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DIY Body & Lip Scrubs

Ed's note: This is another revised post from a while ago, but I've forgotten what the original title was. I wanted to re-do this post because I wasn't happy with the photos & feel that my photography has come along since this was originally published. I've re-worded some of it too, so sit back, have a read & enjoy!

Although I've bought body scrubs previously, I have to admit that (with the exception of a few) most of them haven't compared to the one I make myself. I also find that making my own body & lip scrubs is fairly economical, not to mention that I know exactly what goes in them!

    Curious to try making a homemade scrub for yourself? Here's what you'll need to get your DIY on:

    diy body scrub stuff - oil, sugar/Epsom salts, smellies, coffee grounds, mixing bowl, jars etc

    *You can use any oil you like (sweet almond, macadamia, even olive oil). I use coconut oil because I like the scent + it was what I had on hand at the time of production. 
    **I used a mix of both sugar & salt for this body scrub, but you can use either caster (granulated) sugar or Epsom salts on their own. I've found that a mix of both makes this scrub nice &...well..scrubby. I also use caster sugar because it's less abrasive than raw sugar.
    ***The used coffee grounds are optional - use them if you want to/have them around. You could also use raw cacao powder, spices like cinnamon e.t.c. Just be aware that if you use either of these, they will make surfaces difficult to clean!
    ****Smelly stuff is also optional. I used alcohol-free vanilla extract here, but you can use essential oils if you like - please make sure they're suitable for use on the skin! 
    ^ Because things are about to get messy. I also cut up & laid down a large garbage bag onto my kitchen bench top, just so it didn't get dirty.
    ²You may need more jars if your jars are small. 

    Now that that's out of the way, here's the method:

    Place your sugar and/or salt into your mixing bowl, depending on what you're using. You can do this direct into the jar, but I've found that it's too hard to mix the ingredients together. If you're using both sugar & salt, then a 2-1 ratio works best. For this, I used 2/3 cup caster sugar & 1/3 cup Epsom salts to begin with.

    diy body scrub - sugar/salt

    Next, add the oil to the mixing bowl. You'll need roughly 1 part oil to 3 parts sugar/salt; so here I added 1/3 cup of coconut oil. NOTE: If you are using coconut oil and it has solidified in the jar, please melt it first. Mine had already melted in the heat, so that extra step wasn't necessary. At this point you can also add your optional extras (in my case, the used coffee grounds) & smelly stuff (in my case, 2 tsp vanilla extract). I forgot to photograph this step, apologies.

    diy body scrub - sugar/salt + oil

    Once that's done, mix....

    diy body scrub - mixing

    ...and mix....

    diy body scrub - mixing 2

    ...and mix some more. 

    diy body scrub - mixing 3

    If you're unhappy with the consistency at this point, add more of what you need, whether it be sugar/salt, oil or smelly stuff. In this instance I felt my scrub was too oily, so I added an extra 1/3 cup caster sugar + roughly 2 tsp Epsom salts & mixed again.

    diy body scrub - mixing 4

    diy body scrub - mixing 5

    diy body scrub - mixing 6

    Ét voila! Here's the finished product, inside the jar. I found this scrub was enough for the larger jar.

    diy body scrub - finished product

    NOTE: If you do put used coffee grounds into your scrub, it might be best to keep the scrub in the fridge when not in use otherwise the scrub could go mouldy. I'll get back to you on how well it lasts in the fridge - I'm currently testing this myself!

    Now onto the lip's what you'll need for that:
    diy lip scrub stuff - oil, sugar, smelly stuff, mixing bowl, jar

    *Just like the body scrub, you can use whatever oil you want. I personally think coconut oil works incredibly well here...possibly even better than in the body scrub, but let's not argue...
    **I solely use brown sugar for the lip scrub. Why? Because I think caster/granulated sugar + Epsom salts are far too abrasive for such a delicate area.
    ***The smelly stuff really is optional here - again, I've used alcohol-free vanilla extract, but you can use essential oils provided they're suitable for use on the skin
    ****You can use whatever small jar you have lying around, whether it an old lip balm holder or something else. I've got a couple of small jars from Manicare travel packs, so that's what I used here.
    ^Again, things are about to get m-e-s-s-y.

    The instructions for this are pretty much the same. Put the sugar into your mixing bowl (I used about 2 1/4 tsp here)....

    diy lip scrub - sugar in bowl

    then add your oil (about 1 tsp)...

    diy lip scrub - sugar & oil in bowl

    then the smelly stuff/optional extras (if using - I used 1/4-1/2 tsp vanilla extract) & mix until it all comes together.

    diy lip scrub - mixing 1

    diy lip scrub - mixing 2

    diy lip scrub - mixing 3
    I added a bit extra sugar here as the scrub was too oily, yet again.

    Here's the finished product, scooped into the jar. Sorry not sorry for the mess.

    diy lip scrub - finished product

    Pretty easy huh?

    I hope you all enjoyed this re-written post & have the courage to make your own body & lip scrubs soon!

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    1. What a great guide! I was just thinking of picking up the Lush bubblegum lip scrub yesterday but I passed on it. I can't wait to try out this recipe! :)

      1. Hope you like it - have fun making it!

    2. Great step-by-step tutorial, Shell. Very easy to understand. I need to try making the scrubs myself xx

      1. Thanks Indie. I wanted it to be easy to understand because they're so easy to make.

    3. Oh it's so easy! I am going to have to try these out now!!

      Laura || xx

      1. I know - way too easy! Hope it works for you if you try them.

    4. You're so clever, knowing how to DIY scrubs! I wouldn't have the first clue what to put in, haha. It does look pretty easy, though!

      Di from Max The Unicorn

      1. It's really not that hard - I think I found out by Googling some tutorials, from memory. Or seeing another blogger make one. I can't remember.

    5. How clever are you Shell - love this post! And what a great idea to make your own - I rarely buy lip scrubs as the fragrances often don't appeal. Now I can create my own concoction exactly how I like it - awesome! ♥♥♥

      1. Thanks Kats! I think a big reason why I make my own lip scrub is because the ingredients sometimes don't gel with me, whether it be fragrance or something else. At least with mine I can put in whatever I like with the knowledge that it works for me.

    6. Perfect tutorial! I've been always thinking about making my own skincare products, but I was always way too laze, haha.

      Michelle Morchella

      1. Thanks Michelle! I hear you re: being lazy. I only make these as often as I need them.


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