Monday, 27 March 2017

The Lust List #3 (Autumn 2017 Edition)

the lust list #3

Hola mi amigas!

I haven't done one of these Lust List posts for about 9 months now *gasp*; so I figured with a new season in full swing, it was time to do another one! (I'm thinking I might make these posts a seasonal thing - good idea or bad idea? Let me know in the comments below.)

In case you've never seen these posts before (I've only done 2 of them, to be fair), The Lust List is like a sister to The Shopping Cart, except that the Lust List is essentially a wish list chock-full of stuff I'm itching to add to cart & get into my hot little hands.

So now that I've explained it all, howz about we get into it & see what I'm lusting after at present...

Image from FRANKiE4
New season boots from FRANKiE4
I mentioned at the start of the year that I'm after a pair of black ankle boots for winter & the SALLi & JAZZ boots from Australian company FRANKiE4 are up my alley. The pair of ankle boots I have right now aren't all that comfortable unfortunately (nor are they black), so these babies could be well worth the investment. I'm glad FRANKiE4 changed the toe style of their boots for this autumn/winter as I felt their previous boots looked like I had 2 rectangles for feet (I tried on the JAMiE's from last autumn/winter & thought "nope"). The gunmetal IZZY boots (see left) are a bit different to your usual black/tan/neutral shoe & I like them for that reason. I think they provide a nice counterpoint. IZZY's 7cm stacked heel height would be just right for me...any higher & I'd avoid them. I'm also lusting after the newly released GEMMA's in black too. EDIT: I now own a pair of black GEMMA's - see the June/July 2017 Shopping Cart post - & I'm still lusting after both SALLi & IZZY. JAZZ, on the other hand, has been scrapped due to the strange toe shape.

Image from Zoya

Zoya Charming collection - Abby (pictured right), Amira, Tina & Jordan
A Lust List post of mine wouldn't be complete if I weren't lusting after some limited edition range of nail polishes & whaddya know, Zoya's new spring collection has me frothing a bit (albeit in a ladylike, classy way). Much like my candle stash, I need new polishes like a hole in the head; but that still hasn't stopped me oohing & aahing over this pretty collection. Probably a good thing that Zoya is hard to come by here in Australia, otherwise these babies would be added to cart.

Image from Harlow & Co

KB Shimmer Nauti by Nature collection (pictured left: Tropic Like It's Hot)
Yep, more polish. Sorrynotsorry for this. I've mentioned this brand before in a previous Lust List (as well as a polish-related post) & I've got a feeling that they'll feature in a few more Lust List posts of mine. I'm salivating over the aforementioned Tropic Like It's Hot (anyone else feeling an urge to bust out a lil' Snoop Dogg?), Latitude Adjustment, Salt Water Sassy & Tempting Fête. God only knows when I'll be able to get my hands on them (international polish lovers like me can get them through Harlow & Co), but I'm hoping it'll be sooner rather than later. 

Activewear from Running Bare (not pictured)
I mentioned in my last post of 2016 that I'd conquered my fear of activewear & now I'd like to build upon the 1 outfit I have for whenever I decide to exercise (which for me consists of walking). With Sydney's weather currently behaving like a temperamental teen & me injuring one of my toes this past month (it's not broken, just bruised with possible ligament damage), I've been using all sorts of excuses not to get out & about; but I think some new shiny workout gear could perk me up in that department. I'm not going to list all the workout gear I'm lusting after (because that'd take forever), but I will say that I like this Australian brand's designs & prints. They look good to wear post-workout too. EDIT 5/9/17: Have just bought a whole stack of activewear, but not from Running Bare. You can check it out here.

A new pair of black jeans (also not pictured)
I tore holes in my black Twiggy skinnys from JAG for the 2nd time recently & decided it was time they were consigned to the rubbish bin. I've had 2 years worth of good use out of them & given that I have put on a few kgs recently, it's time to splash out on a new pair in my current size. I have re-tried on the Twiggy's but don't feel comfortable in them anymore. If my budget can afford it, then I would love to splash out on a pair of my beloved Alexa jeans from Mavi (the Double Black Gold Reform skinnys are calling me). EDIT: Those Mavis I just mentioned? They're a no-go for me sadly. However, I have since bought a pair of black skinny jeans from Guess - see the May edition of The Shopping Cart.

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What are you lusting after at the moment?


  1. Those nail polishes are such gorgeous colours! xx

    1. I know! All the other ones I mentioned are gorgeous too, but I didn't want to flood this post with a 1000 photos. ;o)

  2. I've just received a pair of the FRANKiE4 tan GEMMA boots. The are THE. MOST. COMFORTABLE. BOOTS. EVER! I'll be blogging about them in about 4 weeks time or so. I'm now lusting after the black ones too!


    1. Oh I'm ENVIOUS Ingrid! Can't wait to see your post about them! I wish I could wear tan, but alas it doesn't work with my skin tone. If they came in taupe I'd be all over them!


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