this is a replacement, my previous Carolina hat has fallen apart badly)

Decjuba, dress, maxi dress

Decjuba dress, maxi dress, black sandals, Sandler

Decjuba Cebu Maxi Dress in Leopard Print (size 8 - baulked at paying $159.95 for it initially, scored it for $80 + $10.95 shipping online since I couldn't find it in-store post-Xmas - don't know what shoes to wear with it! - P.S. I'm not wearing makeup in this photo, cba putting it on in 36C weather) // Sandler Duo sandals in Black (size 10 - originally had my eye on another pair of sandals, but they were too loose throughout - never owned a black sandal until now - wanted them to go with the Decjuba dress, but they don't go together IMO - they do go with the FC dress though)


Shorts, PJ's, Cotton On Body

Cotton On Body shorts (size S)
Can't go wrong with a $10 pair of shorts for bed!

PJ's, Peter Alexander

Peter Alexander Sweets short & eye mask set (size M - eye mask not featured), Ice Cream PJ pant (size S), Animal Lover tee (size S) & Little Frenchie boy short (size M)
I have a love-hate relationship with Peter Alexander. You see, his sleepwear is on the expensive side, yet I can't help but wander into one of his stores & coveting ALL THE THINGS because they're so cute & pretty & nice &....yeah. At normal retail prices, these 4 items would've set me back roughly $220; I got all 4 for just over $100. Score! If I'm honest though, I didn't really need the tee as I have enough sleep tees already, but I'd had my eye on it in the past & liked the wording on it. Don't really care for the (non-featured) eye mask in the set either, but the shorts were too cute to pass up.

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Did you bag a bargain at the post-Christmas sales?


  1. I love both your new dresses (and best wishes for not flashing anyone in the blue one lol). I've been meaning to try nail polish remover wipes for a while now - thanks for the heads up that these don't deliver fragrance-wise!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. Lucky I wear underwear, otherwise people would cop an eyeful lol. It is long enough to cover my bum, so thankfully there is a saving grace...although I still have to hold onto it whenever a gust of wind pops up.

      RE: The nail polish remover wipes, you're better off trying the normal ones Manicare have in either coconut or floral scent. The normal ones work just as well as these LE ones do.

    2. Thanks Shell, I will make a note in my phone for my next trip to Priceline :)

  2. Those dresses look fantastic on you, hun xx

  3. Love everything you bought Shell, and LOVE this idea for a post - more please xxx

    1. Thanks lovely Kats! I've never guaranteed that I'll have this post every month, but I do try!

  4. That shirt dress is fab! Love the print of the Decjuba dress as well. Looking forward to more of these posts.

    1. Thanks Beth! I love the print on the Decjuba dress too - they've got the same dress but in a dark palm print. I love that one as well, but I'm waiting for it to go on sale before I nab it. Can't wait to wear the one I've got though.


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