Friday, 3 February 2017

The Monthly Happy List (January)

Monthly Happy List

1 month down, another 11 to go. Can you believe we're already into February? This year will be over before we all know it!

But enough rambling about how fast the year is going (let's face it, it happens every year)...

In case you've never seen these posts before (I haven't posted one in ages, to be fair), the Monthly Happy List is (essentially) my way of rounding up all that was good in both my world & elsewhere each month. It's also a chance for you guys to get to know me & get to know what I've been digging recently etc. I try & keep it these posts positive (hence the name!) because let's face it, there's enough negativity & scary things happening out there in the world that I think we forget about the lighter & less heavy side of life.
So let's see what made me happy in January:


*Making it through January with my sanity in tact. For some reason last month I was way more emotional than usual & riding those waves when they arose was difficult. I also had some dark, troubled moments inside my head, which scared the hell out of me. Whilst none of these things were new to me, it was a reminder that one's mental health is something that one needs to be constantly on top of because at any moment, your mind can spiral out of control. I know this isn't really a happy thing at all, but it's important for me to acknowledge making it through such events when they occur - if I can consider it a positive, then I think you guys can/should too. I will talk more about my own mental health/mental health struggles down the track but for now, consider this a teaser.

*Last month also marked 1 year since I had my skin cancer surgery. Whilst I didn't do anything special to celebrate this milestone of sorts, I did take a bit of time to reflect on things & how well I've healed in the aftermath. I've been considering doing a post about it, but I'm unsure of how comfortable I would be having images of my scarred, scabby forehead plastered across the interwebs + I don't wish to freak you all out with those images - trust me, they're not pretty. What do you think? Let me know in the comments section below.

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*I'm going on another cruise! Except this one isn't on any ordinary date - I'll be spending Christmas & New Year 2017/18 on-board Celebrity Solstice with the parents, cruising via Melbourne & New Zealand. We've been talking cruising bucket lists for a while now & Celebrity is one of the few cruise lines we hadn't tried (but wanted to), so we my Mum figured this would be a great chance to do it. I went to NZ on a cruise nearly 3 years ago, but this one's going to a couple of places I've never been to before like Wellington & Picton (it's also going to Dunedin & the Sounds, which I did last time), so I'm looking forward to that and indulging in the on-board thermal suite.


*I'm gonna show some blogger love by sharing with you some of my favourite posts from January:

*PRICELINE 40% OFF SKINCARE SALE TIME AGAIN! This time around, the sale was held over 3 days (coinciding with Australia Day on the 26th January) & although I thought "maybe I won't buy anything this time", I couldn't quite help myself. Besides, I needed more hand cream, my normal cleanser is half-finished & I seem to lose lip balm at a rate of knots. I did consider picking up some products I haven't tried yet (like Trilogy's Make Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm) but my budget was limited & I couldn't afford to buy anything other than what I really needed, so this haul was a little boring:

Priceline skincare haul


*Didn't really check out anything new this month, so January's soundtrack is a retro-themed one & I'm kicking it off with this 2004 hit from Michael Gray. I'm not a fan of the video tbh (*snooze*scantily-clad women dancing about*/snooze*), but I can't deny that this is a cracking tune. If this doesn't get you pumped for those 2 glorious days of the week, then nothing will methinks.

*Another retro track I re-discovered last month was British band Supergrass' 1995 hit Alright. I forgot how fun that song is to sing along to! I'm pretty sure it was used in a TV ad here about 10-15 years ago, which might've been how I discovered it.....either that or my English mates put me onto it. Even my Mum really liked this tune when she heard it.
*Despite the majority of my neighbours being dickheads, I couldn't help but bop & sing along to a bit of James Packer's ex Mariah Carey's Shake It Off when one of those turdburgers (and he is a total turdburger, it must be said) was playing it loudly one day.

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What made you happy during January?


  1. Something to look forward to at the end of the year with your cruise.

    I love the photo that starts off this page......makes me want to jump up high too. It's a feel good photo.

    1. Indeed - I'm kinda excited right now. Oh & thanks for the comments re: the photo - it's a stock one, but I figure it's a good one for this type of post. :o)


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