Monday, 26 June 2017

Photo Diary: Good Food & Wine Show Sydney

good food & wine show sydney 2017 collage

Hola mi amigas!

Before I get into today's post, I'll just let you know that I'm gonna be kinda MIA until further notice, so posts will be few & far between. I'm running very low on internet data atm & since I have to share this connection with other people, I have to be mindful of usage. The situation is about to be rectified & improved soon, however that won't happen in an instant. It's frustrating because I know I've been out of whack schedule-wise recently, but this time around I'm not entirely in control of the situation. Hope you guys can understand my absence.

But enough with the babble...let's get into my latest post. Last Friday my Mum & I went to Sydney's Good Food & Wine Show for the 3rd year in a row & had a better time than expected. We decided to go on Friday instead of Saturday this year just to see if it was less busy than our 2 previous Saturday visits & whilst it was still fairly busy, it wasn't as packed.

For those of you overseas who haven't the foggiest idea of what I'm on about, the Good Food & Wine Show is a 3-day event where gourmet & specialist food & wine providers showcase their wares to the public for sale. (Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth also have their own Good Food & Wine Shows on at various times of the year. Poor Adelaide gets gipped, as usual.) There's also live cooking demonstrations courtesy of professional chefs (all of whom have featured on Australian TV), cooking masterclasses, a VIP lounge, free wine tasting get my drift. As their website states: "Whether you’re into sweet or savoury, beer or wine, we’ve got you covered."

Now that the explanations are over, let's get into it:

good food and wine show sign

good food and wine show stall
The only part of the Wine section I bothered taking a snap of. We didn't buy any.

gfaw pies

gfaw alcoholic ginger beer
Anyone for some alcoholic ginger beer?

gfaw hot sauces

oregano scrolls
Scrolls @ the Oregano Scrolls stand

gfaw biltong/beef jerky
I think this was biltong...or beef jerky....

gfaw stall

gfaw ozharvest van
OzHarvest are/were the Show's charity partner this year. For more info, see their website.

gfaw miguel maestre demo
Miguel Maestre of The Living Room & restauranteur fame. Just as nuts & hilarious in real life.

gfaw seafood ceviche
Salmon, Hiramasa kingfish (the white fish) + tuna. All part of the ceviche Miguel "cooked".

gfaw seafood ceviche 2
The ceviche dressing. All I remember was there was chilli & lots of citrus in it.

gfaw miguel & alastair
Miguel with MC & fellow chef Alastair McLeod.

gfaw miguel + mariachi band
Last year Miguel finished with flamenco dancers. This year he brought the mariachi band for a rendition of La Bamba.

gfaw tomato stand

gfaw TNL w Matt Sinclair
Yours truly with Matt Sinclair, MasterChef Australia 2016 runner-up & humble bloke.

gfaw killer coffee stall

gfaw spices stall

gfaw nonna's bakery stall

gfaw collective haul
Our collective "haul" for the day - blue swimmer crab (inside blue bag), bikkies, bagels, non-alcoholic sangria, spice pastes, pasta sauces, grape tomatoes & a free carton of coconut water. I might show you how I use the coconut water at some stage.

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For anyone outside of Adelaide, have you ever been to the Good Food & Wine Show in your capital city?


  1. Looks like a wonderful outing was achieved. Love Miguel. I was watching Masterchef last year because Matt Sinclair was related to a friend of mine. I thought he should have won last year but it's good to see that he is continuing being in the limelight. I've never met him but agree that he is down to earth.

    However did you get home with all the goodies in your bag? The Scrolls stand would go nicely with my cuppa RIGHT NOW :-)

    1. It was a good day out. Yay for another Matt fan! He was quite modest when we told him he should've won. Getting home with the goodies was fine, unlike a previous year where we had to buy a trolley because our arms were falling off haha!

  2. I absolutely piddled myself with laughter over your chilli sauce photo. That was just brilliant! What a warning!

    1. I know right? I just HAD to photograph that when I saw it.


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