Monday, 27 February 2017

Empties Time! (January/February)

January/February 2017 empties

Hola mi amigas!

Today's post is a good ol' fashioned empties post. I didn't do one in January because I felt like I didn't have enough products to warrant such a post, so I rolled them all over to this month instead. My poor empties box was getting quite full by the time I shot this, so it's definitely time I showed you what I'm tossing out!


January empties 1

OPI Expert Touch Nail Polish Remover
One of my most re-purchased products, because it's damn good. This large bottle lasted me roughly 6-9 months, so I got my $18 worth out of it. I buy mine from a beauty supply, which helps keep costs down. Repurchase? Already have.

Eco by Sonya Coconut Mylk Nourishing Moisturiser
My standard body lotion of choice. It does the job & doesn't have a scent, despite containing coconut oil. It's a good body moisturiser for the warmer months (i.e. right now in Australia). Repurchase? Yes, but not until I get through some other body lotions/butters first. (I have noticed though that the new pumps have decreased in size...I wonder if the price has gone down too?)

Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm
Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiime to saaaaaaaaaay gooooooooooodbyyyyyyyyyyyye...I was #totesdevo when I finished this! I've raved to all & sundry about this cleansing balm - even declaring it one of my biggest beauty discoveries of 2016 - & when I finished it, I was wishing I had another jar on hand....then lo & behold, I found it in a chemist at Bondi & instantly rejoiced. Thank you very much, take to the counter, pay up, cya later. Repurchase? Um der, I just said I did!

Caudalie Grape Water (100mL size)
I liked this! I found the hydration effects were a little more long-lasting, as opposed to your standard thermal water sprays. I put it to the test during a mini-heatwave Sydney had a few weeks back & it was ok, but it did evaporate quickly in the 44-45C heat. I think I'll be switching between this & my usual Avéne thermal water as this isn't quite as expensive here as I thought. Repurchase? Already have & in the 200mL size.

January empties 2

Pacifica Essential Makeup Removing Wipes
Out of the 3 packets of these wipes that I kept for myself (the other 2 went to a better home), these were the only ones I really used on my face to remove makeup...and that's how I discovered that they weren't suitable. Aside from being heavily jasmine-scented, the wipes also made my face feel dry afterwards, so they were soon relegated to my handbag for removing makeup swatches/cleaning my hands. They certainly worked in the removal department, but you're better off sticking to a better brand of makeup removing wipes or your usual cleanser instead. Repurchase? No.

Andalou Naturals Instant Luminous Face Mask (single use)
I really liked this! Despite having a few ingredients that my skin doesn't always gel with, I thankfully didn't suffer any reactions to this mask. Although I did feel a bit hot with it, afterwards my skin didn't appear fact, my skin appeared rather luminous thank you very much! I will note that you get more than one use out of this: I managed to get about 5-6 uses (including using it on my Mum for an at-home facial) out of it by applying it fairly thin. Repurchase? Definitely, but not for now as I have other masks to get through.

O&M Know Knott Detangler (Mini) (REVIEW)
As someone with easily knotted/tangled hair, this stuff was a lifesaver! It did the job incredibly well + it smelt bloody good too. This small bottle lasted me roughly 18 months, but I didn't use it all the time. Repurchase? At some stage I will, but I'm now using bhave's super nova elixir spray for detangling instead.

Oral-B Satin Tape
Dental floss of choice. Simples. Repurchase? Already have.

No Bleeding Lips lip liner
I'm sad to see this go! I know there's some iffy reviews on it, but I found this worked really well with my lips. I think those iffy reviews had a lot to do with user error - you don't actually line your lip lines with it, you use it to line above your lip line, so that if you wipe your face you don't have a lipstick trail up to your nose or something. I wish I'd bought a few more of these whilst in the States last year because it didn't last long sadly. Repurchase? Yes, if I either went back to America or if Sephora began selling it here.

Avéne Spot Treatment Pen
My skin was misbehaving throughout January - blame that on products breaking me out & too much sugar/chocolate/avocado* consumption - so I went through another one. Never lets me down. Repurchase? Of course!

February empties 1

bhave deep conditioning repair masque
💙 this hair mask! We may have had our ups & downs (sometimes it leaves my ends feeling a bit drier than usual), but I know now that I could never use another hair mask other than this one. Expect a post about this & some other bhave products coming up soon! Repurchase? Already have.

Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant (REVIEW)
Yassssssssssss I'm so glad to have finally finished this. My view on this product hasn't changed all that much since I reviewed it last year, although I have noticed that my skin does look a bit brighter post-use & it may feel smoother. Still not enough for me though. Repurchase? Nope, this was disappointing.

Lanolips Rose Everyday Hand Cream
Now my new hand cream of choice since Botani no longer stock their hand cream in Priceline. Whilst this isn't quite as thin or as good as my beloved Olive Hand Cream, it does the job & my hands seem well moisturised. All I can ask for really. Repurchase? Got another 1 on the go as I type.

Sensodyne Repair & Protect + Whitening
Usual toothpaste I use, nothing much else to say other than it does whiten my teeth a little & keeps them protected. Repurchase? Already have & always will.

Manicare x We Are Handsome nail polish remover wipes (Ocean Breeze)
You might remember me mentioning in the last Shopping Cart post about how crap these smelt. Sure, they do the job (just like Manicare's regular nail polish remover wipes), but the smell is so bitterly disappointing that I really wish that Manicare had just re-produced the Pineapple Crush & Melon Sorbet wipes again! Repurchase? Nope, no way.

February empties 2

Karuna Brightening Sheet Mask
Out of the sheet masks I've tried from Karuna so far, this might just be my favourite. It wasn't as wet as the others I've used & I did get a bit of a glow from it afterwards, but not as much glow as the Andalou Naturals face mask I mentioned above. Repurchase? Maybe.

Kevin Murphy Angel.Wash shampoo (mini size)
In my quest to find a replacement for my bhave shampoo & conditioner, I gave this fellow Aussie brand a go since I'd been curious about them for a long time. I'm really glad I didn't purchase the full size of the Angel range of shampoo & conditioner (for fine & coloured hair) because I can't say I was overly impressed. Sure, it smelt great (smelt like orange musk sticks) & it did keep my coloured hair in decent nick, but it didn't have the wow factor. Repurchase? No, not now that I've gone back to my true love, bhave's rescue shampoo & conditioner.

Nivea Invisible for Black & White roll-on deodorant
Deodorant of choice. Simples. Repurchase? Just started on my next one.
I'm also purging some items just because. A couple of them I don't use (the sunscreen + Lily Lolo palette), 1 of them has become unusable (Essie's All-in-One) & the last one (Butter London's Nail Foundation base coat) I just simply can't be bothered using any more.

Beauty products being tossed out

Products Finished In January: 10
Products Finished In February: 8
Products Finished So Far This Year: 18

*I know it sounds weird, but avocado/avocado by-products (like the oil) break me out sadly.

It's Monday again, so that means it's time to link up with the Monday Makeup Madness crew. 

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How many products did you finish during January & February?


  1. I have a target of 100 products a year...last year I think i made it to 80 so this year I have lifted my game and thus far Ive used 29. Some of those were 40ml travel sized products but even so im still proud of myself and include on my list was a blush and a color tattoo....pretty impressed with that :)

    1. Wow, 100 products & you've already finished 29? Amazing. I don't really care if it's full-sized or travel-sized, finishing ANYTHING is great, especially if you've had it lying around for a while. It'll take me forever to finish a blush!

  2. Great Work Shell.
    Its funny, the pixi balm didn't work for me at all, I found it incredibly sticky and so difficult to remove, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Oh really? That's a shame. I guess it works differently for everyone.

  3. ooh, i want to try the Pixi cleansing balm. The bit of OCD in me is loving the idea of keeping the running total of products each month and to date. I never thought to do this. I didn't get a chance to blog at all in Jan, and my empties box was so overflowing i ended up just taking a pic and then recycling all of it. It was just too much!

    1. Do so, it's good stuff, especially during the colder months. I'm saving my next jar for late in another 3 months time haha.

      I got the tally idea from a fellow blogger (Bows & Pleats) - I thought it'd be a bit of fun seeing just how much I can finish up this year.

  4. i love the no bleeding lips lip liner. i find that it really works for me !

    1. I really liked it - I just wish it were available here in Australia, that's all. :o(

  5. It must have been satisfying trashing all that packaging xx

  6. So many empties!

    Like you I love the bhave range of hair care products! I look forward to reading your review once you have published it!

    I also love the Oral B Satin tape which I use every night.


    1. I know, but this is over the course of 2 months - some people finish 18 products in a month! I don't know how they do it tbh.

  7. I have to try Pixi. I heard such great things about their products.

    1. Do so! The cleansing balm is the only thing I've tried from them, but there's a couple more things I think I'd like to try.

  8. I love reading empties posts, because you know people have actually used them for enough time to really form an opinion on the products. I'll be writing mine this weekend.

    1. Empties posts sometimes get a bad rap amongst bloggers for being too basic to talk about subject wise, but I enjoy doing them. It's fun seeing what I've used up + it gives me a chance to write a mini review of each product.

  9. I agree 100% about the OPI Polish Remover. It and the Zoya Polish Remover are my two favorites, hands down.

    Cassie @ Southeast by Midwest

    1. I had a chance to try the Zoya polish remover whilst in the States last year, but I was worried about getting it through my luggage, so I left it behind. Kinda kicking myself now.

  10. Gee wiz Shell, my "must give it a try" list just got a whole lot longer with all the ones you repurchased already! Some gems in this lot that I must get my mitts on, thanks hon xxx

    1. Glad to be of enabling assistance! ;o)

  11. Such a great range of empties and products. I love the Caudalie Grape Water, it is so lovely! x

    1. I know! I dug mine out of the fridge yesterday & gave my face a spritz. So refreshing!


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