Friday, 3 March 2017

The Monthly Happy List (February)

Monthly Happy List

Hola mi amigas, happy Friday to you!

As this post goes live, I'll be slowly getting ready to go to my dermatologist for my first annual skin cancer check. (For those of you who don't know my skin cancer history, click here & have a read.) I won't lie & say that I'm confident about it because I'm not. In fact, I'm scared I've got another skin cancer, this time on the top of my right foot. I developed a scab there after I arrived back home from my trip last October & whilst the scab has gone, the mark still remains. The reason why I'm scared (nay, paranoid) is because I know full well that I haven't always applied sunscreen there due to worrying more about getting my feet dirty than sun exposure. Stupid reason, I know. I hope I'm wrong, but I guess I won't know until my dermatologist does the check. I'll be sure to mention the outcome (good or bad) in next month's Happy List.

Anyhoo, enough worrying, let's see what made me happy & what I dug in February:

Blogging happys


*Finally changing up my blog look! I know I swore in a previous post that if I did change templates then I'd go the whole hog & move from Blogger to WordPress; but I'm unable to afford that at present, so I figured I'd turn lemons into lemonade & work with what I can afford to do. I'm quite chuffed with my new header & the fact that I was able to design it myself is a bonus #newskillz. I feel that this blog of mine looks cleaner & perhaps a little more if I could just create a noticeable favicon I'll be set! (I've tried, the restrictive file size isn't working.) What do you think? Lemme know in the comments below.
*Finally gaining the courage to post about my battle with anxiety. I've been sitting on this post for a while & was going to post it during Mental Health Week last October, but it wasn't ready in time. I also considered holding onto it until Mental Health Week comes around this year, but given that I'd already alluded to having mental health issues in the last Happy List post, it seemed like the right time to put it out there. Thank you to those who have responded & also to those who have read it. As I said in the comments, if this post helps 1 person in some way (whether they be a sufferer or not), then I'll be happy.


*Just like last month (and every other month from here on out), I'm gonna show some blogger love & share with you my favourite posts from fellow bloggers from February:

  • Remaining on the mental health trail, the usually hilarious Vix Meldrew got all serious for a second & spoke of her own mental health battles in her post What I Wish My Friends Knew. If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to live with depression, or you have a loved one suffering from depression, then you need to read this too.
  • Finding out that my favourite lipstick brand Bite Beauty have now released lip pencils to match their lipsticks was like a "halleujah" moment & both Claire Talks Beauty + Health & Beauty Girl's posts about the lip pencils have me hoping that it won't be too long before they reach my shores.
  • Hayley from London Beauty Queen's Where Did All The Opinions Go? + Why I'm Proud To Be A 30+ Blogger also got a tick of approval from me. 
  • Emily from Casual Contrast's post about letting go of anxiety-driven perfectionism is something that resonated with me as I've felt that way a lot throughout my own life. My perfectionist tendencies have subsided somewhat as I've got older, but every now & again I still have those moments.
  • Ebony from The Black & White Guide talked about how owning a pet has changed her & taught her many valuable life lessons. As someone who grew up with pets (both dogs & the hermit crab phase I went through in Year 8), I know only too well how much joy they bring to your life. I still miss Diggy, our gorgeous pet greyhound who we sadly had to have put down nearly 7 years ago after he developed some health problems & was unable to walk. He was easily the best pet my family & I ever had & I can't recommend owning a greyhound enough. I could go on about it, but I'll save that for a future post.

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*On a separate note, can we talk the current series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here AU for a sec? The casting peeps should pat themselves on the back because IMO this is the best bunch yet. Sure, I still can't stand Keira Maguire from last year's Bachelor Australia (she's still fucking annoying & arrogant & self-centred &....I could go on, but I will give her props for settling down somewhat) & Tom Arnold was an epic fail in terms of casting, but I like everybody else who is/has been in there. I'm even finding myself agreeing with Steve Price on a few points & that never happens! (P.S. Does anybody think that we might get our first Queen of the Jungle this year? I'm hoping either the Queen of Facial Expressions + Snappy Comebacks Ash Pollard or maybe my birthday twin & Scream Queen Nat Bass will win. I also hoping it happens because as far as I'm concerned, I'm over having sportsmen win it. Dane Swan hasn't exactly done much since being in there.)


*February was a quiet month for me in terms of both new music & older re-discoveries. I did however find myself getting into UK duo AlunaGeorge's Not Above Love. I haven't liked a whole lot of their stuff other than Your Drums, Your Love + their Disclosure collab White Noise, but I like the groove/beat of this. Took me a while to figure out what Aluna was singing in the chorus though.
*Remaining on the UK tip, another act whose music I haven't been into for a while is Ed Sheeran. For some reason his last album passed me by (with the exception of the wedding song of 2014/15, Thinking Out Loud), but I felt hopeful once I heard him perform Castle on the Hill on The Project several weeks ago. I prefer the song in its live form as I feel like the recorded version needs stronger drums in the chorus. I saw him live when his first album was out & it was easily one of the best gigs I've ever been to; so if you're a fan of his (even if it's casual) & still haven't seen him live, then do so.

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What made you happy last month?


  1. The public holiday made me happy haha, ahh what a life.

    1. Gotta be grateful for the small things I reckon! ;o)

  2. I was watching I'm A Celeb but then accidentally got into Married at First Sight and now I'm stuck on that. Also watching Travel Guides because my uncle and aunty are in it hahahaha.

    1. I'm sort of following Married at First Sight via Gogglebox lol. How cool re: your aunty & uncle! I sort of have a connection to that show - SPOILER ALERT - in a later episode everyone will be on a cruise on Pacific Aria...and my Mum & I happened to be on that cruise when they were filming. We had no idea what the show was until I saw the ads & recognised the air hosties (who toooootally overacted when they won bingo one day lol).


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