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The Monthly Happy List (March)

monthly happy list

Hola mi amigas!

How are you? Hope all my Sydney followers coped ok with the bad weather this month. Between the clouds, the rain & the humidity, March has been a month to forget in that respect. I'd almost begun to forget what this >>>>>> 🌞 <<<<<<< looks like!

Regardless, March has also a huge month for the Monthly Happy List; so settle in for a looooong post:


*As I mentioned at the beginning of the last Happy List, I had my annual skin cancer check early this month & I'm pleased to report that I have no new lesions, nor anything to be concerned about. Turns out the aforementioned spot on my right foot is probably a scar from where the scab was. YAY! Of course, I still need to be vigilant in the sun & pro-active with checking my own skin in between visits; but to know that I haven't got anything to worry about right now is a relief.
*Beginning a morning cleansing regime again. I've always been haphazard with this & wondered why my skin felt grimy or dry when I went to cleanse of a night-time. Either that or I have done it for a few days before "life" got in the way & I forgot. Whilst I've skipped a morning here or there (for whatever reason), I've been able to jump back on the bandwagon the next day without beating myself up. I'm very pleased to say that I can definitely feel the change in my skin - it feels softer & less dehydrated. Maybe it has something to do with this new regimen, or with a product I'm going to mention in a brand new section further below...

*I finally hauled my lazy arse to the salon to get my hair re-dyed & instead of sticking with the balayage/ombré, I've gone back to my darker colour. Unfortunately the balayage/ombré made my ends really dry & tbh I was getting sick of sporting several tones in my hair (a few parts went blonde after the bleach was left on for too long), so I felt that a return to the dark side was for the best & I couldn't be happier. I feel more like me again & my hair feels healthier for having a decent chop too. I've been warned that I'll still see some balayage creeping through (which it is at present - you can't really see it in the photo), but I'm ok with that.


As usual, I'm gonna show a whole lotta blogger love by linking to some of my favourite posts from this month:

  • March has seen a number of mainstream polish brands bringing out their spring collections & I loved both Olivia Jade Nails' & Beautygeeks posts on China Glaze's Spring Fling collection. I wish we had better access to CG in Australia as their collections over the past few years have been pretty good. On the same tip, Casual Contrast's swatch post with indie brand KB Shimmer's new Nauti By Nature collection had me all #GrabbyHands. Tropic Like It's Hot = 😍😍😍 (I also loved her pastel leopard print mani with some polishes from OPI's Fiji collection too.)
  • Speaking of new collections...Styling You featured new autumn/winter boots from FRANKiE4 to die for. As you would've seen in my latest Lust List post, I have my eye on pretty much the entire collection!
  • I also loved Like Neon Love's post about her decision making process when buying a product as it's one I think we can all relate to. I go through a similar process myself when buying beauty items as I haven't really got the funds to splash + I need to know if I already have something similar in my stash. I also apply the same/similar logic to my wardrobe.
  • Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty (and Bloggers United AU) celebrated 5 years of blogging this month & wrote a post reflecting on what she had learnt during that time. All of it is quite relatable, regardless of whether you're a blogger or not.
  • Caroline from Unfancy opened up her closet for a tour this month & let's just say I now have closet/wardrobe goals. Everything is so neat & tidy & well organised that the Virgo side of me was screaming "YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" lol.
  • On the lifestyle & general blogging front, I gelled with the posts "Chase Life" from The Life of Laura (with her fiancé taking over for a post) + "How To Create Content You're Proud Of" from The Sunday Mode (well worth a read, especially if you feel pressured to be a niche blogger).

Image from
*In other likeable news, my wish for a Queen of the Jungle on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Australia came true with Australian Idol season 2 winner Casey Donovan edging out ex-AFL footballer Dane Swan & actress/singer/my birthday twin (albeit 9 years apart) Nat Bassingthwaighte for the title. Of course, a lot of people questioned this since Casey did back out of a couple of trials & there was (as usual) people saying the show is rigged blah blah blah yackety schmackety, but I personally paid no mind to all of that because she was entertaining & we got to see many different facets of her too. 
*If you haven't seen all the videos of Sir Patrick Stewart with he & his wife's foster pitbull Ginger, then hop on over here & watch/read. They're full of absolute cuteness & if your heart isn't melted by the time you're done, then you must be made of steel. I'm dead certain that Sir Patrick is going to end up adopting her for realz.


I've never been one to do a monthly beauty favourites post because I use the same products all the time, but this month I've got some goodies that I need to tell you about:

march beauty faves

*As mentioned above, my skincare regimen has improved recently & whilst I haven't done anything out of the ordinary, I have included 1 new product - the Extreme B17 serum I got in the Aspect Try Me Kit (as seen here). I'm a relative newcomer when it comes to the world of serums, but I reckon this is a good one! At first I was concerned by the strong orange scent, but I needn't have worried because my skin has been taking this in without irritating me in any way. Whilst it's too early to say whether it's done anything in the anti-ageing department, I feel that this has helped immensely with my skin's hydration levels & I think my skin looks a bit lighter & brighter too. I've been using about 1-2 pumps at a time & smoothing it all over my face & neck post-misting, but IMO you only need 1 pump's worth, especially since the full-size is over $100AUD! *gulp* I'll be really sad once my little pump runs out, but I'm definitely buying the full size once I have the cash to splash.
*I also dug out my travel-sized jar of Tatcha's Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder to use as another facial exfoliant & I'm liking this too! It does feel a little weird to know that the stuff I eat with curries & casseroles is helping to get rid of the dead skin cells on my face, but so far it's working for me without being too harsh. Definitely a step up from the Alpha-H facial exfoliant I had been using previously. This too is mega exxy (trust me to be broke with expensive tastes!), so I suggest trying the little travel jar first if you can get your mitts on it.
*Another favourite of mine for March was Kester Black's Blue Raspberry nail polish. Unfortunately it's been discontinued, but who says we can't talk about our favourite discontinued products? Mini rant aside, this vivid mid-blue creme has been begging to be sported on my digits for ages & I'm glad I finally did as it's rocketed into my list of "fave polishes eva". It is on the thin side in terms of formula but by no means sheer (although it does require at least 3 coats for absolute opacity). As far as dupes go, OPI's My Pal Joey from the Hello Kitty collection is about 98% close, but it's more muted than Blue Raspberry. (How do I know? I own both.)


*My favourite new song this month was a easy pick - from the very first listen of Lorde's Green Light I was hooked. I love the chorus & think it's super catchy (that piano beat 💙), but it took a few listens for me to get into the entire song. Now I can't stop singing it whenever I hear it! Despite the lyrical matter (told from the perspective of a dumpee), I sense there's joy in it too. I loved her first album Pure Heroine & Royals was my favourite song of 2013, so I'm pumped to see what this talented Kiwi has come up with for Melodrama, her 2nd album due out in June. Who knows, Green Light might end up being my favourite tune of 2017!
*I'd describe myself as a casual Calvin Harris fan - I like some of his older stuff more so than the recent stuff - but there's something about his Frank Ocean & Migos collab Slide that I just like. Frank's vocal delivery is quite relaxed...almost too relaxed if you ask me. Between the auto-tune & his natural vocals, it's a bit hard to understand just what he's singing about.
*It's taken about a month or so for me to get into Jax Jones feat Raye's You Don't Know Me, but I finally have & I'm enjoying it. It's kinda sassy & relatable for us ladies (who hasn't had some dude bothering us in a club?), but the video (which I haven't linked to here) is sadly disappointing.
*I have a bit of a Friday night ritual of listening to music/the radio (because I have no life, let's face it) & on one of those Friday nights I heard Tinie Tempah & Tinashé's new collab Text From Your Ex & thought it was a bit of fun. The kinda sing-song-y chorus sells it for me.
*Another Friday night tune discovery was British act Fogo's Feet on the Ground. If you're a Disclosure fan, then check this out as I'm getting similar vibes.
*As usual, I have a couple of retro picks for you, kicking off with a (possible) cover by John Mayer from his John Mayer Trio album, followed by my top 3 songs of 2008, all 3 of which I still enjoy today. It's a shame that Great DJ from British duo The Ting Tings wasn't a bigger hit as I prefer it over That's Not My Name + the P Money/Vince Harder collab Everything is just a gem from start to finish + the opening guitar bars of The Wombats' Moving To New York always pump me up.

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What made you happy this month? What were some of YOUR favourite blog posts, or songs, or beauty products from March?


  1. I don't get into a lot of "modern music" these days (lol I'm so old) but I agree, Green Light is catchy and I love the chorus! I was watching I'm a Celeb but got distracted by Married At First Sight so I didn't know who ended up winning. How the hell did Dane Swan stay so long, the first few weeks he was just so boring.

    Hair looks fresh to death!

    1. Haha you & me both Beth! Half the time I'm like "what's that song" lol. I have no idea how the hell Dane Swan lasted either, but I presume it has something to do with rabid Collingwood fans.

      RE: My hair - thanks! The balayage has started to creep through again though, but thankfully it's not as stark as it previously was.


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