Friday, 21 April 2017

Photo Diary: Sydney Royal Easter Show

sydney royal easter show collage

Hola mi amigas, I'm back! How was your Easter? Hope you didn't consume so much chocolate you ended up in a cocoa coma.

Speaking of's post is a bit different in that I'm going to shut up try & keep my words to a minimum & just show you how I spent the day at Sydney's Royal Easter Show. My Mum & I went on Easter Saturday & lemme tell you, it was pretty pack-a-rooney. I hadn't seen it that busy for a few years!

For those of you who don't know about this Sydney institution, the Sydney Royal Easter Show is where the city meets the country for 2 weeks over the Easter period. I won't go any further down Description Road because my photos will speak for themselves, but if you want any more information, the website has it all. Other cities around Australia have shows like this too, but at different times of the year.

Ok, I've broken my "keep words to a minimum" promise, now I need to get on with it. All of these photos are in order of how I spent the day & just a warning, I took a lot of animal photos...

easter show turtle
An 8-month old long-necked turtle my Mum & I met at the Pet Pavilion.
easter show stall

easter show rescue kelpie
The first of many dogs we saw that day - Tricky, a kelpie representing Australian Working Dog Rescue.

easter show morning tea
Scones with jam & cream + a cuppa, courtesy of the CWA (Country Women's Association). An absolute must-do at the Show. Also the only occasion where I'll drink tea.

easter show food display
A food display from the northern district of NSW, inside the Woolworths Food Dome. Another highlight of the Show. This one was my favourite this year.
easter show photography 1

easter show photography 2
Above: 2 of my favourite photos from the Photography section, in the Arts & Crafts Pavilion.
easter show cake 1

easter show cake 2
Above: 2 of my favourite decorated cakes from the Arts & Crafts Pavilion. Easy to see why one of them won 1st prize!
easter show boxer dogs
#soboxer #sosadface #muchsleepy #suchadorbs
easter show giant kewpie doll
Giant kewpie doll
easter show horse

easter show burger & chips
Lunch @ the Arena View restaurant inside Spotless Stadium. Sorry not sorry for forgetting to photograph it until halfway through eating...
easter show sheep

easter show sow & piglets
Those piglets were still asleep 20 seconds before this happened.
easter show lasagna on a stick
This culinary "delight", believe it or not, was a hot item at the Show. Every year the Show seems more determined to up the ante with putting foods on a stick. I refrained from trying this since crumbed, deep-fried lasagna doesn't appeal to me....
easter show balloon man
Random balloon dude. There was a balloon lady but too many people wanted a photo with her. I was lucky to get this shot.
easter show woodchopping event
The woodchopping events are another must-see at the Show - they get competitors from around the world too.
easter show Tardis
Random sighting of a Tardis.
easter show showbag pavilion
Just a small selection of showbags on offer inside that pavilion - I came back in here as I'd forgotten to take photos earlier.
easter show showbags
Ever wondered how many Easter Show showbags would fit into an Ikea bag? Now you know.
easter show exit sign
For sure. 😊
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Sydney folk, did you go to the Show this year?


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Oh, and lasagna on a stick does not appeal to me, either, lol

    1. I saw some people eating it & it looked hideous. Chips on a stick I can understand (they sell them at the Show too), but lasagna is a step too far IMO!

  2. I've always wanted to go to the Sydney Easter Show! I'm not from Sydney but we have the very similar Royal Adelaide Show and we go every year without fail. Looks like a ball!

    1. It is a ball Di. I'd say it's the same as every other Show around Australia, like Royal Adelaide & Ekka up in Queensland & Royal Melbourne etc...just that ours is held at Easter.


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