Monday, 1 May 2017

The Monthly Happy List (April)

monthly happy list

Hola mi amigas!

So we're now into May & hurtling towards the halfway mark of 2017. How are you going with your intentions for the year so far? (If you made any in the first place!) Now might be a good time to reflect on that...or you can procrastinate & wait until after June, that's your call. I've been reflecting on some of mine lately & I feel increasingly ready to put a couple of those intentions into action. I might do a check-in post about this in the coming months, just to see where I'm at.

But enough about that for now....let's get on with the task of seeing what made me happy in April:


DIY coffee body scrub

*Reading all the lovely feedback you guys gave me re: my (re-jigged) DIY body & lip scrubs post. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it and found it easy to understand & follow. I hope I've inspired some of you to get your DIY on!

*I found out last month that my bro (who's been living in New York for over 3 years) is coming home for a little visit! In fact, he'll be back in Sydney in 13 days time. He hasn't been back home for a visit since he went to New York, so it'll be nice to see him in person (even though I saw him last August/September) & to have my immediate family all together again. I've stopped short of asking him to do a cheeky Sephora run for me before he comes home since I know full well he doesn't understand the female love for that store...

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2017 collage

*Not sure whether I should put this in Personal Happys or elsewhere, but April generally = Sydney Royal Easter Show time & after a year off, me & my Mum paid a visit on Easter Saturday. We had a good, if rather tiring, day out. Don't know what I'm talking about? Head on over & check out my photo diary of that day.



As per usual, it's time I showed some fellow blogger love & linked to some of my fave posts from April:
  • The Sunday Chapter's post about a summer holiday bucket list had me dreaming of my next vacay. Some of the places she listed are on my own travel bucket list & there are some others (like Tahiti) that I've also been to.
  • I know I've linked to Vix Meldrew a lot on here; but seriously, the girl knows her shit. Anyway, her post Don't Be A FAB (Fake Ass Blogger) is well worth reading as it's a subject I've been reading a fair bit about from UK bloggers recently. I'm also sure it's something all my fellow Aussie bloggers have experienced too (except me of course...but I'm pretty sure half my Bloglovin' followers are bots or FAB's).
  • Kats from Kats Colourings review of the Urban Rituelle Wellness Cleansing Bars had me all "shut up & take my money". Every single scent in this range sounds fabulous & although I'm not one for soap-type bars (or body washes, for that matter), I'd definitely give these a go especially since they're sulphate-free.
  • The Sunday Mode's post about accepting all versions of yourself was one I could definitely relate to. (I swear Julia is like my younger twin!) Self-acceptance is something I've struggled with all my life & will probably continue to struggle with, but I'm grateful that I've got a bit better at self-acceptance as I've got older.
  • The Life of Laura celebrated her first blogiversary during April (congrats again Laura!) & reflected on all the lessons she's learnt through blogging.
  • Lastly, Felicia from The Beauty & The Geek AU presented a really interesting post about parabens in cosmetics & why the demonisation of them by certain sections of the beauty industry in the last decade or so is, perhaps, unfounded. Given Felicia's scientific background & her usual excellent presentation of evidence, it made for intriguing reading. I am someone who avoids parabens due to that demonisation, but I have to admit that post has given me some real food for thought. If you're like me, then head on over & have a read.


*This month's soundtrack consists largely of British singer-songwriter Laura Marling. For some reason her song Goodbye England (Covered In Snow) (see above video) got into my head one night & I just had to grab the album from which it hails (2010's I Speak Because I Can) & have a listen. I also re-discovered an album track What He Wrote + 2 tunes from her 3rd album A Creature I Don't Know (my favourite I Was Just A Card + Night After Night). I really ought to check out her latest Semper Femina, despite kind of going off her a bit after the disappointment that was I Was Once An Eagle (her 4th album).

*On the new music tip, I bought John Mayer's new album The Search For Everything 2 weekends ago & I'm really enjoying it! I didn't purchase his last album Paradise Valley as I found the majority of songs were boring (except, perhaps, for Who You Love), but this album blows that one out of the water. It's so good! From the groove of Still Feel Like Your Man (you should follow this link to the video for the puns & daggy dancing alone - it's good for a laugh) to the country vibes of Roll It On Home to the heartbreaker that is Never On The Day You Leave, each & every song has merit....even Love On The Weekend, which I didn't like at first.

*I'm still feeling Fono's Feet On The Ground strongly, which I featured in last month's soundtrack. I can't help but bop around whenever I listen to it.

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What made YOU happy during April? What were some of your favourite moments, blog posts or songs from April?


  1. Oh I love that you've linked up some posts - I'm off to read the Fake Ass Blogger one now, sounds interesting! Hope you enjoy your brother's trip home :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. No worries Di. I figure it's good karma to give a shout-out to people whose posts I've enjoyed. The Fake Ass Blogger post is really good!

  2. I loved that you've linked in some post to give me some more reading!
    Love Laura Marling

    Lizzie | Takeoffs & Landings

    1. Glad you like it Elizabeth! I like to give shoutouts to bloggers & posts that I've enjoyed reading. I like me some Laura Marling, but I'm a fan of her older stuff more so than her newer songs.


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