Monday, 29 May 2017

The Shopping Cart (May)

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It's that time of the month not that one...the one where I round up all my purchases for your voyeuristic pleasure & tell you about each & every one of them.

As always, any sales or links mentioned in this post are correct at the time of publishing. If for any reason the sales are no longer happening or the links are broken by the time you read this post, then I can not & will not be held responsible.

Compared with previous months, I got spendy during May...real spendy. I guess that's what holidays do to you.


hand cream, shave gel, soap, body milk

Botani Olive Hand Cream x2
I went to Australia Fair one day whilst up the Gold Coast & while that shopping centre is shite, I somehow managed to find my beloved Botani hand cream in Priceline on sale! Yippee! I had to restrain myself from buying the remaining tube on the shelf - I figured 2 was enough right now. I'm glad I didn't buy the 3rd one as I noticed last week that these both have an expiry date of 01/16. Yep that's right, these expired a good 16 months ago. I'm a bit cranky that I've purchased expired beauty products (albeit unwittingly), but my hands haven't shown any reactive signs yet so I'll continue using it. The only telltale sign of expiry that I've noticed is the scent - it's a bit different.

Gilette Sensitive Satin Shave Gel + MooGoo Fresh Buttermilk Soap
Not much to say here other than I've used these before & needed them whilst I was away. I also bought a soap holder, which isn't in the shot.

Korres Waterlily Body Milk
You might remember seeing this delightful-smelling body moisturiser in one of my empties posts or the 2nd part of my trip haul from last year. I re-purchased it just in case I needed it whilst away; although really, that was just an excuse for me to go to Mecca Maxima & buy it again....


French Connection tee + Guess jeans

French Connection Hayley Stretch V-Neck Tee in Grey Marle (size XS)
Have had a few FC tees before, but always manage to stretch them out too much or yellow them up - this one I'm sure will be no different - quite lightweight in feel & would be perfect for travel as it won't take up much in the weight department

Guess Power Curvy Mid Rise Silicone Rinse Black jeans (size 27)
I mentioned in a previous post how I was after another pair of black jeans & these babies came into my life by accident after browsing in Myer & decided to try them on - ended up going to a Guess store that was closing down & got an extra 10% off what Myer were selling them for - these are what they call a "slim fit" with an "ultra skinny leg" - I maybe could've bought the 28's, but I can fit into the 27's just fine (although they're a bit tight around the waist) - just glad I can call off the search now!

FRANKiE4 JENNi Tin Gold sneakers

FRANKiE4 JENNi sneakers in Tin Gold (size 11)
YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I FINALLY got another pair of FRANKiE4's! - have been lusting after these for ages & got them in what is my true size (I wear forefront cushions with these as my heels slip in this size) - they certainly look bigger than my other JENNi's, but they're much more comfortable in length - I actually made the journey to their concept store at Indooroopilly & whilst it was a bloody long trip from where I was staying on the Gold Coast, it was so worth it to be properly fitted by a podiatrist - if you're ever in the Brisbane area & want a pair, I can't recommend the people at All Podiatry & the Shoe Co in Indooroopilly enough - both Matt (the podiatrist who fitted me) & Hannah (who put through my order) were so friendly & Matt was particularly patient with letting me try on all the shoes I've been lusting after (except the NiKKi's as they'd gone back to FRANKiE4 HQ)

Kate Hill Cecelia Reversible Tote grey/white

Kate Hill Cecelia Reversible Tote in Grey/White
I spied this prior to my GC trip, but couldn't decide between the navy/white or this one - went with this in the end as I think it'll serve me better year round - as always, storage is key for me when it comes to bags & this has loads of it, with 2 zipper compartments + a button compartment in between - it's deeper than my black Kate Hill tote - FYI: Kate Hill & Victoria Station have gone into adminstration following insolvency or possible insolvency, so all of their stores are closing down - I only paid $29.95 for my bag, which is a big difference from their original price of $89.95 - wouldn't have bought it at that price

Roxy Mimosa thongs/flip-flops/jandals

Roxy Mimosa Thongs (size 11)
Went to Harbour Town outlets up on the Gold Coast one day (man that place is massive) & scored these for 40% off during a flash sale at one of their surf stores - wasn't planning on buying another pair, but ended up doing so when I realised the weather was a bit warmer up on the GC than first thought (although that day was cold) - not much else to say other than I like the print

Peter Alexander elephant 3/4 PJ pants

Peter Alexander Elephant 3/4 Pant (size S, on sale)
Another Harbour Town purchase & something else I'd had my eye on for a while - like all my other PA jimmy jams, these too are comfy as & the print is cute - won't drag these out until spring/summer though, but at least I got them for under half the original RRP!

Target Dream Big tee

Target Dream Big Top (size 6, clearance)
Yet ANOTHER item I'd been eyeing off, but this time I had trouble trying to find my size as it's a clearance item - luckily Target at Robina on the GC had both size 6 & 8 - went with the 6 as the 8 felt a bit too roomy - I figure the message on the tee is words I can/should live by ;o) (if you can't read it, it says "dream big, have courage and be yourself") - I know this is navy & I'm swearing off buying navy items this year, but I'm only purchasing them if I really really want them and at $4.05, I couldn't go wrong with this

Big W Emerson blue/white stripe tee

Big W Emerson Scoop Neck Tee in Blue/White Stripe
I've been on the hunt for more tees recently & being a stripe lover, I couldn't quite resist this one (although I needed some convincing about whether to buy it) - I figured at $3 I couldn't go wrong; however, I do wonder if some poor worker in Bangladesh worked their fingers to the bone & got paid a pittance just so I could have this tee at an ultra cheap price...

Portmans Layering Zipper Tunic white

Portmans Layering Zipper Tunic black

Portmans Layering Zipper Tunic in White + Black (both size S)
Had also had my eye on these for a while, but (a) couldn't decide which size I wanted (I was tossing up between the XS & the S) & (b) didn't want to pay full price for them - they happened to go on sale whilst I was up the Gold Coast & as soon as I found out, I pounced on both where I could (I bought the black first, then bought the white a day later) - I decided to go up from my usual XS size to gain a slouchy fit + I will be wearing at least another layer underneath with these (as shown in the photos) - goes well with either jeans or leggings (maybe better with jeans) - the turtleneck adds warmth & lessens the need for a scarf - despite what you see in the shots above, they are long enough to cover both of my intimate regions, don't worry!

Also bought some layering camis from Target in white (x2), black & grey; but they're not pictured. I typically wear them underneath long-sleeve tops during winter to keep me warm & these will come in handy, especially since I will layer them under the tunics you saw above.

Overall, this has been my biggest spending month so far this year methinks. I'll probably cool my jets in June, unless there's some fantastic bargains to be had at the mid-year sales....

Have added this to the Monday Makeup Madness linky link-up, even though this post isn't strictly beauty.

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Did you get spendy during May, or has this been a low-buy month?


  1. So many great buys! I especially love your new tin gold JENNi shoes from FRANKiE4. They're on my wish list too! I'm currently living in my silver ELLiEs!


    1. Yasss to metallic shoes! I tried on the silver ELLiEs once, but found the heel was too narrow for me. I'd love it if FRANKiE4 made the JENNis in a silver!

  2. Some excellent buys and bargains there! If you want to check out Big W's (and others) ethical rating:

    (My personal goal is to try and buy from brands rated C or better)

    1. Just checked it out, thanks Beth. Big W come in at a C+, which is acceptable to me. (I too am trying for brands rated within the C category.)

      Is this the same list you published on Almost Posh last year? If so, the list seems to have more brands this year. I've noticed a brand that I've purchased from twice before (Decjuba, FYI) has a big fat F mark next to it, but I'm not entirely surprised as I've had issues with their garments before (one of my dresses has split thrice in the bust, the other dress had a tassel fall off it after the first wear). Now I've got a good excuse to avoid them!

    2. Oops, I meant "within the C category, or above". Thanks for the link, I've bookmarked it for future reference. It's interesting to see some brands have made small improvements from last year's list, but they still have a way to go.

    3. Yep, they update it every year and there's interesting case studies and stuff on how they work the ratings out and what it all means. I've noticed Best and Less have lifted their game so they are back on the acceptable list for me!

  3. Love the Peter Alexander elephant print PJ's, so cute! And I think I need to get a pair of FRANKiE4 shoes, I keep seeing them pop up everywhere, they look so comfy!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. Save some pennies & get a pair Di, you won't regret it as they really are so comfy! (And stylish too.)

  4. Really like the look of those layering tunics. And those metallic shoes! I love them! xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

    1. Thanks Indie! The layering tunics are going to be worn a lot this winter methinks, especially now that the weather's finally getting a bit colder.

  5. Shell, I've just bought the Jenni gold shoe and they are great. To think we may have been in the shop at the same time. I did like the silver ones too but the sole was a bit slippery for me when walking and I need a sole that has grip. Wish the sole on the Jenni was on the silver ones and a few of their other shoes.

    I hope you joined Frankie4 online and get their emails because they have sales. When I got mine the other week, I got a $50 Mothers Day voucher to use by November (which I certainly will USE).

    Love the layering tunics you have.....they look fabulous on you. Also love the bag and what a good price you paid for it too.

    1. Twins! I think I felt the same about the silver ELLiEs when I tried them on previously - that + the heel being too narrow for my liking. I haven't signed up for their emails, but I ought to given how much I bang on about them. Then again, I think the sales would be far too tempting for me! I probably will anyway, just for fun. I don't always have to take them up on their offers. ;o)

  6. You got really great goodies this months, especially the gold shoes and white/grey bag.

    Michelle Morchella

    1. Thanks Michelle! I'm loving my grey/white bag atm, it holds a lot of stuff.

  7. Love seeing your monthly purchases.. so fun! I really love those tunics with the zippers. xo

    1. Thanks Amy! I enjoy showing them. :o) The tunics are nice & warm & the zipper adds a nice bit of detail.

  8. Great buys all of them Shell, and because of the sale pricing, only half of them count - well that's how I work out my budget anyway lol! I'm saddened that Kate Hill is no more - been buying bags from them for years :-(

    1. I like the cut of your jibe Kats! I too am saddened about Kate Hill - I only found out about the insolvency & administration stuff after going into one of their stockists, wondering why everything was so cheap, then Googling them for fun. It's a shame because I really liked their bags (I've got 2 totes, 1 crossbody + a clutch from them).


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