Monday, 24 April 2017

A Clothing Combination I Never Thought I'd Wear Again...Until Now

Back in the mid-00's, I had a black & white deep-V short-sleeve dress that I used to wear on nights out, teamed with a pair of 3/4 black leggings. The dress was a little short for my liking (although in hindsight I think I was just being conservative & hating on my legs too much) & leggings with dresses were all the rage 10 or so years ago, so it seemed only fitting to jump on-board the trend.

I don't know when I stopped donning this pairing - maybe once the trend had faded from my view or maybe when I stopped wearing the dress altogether & gave it away to charity - but it came to my attention again recently when I had a discussion with Beth about how I could/should continue wearing my French Connection shirt dress (aka the "slutbag dress", as originally seen here) right throughout winter, seeing as I am taking part in her #StyleCost2017 project & all that. Leggings were discussed as a possibility to go with said dress & I have to say that discussion planted a seed in my mind.

And once a seed is planted, it's pretty hard to get out of your head.

So here it is, my very first OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post, featuring the clothing combination I never thought I'd wear again until last Wednesday:

ootd: shirt dress + leggings + sneakers

ootd close-up 1

ootd close-up 2

ootd close-up of FRANKiE4 sneakers
Sorry for the slight blurriness, I used the zoom on my camera. Hard to get a good footwear shot when shooting on your own!

I did consider wearing the dress sans belt, but tbh I felt like a human tent without it. Although this dress has some shape, I felt shapeless:

ootd: shirt dress sans belt
Dude, where's my waist?

So I put the belt back on & felt much happier:

ootd: shirt dress w belt back on

After that, all I needed was my watch, some earrings (which you can't see in the shot), my trusty neutral-coloured cross-body bag, somewhat messy hair & I was set:

ootd: shirt dress + watch + handbag

Looking at it now, I'm not entirely sure if this outfit is really my style per se, but I'm giving myself kudos for trying something a bit different. This combination was very comfortable & perfect for a mid-late afternoon run to the shops.

Dress: French Connection Stayton Cobalt Tencel Dress (old - similar, but in a lighter wash) // Leggings: Sussan Ponte Seamed Legging in Black (old - similar, on sale) // Sneakers: FRANKiE4 JENNi Black Reptile (old - still available in other colours) // Watch: Anne Klein (old) // Bag: Kate Hill (yep, you guessed it, old)

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Are there any items of clothing you never thought you'd wear again until you did?


  1. I love that dress so much! It is beautiful!! xx

    Laura ||

    1. It is lovely. I should stop giving it a hard time as I like wearing it - I just wish it were a touch longer, or it had an extra button at the bottom.

  2. Oh, this outfit really suits you, Shell. I don't think the shirt dress looks to short at all, especially over leggings. That second last pic of you is so adorable!! xx

    1. Thanks Indie! Yeah the dress doesn't feel quite as revealing when I wear leggings, but then again I think I'm just paranoid. ;o) Ha, I felt like including that 2nd last pic because I was a bit sick of not smiling.

  3. Yes, it's perfect for the shops! I love this combo, it's low-key yet stylish at the same time :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  4. Yes yes yes! Works perfectly. Could also do it with long boots and maybe MAYBE skinny jeans? I hear that's making a comeback. Mileage may vary.

    1. I've seen dresses with skinny jeans, BUT I'm not fussed on that pairing tbh. I think I'll save my skinnys for tunics & tops instead & rock this with leggings. Definitely going to try it with boots at some stage, whether they're long OR ankle.


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