Friday, 28 April 2017

Empties Time! (March/April)

March/April empties

Hola mi amigas!

It's time yet again for me to take out the trash. I didn't finish much in March, but somehow managed to finish even more during April. Mind you, I was determined to finish at least one of my April empties, plus some samples I've acquired recently. Feels good to use stuff up!

Anyhoo, let's see what's done & dusted:


March empties

Trilogy Cream Cleanser
My staple cleanser. It took a bit longer for me to use this time around since I was indulging in the Pixi Nourishing Cleansing Balm I keep raving on about, but nevertheless this will always be somewhere in my beauty arsenal...or at least until I find something worthy of replacing it. Repurchase? Already have.

Sukin Purifying shampoo
The purifying effects of this were non-existent on my scalp, so I used it to clean my makeup brushes. The contents expired a long time ago, but I still wanted to use it up. It did the job as far as cleaning my brushes goes. Repurchase? I did a few weeks ago & in a larger size. For some reason I like it for brush cleaning.

Kevin Murphy Angel. Rinse conditioner (travel size)
Like the Angel. Wash shampoo that I finished in the last empties post, this too was disappointing. Sure, it had that same orange musk stick smell of the shampoo, but it felt akin to putting body lotion on my hair & then rinsing it out. I couldn't discern any difference to the way my mid-lengths & ends felt post-wash - in fact, I'd argue they still felt pretty damn dry. Once I finished the shampoo, I used the rest of this as a shaving cream & whilst it was good for that purpose, it'd be a bloody expensive shaving cream if I were to continue buying it! Repurchase? Nup, no way, nada.

Lanolips 101 Ointment (Original) x2
My staple lip balm. Can't see myself living without it, especially since my lips & some of the skin above & below it has become like the Sahara & Kalahari deserts combined recently. (That said, I am cheating on Lanolips with Carmex at present since the former isn't working for me.) Repurchase? Got another tube open as this post goes live.

Sensodyne Repair & Protect + Whitening toothpaste
My staple toothpaste, not much else to say here. Repurchase? Already have x2.
OPI - Can't Find My Czechbook nail polish
Look, look, I've finished another nail polish YAAAAAAY! I've had this one since forever (ok, October 2013) & boy am I glad to be rid of it now. Whilst I like the colour & finish (aqua blue créme, perfecto) & would easily rate it up there as one of the best polishes I've ever used, I'm not going to re-purchase since I'm on the cruelty-free bandwagon + full-sized bottles take ages to finish. If you're an OPI lover & you like your aquatic shades, go ahead & try it for yourself. Repurchase? No.

Kevin Murphy Maxi.Wash shampoo (travel size)
Although the Angel range was a total disappointment, this wasn't. I used this to clarify my hair on more than one occasion & I felt it did a decent job. Overall, I mostly used it to clean my hair brushes & it did a great job of cleaning out all the crap that can sometimes accumulate dust & scalp build-up. Repurchase? Just went & bought the full size at the beginning of this month.


April empties

Oral-B Satin Tape
Dental floss of choice. I finish one every month or so. Repurchase? Already have x2.

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist
Another one of my American purchases & something I'd been keen to try for ages. Now that I have, I can't say that I'd run out & buy it again. Whilst it is pleasant scent wise, for me the mist wasn't as hydrating as I'd hoped. My skin sucked up the mist too quickly & it didn't feel "wet" enough for my liking. I've decanted the rest into my travel spray bottle so technically this isn't finished, but the bottle would've been finished by the time this post went live anyway. Repurchase? No.

Fran Wilson Nail Tees Precision Beauty Tool cotton tips
I have no idea why, but for the life of me pointy cotton buds are hard to find in Australia. (Well, outside of the dual-ended ones Swisspers makes.) I swear we're deprived! Anyhoo, I bought these whilst in America last year & the pointed tips were handy for cleaning up around my cuticles if I cba using my clean-up brush. I wish now I'd bought several boxes of them. Repurchase? Definitely would if I could.

Aspect Extreme B17 serum (trial size)
I mentioned in last month's Happy List that this was a beauty favourite of mine & that favouritism lasted right until the very last drop. I definitely noticed my skin was more hydrated, meaning I could skip exfoliating more often. The citrus scent also didn't irritate my skin, which was a bonus. Now that it's not in my life, I miss it. The only turn-off is the price tag! Repurchase? Yes yes YES, but not until I have the cash to splash.

Lanolips Rose Everyday Hand Cream
You guys know the drill - I finish a tube of hand cream roughly every month. Nothing really new to note here. Repurchase? Another one is open as this post goes live.

ANOTHER Sendodyne Repair & Protect + Whitening toothpaste (see above)

Healthy Essentials Probiotic 10 Capsules
I've been using these for a while & whilst they do the job, I know that I'm ok without them as well + I also want to move on & try another brand. The question will be finding a probiotic that's dairy-free & inulin-free (I have issues with both). Repurchase? Nah, don't think so.

Deep Steep Sugar Scrub (Passionfruit & Guava)
First things first: this scrub smells utterly divine. As a lover of fruity scents, I was all too easily sucked into buying this, despite making my own body scrub. Whilst the scent is right up my alley, I felt this was too moisturising for me (thanks to a combination of shea butter & coconut oil in the scrub) and not scrubby enough. I ended up adding some caster sugar to it to make it more scrubby, which kinda worked. I bought mine from Wholefoods whilst in America last year, but you can get it through iHerb as well. Repurchase? No, but I would like to try the hand cream in the same scent. I've got the body lotion to get through next.

Manicare x We Are Handsome nail polish remover wipes (Coconut & Lime)
I don't know where the lime disappeared to, because I couldn't detect it at all. These smelt just like the normal coconut ones Manicare sell. Anyway, like the other limited edition wipes I finished in the last empties post, these did the job but overall I was disappointed. If they brought back the Pineapple Crush & Melon Sorbet wipes from the previous collab, I'd stockpile that ish like certain nations are stockpiling nuclear weapons. Repurchase? Nope.

Trilogy Very Gentle Moisturising Cream
Staple facial moisturiser for me. Repurchase? Already have.

Ego SunSense Sensitive Invisible SPF50+ (75g tube)
I have to admit I was a bit scared of this sunscreen at first, especially after the disaster I had wearing the original. Once I convinced myself to give this a proper go, I was surprised as to how much I like it. Sure, my face still goes a bit red when I'm rubbing this in & I do get a slight white cast, but all of that disappears after a short while. I've found this to be really good under my Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue tinted moisturiser - so much so that I don't need a primer. I also haven't been burnt whilst wearing this, which is a bonus + I don't look so shiny whilst wearing it. New HG sunscreen perhaps? Repurchase? Already have - I bought the larger tube & another tube in this same size for my handbag.

I also used up a bunch of samples I got from Easter Show showbags during April. Out of the lot, the only one I'd consider purchasing in a full size is Palmers Coconut Oil Body Lotion. (Just a heads up: I will be including samples in my 2017 empties tally as I tend to give them away instead of using them.)

Empty samples

I'm also throwing out a few items because they're either old or have fallen apart...or both. I've already repurchased the Eco Tan exfoliating glove & the Eye of Horus mascara, but I wouldn't repurchase the Pomegranate High Pigment Pencil from Bite Beauty. I rarely wore it & as far as red lipsticks go, I prefer Gazpacho from Bite's Amuse Bouche range.

items to be thrown out
There is a hole in that mitt I swear!

Products Finished In March: 7
Products Finished In April (including samples): 17
Products Finished So Far This Year (including samples): 42

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How did you go with empties during March & April? Did you finish anything you'd been itching to finish?


  1. Well total for the year to date is 42 as well. I managed to finish an Arbonne shea butter body lotion that just lasted and lasted and a 50ml jojoba company Ultimate oil...those facial oils last forever so when I reached the last drop it felt like a true achievement.

    1. Twinnies! (LOL.)

      RE: Facial oils, I know - I've been on a mission to finish all these Jojoba Company 100% Jojoba Oil bottles my Mum & I had accumulated & I thought I was done months ago until I found yet ANOTHER mini bottle in my Mum's bathroom cabinet. *groans & sighs* I'm about half-two thirds of the way through it as I type!

  2. Great Work!
    I finished a toner which I was keen to see the end of!
    Although overall I don't think I finished too much, I will have to dig them out and post soon!

    1. Thanks! It's always great when you finish up something you've been working on & really keen to get rid of.

  3. Way to go finishing a nail polish, Shell! xx

    1. Thanks Indie! I kinda cheated though - some of the contents were emptied when I tried to an ombré mani once (it was an epic fail). Still, I'm glad to see it gone.

  4. I don't think I've ever finished a nail polish! Well done! I've mainly been finishing my holy grail products recently that I wish I hadn't finished such as my NARS orgasm blush and my bhave Rescue shampoo and conditioner.


    1. I've only finished 1 or 2 before - this one's the 2nd or 3rd that I've finished. Full-sized bottles take FOREVER to finish!

  5. So many empties! I definitely agree you can never have enough tubes of Lanolips in your life, so an amazing balm :) x

    1. It is an amazing balm, but unfortunately it's not quite working for me atm. :o( I'm hoping it will once spring/summer hits, otherwise the 2 tubes I have open will take forever to finish!

  6. I really love that OPI shade Can't Find My Czechbook, so pretty! I've finished a few things, I'm trying pretty hard because yes it does feel good to be able to throw things out!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. It sure is Di, but I'm not sad to chuck it out & not re-purchase. I've got enough polishes & there'll always be another pretty aqua out there. I'm trying really hard to reduce my jar candle stash atm & it is working.

  7. So many empties and so many things I want to try!! I lovee that OPI Nail polish shade! I need to paint my nails more!!

    Laura || xx

    1. Ha, so do I. You'd think with the amount of polishes I have that I'd be painting my nails every day, but that's not the case. I think I prefer collecting polishes as opposed to the effort it takes to apply them lol.

  8. Great job on your empties! Doesn't it feel great to finish a product off?

    1. Hell yeah it feels great! I've already got 4-5 products for the next one & we're barely into May!


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